Long Division

Taking that straight line
Because someone at some point
To draw down the middle
Of that road

Away from work
Roll up the drive
Step through the same door
Into a cozy chair

I don't know what it is about my life
That's so rewarding
I sit here safely, wasting each day
Watching minutes sieve-slide away
Siege to the way I thought it would be
Planned it out to the L and the T
Till a wave crashed

Stop my pitter-patter over a strange alphabet
Feel that it's not me talking
But it is
Drift over to the window
Lodge it open a bit less than the one I knew
See those same lights
The old ones

Dreadfully cold
Halfway past the world
In Italy or France
You dance along sand
Happy to be free and aware
Honesty reef
Lay down play down go down in the sand
Waternip at your heels
The feel of something warm
And the old lights

Equation is not as aquatic as I hoped
Math never suited me so much as words
Sword to paper and a swimming soul
The last little demon left in the pool
To flounder a doggy paddle

I am afraid
To swim because I forgot how
To live in uncertainty and how chaotic and
Pure and lustful those breaths earn an
Adolescent eternity of life

Trees only fall
Water evaporates
You continue
To show me
The knowing hours