A/N: This here's a collection of tiny stories and descriptions created to bring questions to the mind, and present hidden morals. Enjoy, and good luck. I write these when I feel like it, so no determination on the next update as of yet.

1: The Shattering

The photo frame tumbled through the air, falling to its early fate. It moved as though in slow motion, as though trying to prevent its own ruin. With a crack, it snapped against the hardwood floor and skipped back into the air. Pieces of glass flew from the frame and cascaded away like a beautiful waterfall. It landed among the sound of rain; the sound of shattered glass hitting the floor. The glass settled around it, some falling back into the frame with aim to destroy.

The picture now laid in tatters, ruined and left to the memory of happy days. The smiling faces remained, though, untouched by the ravaging glass. Two adults were standing in front of a car in the photo, with two children sitting on the roof of it. They all looked so happy, so glad to be together.

"I hate you!" a deep voice screeched. Pounding footsteps crossed the floor, storming away in anger.

"No…no…" said another voice, soft and struggling. A door slammed, then the room was left in silence. Soft sobs came from the corner of the room, hurt and helpless. The door opened, but this time slowly and with a creak of resistance.

A young face peered into the room, contorted with fear and confusion. It was only there for an instant, long enough to only hear the slightest whisper of a question.

"Where's Daddy?"

Soft footsteps echoed through the house, then all was silent.