Title: Gold

Author: Lacrymosa string-quartet

Summary: In a strange world where elite human have connection with animals that contain unspeakable of power. Unwillingly, Adam was drag inside this world to be a subconscious for Gold. With Gold as his host, Adam use the boy to venture through many region to find Matt, who also was drag inside the strange book. During his journey, Gold met new people, places, and some better understanding of his fire power. While Adam grew fond of the young boy, he soon have a better predicament as to why he was drag inside Gold's body. Eventually, the two grew a strong bond that gave mixture confusion for Adam's true feeling for Matt, who he later found and had doubt in his heart. But will Adam succeed to free Matt, or will he have to chose to save Gold in order for him to continue on their destine journey?

Rate: M (bad language and eventually some sex theme)

Paring: Male-Male, Male-Female, (probably a female-female theme, but that won't happen until further in the story)

Categorize: Fantasy-Supernatural-Adventure-Drama-Comedy-Friendship-Hurt/Comfort.... but mostly supernatural and drama! XD

Side note: Please, I'm having trouble finding a suitable beta to edit my story, so would anyone want to be my beta? I would be delight and honor if you do. If your interested, than please, don't hesitate to PM me.

Bright Light

With life goes faster than your own sense, are we ever notice to others eyes. Think critically, think skeptically, and think spiritually, because sometime the imagination you create can alter into one heart-pound adventure that you'll have no alternative choices left to make it disappear. Thus revolving your relationship with your best friend and some stranger that has eye for you, and yet your best friend has eyes for that stranger. Will you give up that stranger for your childhood friend, or will you hurt the one person that you promise to care for.

"Taven! Taven! Where are you going?! Master…" the worry white, female wolf bark to the Alpha male of the rare untouchable pack. Their existence are uncertain to the human's world, even to the creatures that have spiritual contact to their Alter human. Including Taven, the once proud King's creature son is now in danger of nonexistence, if his human doesn't make it in this blazing snow storm than Taven will no longer be in this world.

The white female wolf stayed behind in the blazing weather with the rest of variety wolf, and like every wolf in the pack, they obey their leader's word and waited patiently for his return.

"Please, come back soon," she said softly, never leaving his departing form in the white ball of freezing snow. Within second, the crystal blue wolf vanishes in the deep, hardcore blizzard.

Meanwhile, in another part of the same blazing region, five abnormal figures stood their ground and gazed down in despair. The area was stone-cold ice with no living life found for miles and yet there was this little boy lying helplessly in pain. It was calmly snowing until an unbearable screaming escaped from the harmless boy that caused the weather to change dramatically. Heavy winds strike harshly, rock size snowball dropped unexpectedly, and even the temperature got colder for the five figures that had concern look on their unique eyes.

"Jester, cover the boy," ordered one of less abnormal figure.

"Right," answered the weird yet extraordinary magician. He swiftly pulled a single golden string within his sleeve that couldn't be more than 14 inches and swirled the thin string above his head to create a surprising 16 inches black and white iron umbrella. The man's face couldn't be described because it designedly covered as a skin-mask. The black and red diamond down across his two bizarre green hue eye color got many eye attentions from his young audience for more magic. But this unique Jester doesn't wear one of those funny-looking bell hat, he wears a long tall hat, like a magician, and yet he still kept the name 'Jester', because of talent of making people laugh.

Unlike his kind audience, there is one person that he appreciates to have as a permanent audience and certainly love to please, and it's his Mistress's treasured son. The Jester freed his hold on the iron umbrella, which mysteriously floated by him to protect him and the boy, and tighten his arm around the weak boy, "Young Master, why? Why have you hurt yourself? Why?" he asked desperately for a simple respond but the boy did not budge to glare at his Mother's Jester, instead he panted by the Jester's chest and tries to calm his damage body.

"We must heal him! Shadow, do you have any healing scroll or-" The Jester was interrupted by one of the five.

"Prohibited, Jester. The Master's energy only require strict restoration from pure solidify ice. A simple healing scroll will not work!" anger the commanded man. He was the one who ordered Jester to protect the boy, but now he was doing the opposite, by not healing the boy, than again he gave a good statement about restoring the boy's body to perfection.

The Jester gloomed away from the strict soldier and gazed down at his young Master, "There has to be a…." his eyes halt toward a small crystal object around his Master neck, than it hit him, "What about the crystal?"

The hazel green eye soldier was about to make an insult to the caring Jester but his quick sense stop him. A familiar presence arrives in the damage area.

"Do not active the crystal," they all turn to see the blue crystal wolf near them, he approached calmly to Jester, "the boy isn't strong yet,". The wolf stare at the boy than glanced around the area to suspect that the boy has been training himself in max level. From the look of it, the boy was actually trying to exceed himself in full-blow, but why so soon?

Cough Cough-Cough



Everyone's widen, even the wolf's ear jerk up in surprise, "He nearly used all his physical energy. He doesn't have enough time. Lay him down, Jester," he growled but in a worry way, not to offend the magician.

"But-but," he hesitated, but obey when he saw annoying stare from his comrades, "Fine," he pout than gently lay the boy down. He secretly mutters underneath his lips to his young Master, than slide his soft-gloved hand away from the boy's frozen right cheek. He took a few steps back with the iron umbrella vanish and his thin line string back in his black sleeve. All the five figures took a few steps back to give the giant wolf room to create a single circle around the boy. Once it was drawn, the wolf sat across and gaze deeply at the boy's unconscious body in silent. Within seconds, the weather calm and the area became quieter. Before their eyes, the line circle build into a giant glass crystal ball, prisoning the wolf and the boy inside.

