The Loss of Myself

Doubtful, faith swims in a blood bath forsaking the oath

that she made to help me with math. I discover my lonely

soul, your shadow in a meadow barely holding on to life.

I am a ghost traveling from coast to coast in search of

serenity and unity in the city of angels where I can

embrace my true identity. Unsuccessful, I detach myself

from the body of Christ. I toast you most of the time because

you possess every dime that I don't have in my

boast nonstop about your accomplishments unaware of the cost

that it might hurt my self esteem. All I see in my life is dead butterflies

and gray cloudy skies. I don't what is the purpose of this life, my life

anymore so I gladly celebrate the loss of myself. I wonder will I bleed

to death if I betray myself in order to be like you, my successful friend.