A/N: Okay, okay… this is going to be the last chapter before it fully goes onto Hiatus, I promise! It's just that I had such a good summary idea and I couldn't help but write this chapter.

Chapter 13: It's that damn Edward! He's so annoying… yet I can't help but…

I rubbed my eyes sleepily at the huge box in front of my doorstep. I looked to my left then to my right but there wasn't any sign of someone else being here. I sighed and tried to straighten my bed hair and got ready to open up the box. I relaxed my muscles and breathed slowly and readied my hand for a karate chop. I slammed my hand on the box to only find that I didn't have enough strength to break it like the pro's did on TV.

There was too much pain runny up my spine but I have to suck it up… but it hurts so badly!

"Ow, ow, ow!" I silently say trying not to draw attention to myself.

I got out a crowbar and started to hack right into the box's sides. Finally after some time I got it open and what was in the middle of the box was a small dark reddish-peachish round thing. I blinked in stupidity and poked at it.

"Hm… I wonder what it—" Out of nowhere it flew right on my face and it felt like it was sucking the life source out of me, "Argh! Get it off! Get it off, damn it!"

Finally I pulled off the thing to find that it was an octopus. But it was strange because it had a pink ribbon on its head, pink rosy cheeks, orange spots, a young childish appearance like it's a baby or something and black beady eyes. Hey, didn't I promise that this was a non-supernatural, non-fantasy story? Gosh… now I sound like a hypocrite… The thing smiled back and I inched an attempt to smile back at it.

At my response it jumped onto my head and rested there. I frowned at myself and felt a little stupid with a baby octopus on my head. My eyes caught onto something nailed on the front of the box which read:

Legs of eight, cute smile and a happy aurora is what you need now. May this be a great sign of good things come in Eight, from your secret admirer.

When I read the 'secret admirer' part I instantly knew that it was Yuji again… I mean, last time I read 'from your secret admirer' it belonged to him and after that he made me go on the streets… that son of a bioch… I ran straight into the house slamming the front door and kept on running until I got to what's known as 'Yuji's room' also known as my older sister's room.

"Hey, Yuji! Hobo Boy!" I yell banging on the door with my fist.

"Kyuun" I hear the octopus call in a cute voice which only melted my heart for one second.

I kicked the door breaking it. I entered the room to find Yuji on my sister's bed, instead of sleeping on the futon on the floor, and hugging onto a pillow like it was someone. I kicked him but there was no response so I formed a fist with my hand and punched him off the bed.

"Oh… Good morning…" He says rubbing his eyes.

"Don't 'Good morning' me! You've been up to something… haven't you?" I say with my hands on my hips.

"… No. Kishi… what's that on your head?" He asks. So he didn't do this… so who did…

I walked off and entered my own room to find Closet Boy sleeping in my bed. I titled my head in curiosity and wondered if he slips into my bed when I leave it. I smiled to myself and pulled the covers up to his shoulders and watched him sleep.

"…You'll be late." I hear him say without opening his eyes, "Be a good girl and go to school…"

"Whatever, Mom." I say walking away to the closet to get out my uniform.

"You'll be in your second year of high school soon…" I hear him mumble, "You better live it to the fullest…"

"Sure, sure…" I say.

"Kyuun!" The octopus utters.

I sat in class and this time I held my head up high because the octopus might fall off my head if I rest my head on my desk. Everyone stared at me except for the teacher because she was already writing a note to my parents about this, but it wouldn't reach them because they're far, far, far away from me… escaping me…

"Hey, Kishijoten…" Mizuki whispers and I turn to her calmly, "What's that?"

"Oh, this?" I ask pointing at the baby octopus on my head, "It's an octopus. Why?"

"Just wondering… she's kinda cute…" She says trying to reach up to it, "What's it's name?"

"I'm guessing it's a girl so…." I took a long time to think and then it popped into my head, "Takoyaki*!"

Mizuki froze in her place with a strange look on her face like she's in shock. I nod my head and smiled.

"That sounds like a good name." I say to myself still nodding.

"That's a nice octopus." I hear a familiar but cringe worthy voice.

Without turning around I already knew who he was. "Oh, it's Edward…" I say twirling a piece of my hair to realize it was Idayaki's tentacle making me stop and gulped at my stupidity.

I can hear him chuckling, "It's Eido by the way. Eido Takoyaki. Remember? You know my brother right?"

"Mr. Octopus?" I say turning around in an instant.

"Yeah. So… Do you know who gave you this cute octopus?"


"Ok. So do you want to go on a road trip with me on the spring holidays?" He asks with a mischievous smile.


"Let's make a deal. If you find out who gave you that octopus you can go about your spring holiday without seeing me at all but if you don't find out by the end of the day I will win and you'll have to come with me."

"It's a deal." I say.

"Kyuun" Takoyaki utters.

"Kishijoten! You don't know what you've gotten yourself into…" Mizuki starts but I simply ignored her.

"I knew you would agree." Eido says with another smile.

I couldn't believe what I've got myself into… I don't even have a clue of who gave me Takoyaki. I sighed silently by myself as I drank another bottle of sake behind the school building.

"Kishi… I told you to live your life to the fullest." I hear Closet Boy say making me jump and dropping the sake bottle so it could shatter into pieces.

I looked to my right to find him dressed in my school's uniform and surprisingly he looked great in it. I opened my mouth to say something but I couldn't… his handsomeness has already captivate me.

"Looks like what I saw early in the morning was true…" He says pointing at Takoyaki.

"Hm? Oh, her name is Takoyaki. She's pretty cute isn't she?" I say pointing at her, "She likes to stay on top of my head… you kinda get use to it for a while…"

Closet Boy stares at me still pointing and then lowers his arm. I could hear him chuckle but it was too quiet. I smile back at him and hoped he could stay for longer because I liked his company at some times.

"So why are you here?" I ask pointing at his uniform.

"I just thought I would visit you for a while. Just like a proper parent." He says, now leaning on the wall.

"I don't think you're the parent type." I say resting on the wall too.

"… Look, Kishi… I have something to—"

I heard someone screaming my name and our heads shot up to see Yuusuke running towards us. I pushed Closet Boy away from me to hide him from Yuusuke just in case he thought of us as an 'item' or something.

"What is it?" I ask.

"… You know Eido Takoyaki, right?" He says nearly breathless.

"Yes? What about it?"

"No need to explain now. He needs your help." He grabbed my hand and I reached out to Closet Boy but he was only staring back at me with regretful eyes. What was he regretting though…

Yuusuke and I stopped in front of a huge crowd of squealing girls. I looked to Yuusuke and wondered why am I here and what's it got to do with Edward.

"Kyaa! He's a real vampire!" I hear one girl scream.

"He's like Edward from Twilight." Another girls says

My right eyebrow twitched in fury and stupidity at the thought of Eido being a vampire and shit.

"Kishi, you've gotta stop this! You know Eido best, don't you?" Yuusuke says with frantic eyes.

I shrugged and walked away from the screaming crowd.

"Hey, Kishi! Where are you going?" Yuusuke calls to me.

"Can't you see? It's called running away…" I say, still walking with Takoyaki poking at me, "What is it, Takoyaki?"

"Kyuun." She says pointing back at the crowd.

"What's that Takoyaki? Eido needs my help?" I say with a sarcastic tone, "I think he'll be ok… after all he is Edward the vampire…"

I smiled to myself and kept on walking but a piece of me was feeling guilty and something else I couldn't confirm. I tugged onto my ribbon of my school uniform and wondered what is this feeling.

*Takoyaki is grilled octopus, usually a nice snack to eat from time to time.