a/n: Before you get confused, this story has two parts, the first, from a guy's pov, and the second from a girl's. A friend of mine wrote the guy's part first, in hopes of inspiring me to write again (He gave me a challenge that I uhm, was supposed to start working on a few days back. Ehe.). Somehow we came up with this idea of me writing from the other side of the story. Which is how the second part of the story came into existence.

He insists that you read this piece while listening to Glitter in the Air, by Pink.

I hope you'll like it.

p/s: Have you ever wondered what he/she is thinking? :)

Fist Full of Glitter

Have you ever wished for an endless night?
Lassoed the moon and the stars and pulled that rope tight;
Have you ever held your breath and asked yourself
Will it ever get better than tonight? Tonight.

Glitter in the Air, Pink


Your steps went light as I approached you from behind,
you tip-toed, turn back as your hair follow your motion,
you gave me a smile and your usual, "Hey Ken..."

I quietly nod, the heat starts burning my face,
but it is drizzling right now,
my spirits low but you burn them high the moment you appear,
the usual slipped out of my mouth, "How you doing?"

You were looking into the sky,
"Missing the stars last night, I guess they'll come back soon"
you looked down as you put your hoodie on.

I'm everything but not much of a talker,
but I can be anything you want. The irony.

"So Ken, what have you been up to?"
filling in the silence between us,
it wasn't awkward as I already grew fond of silence,
I wonder what you feel, as I space out wondering about your thoughts,
are they similar to mine?

I smiled as I realized, the truth awaken inside me,
I think I'm falling for you.

"Chemistry & Biology, pretty much sums up my day, I'm missing the days we sit on the lawn and just have packed lunch right there..."
Words of my own, though I wish I'd say something to make you laugh,
cause I love hearing you laugh.

"Those were beautiful days."
And then you started humming I'll Be Your Bird quietly.

I said it silently.

We're approaching our destination,
I was hoping the wind will blow strong against us,
so this walk could last longer,
The Beatles I Just Wanna Hold Your Hand starts playing in my head.

This is the beginning of my desire,
I want to, make memories with you...
memories that will last for a lifetime...


It was going to be a chilly night; I knew from the way the wind blew its way over the land and over me, and the way it drizzled ever so lightly, the cold splatters giving me goose bumps. I was so tempted to go back indoors. But no, I wouldn't. I only had to wait a while more. I folded my arms around me and hugged myself a little bit tighter.

I knew there was someone walking behind me; I knew it was you, I remember how your footsteps sound like, always in perfect synchrony with mine. I smiled to myself, thinking back on all our previous conversations. You always leave me with anticipation, that urge of wanting to know more.

I slowed down and spun around. Your eyes met mine, those dark brown orbs looked almost black at that moment. I briefly wondered what was on your mind. I smiled. "Hey Ken."

You nodded, your quiet but familiar way of saying hello. Your hands were tucked in your jeans pocket, and you looked around us for an instant before you refocused on me.

I already knew your question before you asked.

"How you doing?"

I turned to look at the sky, the warmth of your question felt so comforting to me. You really cared, you always did. My eyes were fixed on the evening sky. It was getting darker, almost as dark as yesterday night. There were glitters in the sky last night; the view was breathtakingly beautiful. I only wished you were there to witness its beauty with me. Then yesterday would have been perfect.

That's why I came back.

"Missing the stars last night, I guess they'll come back soon."

You looked at me, your gaze so piercing that I suddenly felt so aware of how messy my hair was, how chapped my lips were, how graceful you looked in comparison. I put my hoodie on.

We were quiet for a while; that comfortable silence embracing us. We never needed many words to carry a conversation.

For the second time that night I wondered what was on your mind.

"So Ken, what have you been up to?" I finally asked, feeling a little bit guilty for disrupting the pretty stillness we shared.

You remained quiet, your eyes looking far, far behind me, like you were in your own world, the world where none of your thoughts were left unspoken, the world where you could be whatever you wanted to be.


You smiled. And the moment you did, I suddenly found myself wishing that I was in that world, with you.

"Chemistry & Biology, pretty much sums up my day, I'm missing the days we sit on the lawn and just have packed lunch right there..." your voice trailed off, bringing me back to the days where we first started talking, first started knowing each other, first started weaving memories that belonged solely to the both of us.

"Those were beautiful days." I started humming to I'll Be Your Bird. Somehow it fitted the weather, the drizzle that never quite stopped.


We continued walking, and I noticed how my footsteps dragged longer with each move, wanting to prolong the moment as much as I could. You're always able to make me feel like having you around, for a few minutes more, for a few hours more, for a few days more.

For a lifetime.

I stopped walking.

"Hey," I murmured hesitantly, and you took my breath away just by looking at me, urging me to go on. I bit my lips. I wanted this lifetime with you. Why haven't I figure this out any sooner? I held my breath. "Wanna wait for the stars with me?"

And when you nodded with a hint of a smile, I already knew.

It can't get any better than tonight.