Seraph was tired. He burst through the trees, panting heavily. Behind him, he could hear the shouts and curses of his pursuers; a small unit of lycan soldiers. He forced his tired limbs to move. Fire raced through his veins as his tired body carried him farther away from his enemies.

He had been running nearly nonstop for almost the whole day. His lungs burned, and he struggled to pump air through his body. The heavy crunch of boots forced him to continue running, if he was caught, he would die. He leaped over a fallen log, bending his knees on impact so the shock waves wouldn't knock him off balance.

He sprinted on, doing his best ignore the numbing pain slowly creeping up his calves and thighs. His throat felt drier than a desert, if things continued this away, it was likely he would drop dead before the lycans caught him.

His surroundings were nothing but a blur of greens and browns; vegetation and dirt. He stumbled blindly through the unfamiliar surroundings; he had given up on stealth long ago. Sweat from his brow dripped into his eyes, making them sting and blurring his vision. His homespun tunic clung to his back, binding his limbs.

Every breath pained him, but he forced himself to keep moving, he'd rather die of exhaustion than in a lycan prison.

His foot caught on a root, and he stumbled forward, face first into the ground.

He tried to push himself up, but found he couldn't move his arms. The rest of his body refused to respond to his commands as well. He heard an elated shout as the lycans barked something in their rough language; they had seen his body. He could hear their heavy footsteps as they scampered through the trees.

He closed his eyes and prepared himself for the pain and humiliation that was to come.

For a moment, he thought he heard the slight twang of a bow string being pulled and fired.

A deep, guttered scream sliced through the air like a knife through butter, and a ferial snarl ripped through the scream. Four more screams punctured the air before a heavy silence echoed through the silent forest.

Light footsteps padded towards Seraph, and he held his breath. The footsteps halted abruptly, and he slowly opened his eyes. Much to his surprise, he found himself looking at a pair of black leather hunting boots.

"Rest, all will be well" spoke a soft voice, and Seraph closed his eyes. His last conscious thought was that his rescuer had been female.