The Silent Treatment

Weeping, Jesus is nothing more than the solitude surrounding us.

You listen to your heart and create art with your tears. Your tears

speak for you in the same dramatic way my memories of the past

speak for me. Fragile, I know that I have the ability to either

encourage you or to destroy you. I don't need the fall out, but a

solution to a inevitable revolution occurring inside my mind leading

me to rebellion. I zone out wishing that I was somewhere else

but here in your presence where I can't recover my innocence.

My soul drowns in the sound of music unaware you may be the

missing lyric in all of my sad love songs which consist of laments,

complaints, apologies, prayers and promises. We live in silence

until we can find common ground to stand on once again. Bittersweet,

our once happy dying memories float lifelessly in the air like glitter. Our

cold hearts embrace winter making us to be bitter toward each other.

The faith that I used to have in myself is gone just like your pretty smile

and the sunlight in your eyes. Its a sad and mad world that we live in when

you pretend I don't exist. My name tastes like ember in your mouth causing

me to lose my youth and move down south where hell is located. Fear chokes

me and I reach the bottom of my internal abyss where my soul rests in silent

bliss. Year after year and tear after tear, my velvet teddy bear, I will still miss

you and wish you were here with me instead of there in your internal abyss.

I will always remember you even during the coldest and darkest days of December.

I can't believe you will allow yourself to suffer silently rather than to tell me how you

feel and tell me the truth about your life even after I have opened up my heart to you.