The wind howled angrily through the trees, slamming into their trunks and branches, rattling their leaves.

In a clearing, a small group of figures were gathered around a large, rectangular table, seemingly unaffected by the wind. At the head of the table sat a large male figure. He was tall and as brown as a berry, fair hair hanging into eyes the color of a clear sky. A large beard sprouted from his chin, giving him a royal appearance. He was dressed in chainmail, a large helmet clutched in one hand while a heavy ax hung from his belt. Next to him was a beautiful woman, red hair cascading past her soldiers. A slender dagger lay sheathed at her side. A thickset man rose to his feet, a dark beard hiding most of his face.

"Brother, a Hybrid lives. By order of the ancient laws, he must be killed, either by his kin or by us" rumbled the man. The clearing erupted in mutterings, outraged looks being shared. The fair haired man held up a hand for silence, and instantly the talking died down.

The man paused, assembling his speech before he spoke, his voice like thunder, "Brothers, sisters, I know the laws, and I know that even a King is held by the laws. But, I, nor any of you, can kill the child. To kill him would be the same as slitting our throats with our own weapons, our own tools. That is what mortals, be they vampire or human, are to us, mere tools. This child will live up to his name, Fate has written a very special destiny for him. Who am I to challenge Fate, who is older than us all? He was present when the world was made and he witnessed our births and our crowning as Gods. None of us can challenge Fate and hope to win, he is too powerful. We have discussed this child in great detail, and he has assured me the Higher Powers will not strike against us if we allow the child to live."

A young girl rose to her feet, dark hair clashing with her milky skin. "Brother, it is dangerous to keep the Hybrid alive, yet I agree with you. Without him, the land will continue to be shackled by the Immortal Beings, something we cannot allow. The Immortal Beings have grown arrogant; the humans have begun to look at them as lesser gods. This must be stopped."

The gods murmured in agreement, the humans had begun to grow negligence in their duties of worship.

"Arcadia, seeing as you are Goddess of the Hunt and Protectors, I bestow you with the task of guarding the boy until he is old enough for his destiny" rumbled the blond man, who was none other than Malcolm, Lord of the Heavens, Ruler of the Gods.

Arcadia, the young dark haired girl who had spoken, bowed her head in acceptance. "I will protect him with all my power Brother" she murmured respectively, gripping her silver bow tightly in one hand.

Malcolm nodded, satisfied and rapped his knuckles over the table. "This meeting is adjourned, we will meet back here at the end of the month" he rumbled. As soon as the words left his lips, the remaining gods vanished in a puff of smoke, each going to their palaces and holy places.

Corunis, Malcolm's wife stood from her seat and padded towards her husband.

"You know because of this decision, the land will run red with blood" she said quietly. Malcolm grunted. "I know, my cunning wife, I know. Alas, I can think of no other way to secure this new destiny for the humans. Fate has made it clear; ensure there is a rebellion amongst the two empires and save the human race, or sit back and watch as all the races enter a bloody civil war that will leave the land destroyed and all living creatures dead. With the rebellion, all of them will survive. The Immortal Beings will be left weak, too weak to raise another army and seize control of the land, leaving the humans to prosper. That will be the fruit of my decision."

The god sighed and rubbed his temples. "The next few centuries will not be easy, and I know that innocent blood will be spilled, it cannot be helped. Corunis was silent for a moment before speaking. "My love, war is never easy, yet it is necessary for survival. The hybrid will bring peace that I am sure of. Let us return to our palace, and let Fate to brood in peace" said the redheaded goddess wryly. Malcolm chuckled and took his wife's hand, bringing it up to his lips. The couple disappeared in a cloud of sweet smelling smoke.

Somewhere, many miles away, a young woman was holding a bundle in her arms. The bundle let out a cry of hunger, it was a baby. The woman was a vampire. She knew she was dying. She pressed her son closer to her bosom, tears stinging her eyes. The sound of footsteps was louder, she could hear them perfectly with her enchanted hearing. Soon, the hunter would stumble upon them.

A few minutes later, a grizzled old man limped into view. He sniffed the air, eyes narrowing as the scent of blood and birth wafted into his nostrils. His eyes locked with the young mother. "Help him" she croaked out. The man frowned and hobbled closer. "Take him, please" whispered the woman.

Compassion melted his heart and the old lycan took the babe from her arms. "His name is Seraph" she murmured, a dazed look creeping into her eyes. The lycan nodded. "A good name girl, it means guardian angel in the old tongue" said the man in a gruff voice.

The woman smiled. "Guardian angel, fitting indeed" she muttered. She closed her eyes, and her breathing stopped, she was dead.

Just as his mother's heart stopped, the baby opened his eyes. They were as red as flesh blood. The lycan stared into those chilling eyes and would've dropped the baby if he hadn't caught sight of a pale, dark haired huntress leaning against the tree to his left. She eyes him coolly with silvery blue eyes, daring him to abandon the child. He didn't, he knew whose woods these were.

He hurried home, all thoughts of hunting forgotten. Arcadia, Goddess of the Hunt, stared at his back as he retreated. The first part of her duty had been fulfilled, now came the hardest part; preparing him for war.