Prologue 00: Hear Her Cry

Shall I start with bloodstains as my earliest memories?

Or shall I skip the bloody part and move on to the violent childhood I had?

Shall I tell you about how my mother died before my very eyes?

Or shall I cut this boring introduction short and proceed to the story of my life?

I am Kago Miharu, daughter of the Prime Minister of Asia's leading economic country. But I am also THE Kago Miharu, a kick ass, stubbornly rough-mannered teenage girl who dropped out of school for the fifth time and was now transferring to the lowest ranking high school in the whole of Japan, the Kairan Academy. Surprised? Who cares? Many people consider me as a big walking idiosyncrasy. Tell you what, uh, like I give a damn about that?!

I am Kago Miharu and although I have weaknesses and flaws, believe me, it'll be too late when you see them, because by that time, it's either I'm through thrashing you or you're already half-dead.

Beware of my knuckles, I punch hard.

Beware of my kicks, they're lethal.

Beware of my face, it's deceitful.

Most of all, beware of my tears.

Don't ever let them fall.

Because if you do… I will kill you.

To Be Continued...