Safely just outside

It was visited, 35 back, by the few who found fortune, too young to compare

(What was in other worlds with the one they'd stepped out of). One saw that each railing and stair

Would ascend, on the outside, and lead to those rooms, wherein locals were equal to grow

With compatible safety, not mindful of those transformations they would undergo.

It was further encountered, when 10 more were gone, and the music became the new door,

Which returned that young one to the place he'd forgotten; this time with a different mentor.

In the midst of the years, which define your first chances, he stepped back: before they were due;

But hadn't connected, though linked by the 10, that he'd gone back to where he once knew.

When another 8 left, it was hinted in dreams, though again he could not see the whole.

He saw 17 more go their own way, and then sought the next whereabouts of his soul.

He identified (this time) the shimmering forefront, and made sure that he could remain

(Once a week) in that place, which was outside, but not out of contact with his normal plane.

Now he saw that the bridge (between planes) had its high point, where he almost jumped back in time.

Yet that wasn't the method for finding one's future, just up where he'd still need to climb.

As he watched the world blink out, on weekly occasions, he kept both his free fingers crossed.

27 had passed on, and would not come back, and he trusted that he was not lost.

He'd exhausted locations, which were on the plane he'd grown up in, to lately discern,

That before the last 2 had moved on, he had taken a drastically painful wrong turn.

Yet that path had still brought him so close to the right one; and since then his compass was fixed.

He now studied the borders, and saw what surrounded the houses: the grass and the sixte*.

So he hoped he was welcome, if only by one who would matter: the one who was meant

For inviting him into that plane, far more often, with uncompromising intent.

He selected 8 cities to visit in 8 weeks, while glancing through windows in space;

Where one diamond said all that was needed, when placed with a digit which reached from white lace.

*sixte: fencing position