"Self Portrait"



Deviant and disgusting.

All names I wear comfortably.

I don't expect you to like me,

Because I probably hate you.

You blame me for your problems,

For the families you've destroyed,

And for the institutions birthed out of your wedlocks.

Of course, I'm still the evil one.

Of course, I'm still immoral.

If I propogate lies,

Would that be better?

A copy of a copy,

A misprint in bad quality,

A spreading of shitty genes-

Would that be up to your standards?

Would breeding be your idea of love,

If I'm certified, verified and beautified,

Would that give me a halo?

Litigations and loopholes,

My lovely enemies,

Are all we see in eachother.

I bleed like you do,

We fight like you do,

We fuck like you do...

Well, maybe not exactly like you.

But, I'd rather die than be you.

I'd rather be hated for loving,

Rather be persecuted for truth

Than to stand proud in idiocy.

Better to be the perpetual villain,

As opposed to pointless opposition.

Better to be denied anything for love,

Instead of living on top of a lie

All because god told me to.

All because you told me to.

A sicko,

A immoral individual,

A sexual deviant.

A label.

That's all it is.

And that's all you'll ever know.

It's easy to spit in a face you can't see,

Easy to scream at a voice you won't hear,

More enjoyable to crush a dream you can't fathom.