Inside, the wolf's eye glow into pure white mist, he peer at the boy critically, focusing his ice spiritual aura in the boy's body. The boy's body rose slowly as he lay helplessly in pain in thin air, "Purify him," chat the wolf. In an instant, the blue crystal around the boy's neck began to glow in shiny rainbow sun. The rainbow sun spread the light around the boy to heal him, but a sudden mishap stop the light from spreading any further. The problem; the boy abruptly grab the crystal, covering the rainbow light and said, "No!".

"What are you doing? You need it," growl the shock wolf.

The boy's body slowly land down at the snow, and open his eyes half way, staring weakly toward his spirit creature, "No, Taven. I-I can not rely on it. Not this time. In order for me to achieve my goal, I must honorable use my own strength to heal. Allow my body and mind to heal itself, than see if I really do need this," the boy force the string to rip apart from his neck by pulling the crystal away, "I-I c-can't h-have it….. h-here,"

"What are you doing?"

"No Young Master, don't let go of it!" The Jester yelled.

"Here, take it….." the boy took two shaky step to his wolf.

"Do you have any idea what risk you're setting yourself in?! Whatever you do don't-" but before the wolf could finish his warning, the boy surprisingly flew flat on his front body. The crystal ball that was surrounding them crack, easily broken by the tallest five, and ran to their young Master.

"Master!" The Jester flip him around and carefully exam his semi heal body. The wolf sighed in relief once he saw what was still in his palm.

"The crystal, it's still in his possession," he said calmly.

"What do we do now?" asked Shadow, quietly by the wolf's ear, not wanting any attention from his comrades.

The blue crystal wolf rolled his eyes to the sneaky thief out of the Five and than stared up at the sudden clear sky, "We wait until he wake,"

"And how long is that?" Shadow never leaving his eyes from the young boy.

"After what happen, I don't know, I certainly don't know," he said softly like the wind that blew gently thru his fury coat. Something told him, when the boy wakes up, it won't be the same.


"Matt! Matt!" shouted the high fit young teenager boy. Jumping to gain more time to find his next turn and destination, 'Damn it! Where in the hell is he?!' he wonder, keeping his speed in a good pace from an unfriendly crowd or from other prospective, the mob.

Meanwhile, the shiny blond was talking with a nice girl that approaches him a while ago to ask about Adam's whereabouts. Though she approach cautiously and shyly to the popular, hot blond of the whole school with his tight white t-shirt that showed his intense muscle, and charming face, the girl did a pretty good job hiding her secret crush.

".... don't worry, when I find him, I'll make sure he gets it," he slightly wave the black and white color note book that belong to the shy teenager than place the object in his black backpack.

"W-Well, um, see to it that he does. I want him to do good for our test tomorrow," she giggles shyly in front of the irresistible boy in the whole school, "Um, I guess I'll see-" but she stop herself from speaking any ridiculously further because of a interrupt shout from a distance.

"Matt! What are you doing? Start the freakin' car!" he increases his speed toward his annoy friend.

"Adam, what are-"

"Sorry, Hana, but I can't talk right now," Adam only glanced at the sudden blush girl that only the blond saw and not Adam. For a second, when the blond caught the pink color appearing on her cheek, he immediately felt hurt, 'If only she blush like that to me, than I'll just….. Adam, you have no idea how much I envy you right now,' the blond turn away and ran with his racing friend to the parking lot.

Matt glance back to see if she kept her eyes at Adam, and to his predication, he was painfully right. Practically a few people knows about little Amy's secret crush to Adam, but Adam will be the gullible one who still hasn't figure out over the past four year of their high school life that Amy likes him. Matt knew by connection, and when he found out years ago, he grew to like Amy more than a friend.

"Start the car, Matt!" Adam leap in the passenger seat and looked intense. Matt struggle to find his key, "Hurry Matt! Hurry," Adam swiftly turns around every second as Matt try his best to find his key.

"It's some where, Ah-HA! Found it," he grinned, taking a moment to stare at his few second of triumph.

"Good-Good-Good, now start-"

"There he is!" shouted an angry, spiking tone from a few distances away. It was a crowd, or mob, of unhappy teenage girls with their raging eyes glaring at Matt's brand new Merced, but more toward Adam's frightening body. Once they spotted him, they ran furiously to Adam before he got the chance of leaving without punishment, or justice.

"Oh shit! They found me! Start it Matt! Start it!" he oblivious shook Matt.

"I could, if you would stop shaking me!" he sneered by his friend.

"Oh, sorry," he lightly laugh at his folly act. Without any time to spare, Matt directed the key into the hold, push in, start the engine, pull the stick handle down to the letter R, reverse back, than quickly push the handle to letter D to accelerate out of the parking lot of the school.

The girls were fast, but their thin legs weren't supportive to meet a brand new car. Once they were out of breath, they stop, but one of the girls, on the front, cursed in her shout. Cursing as Adam gave a high wave and a victory laugh that got the girl steaming for a future kill.

Moments later, in a high open road with hardly any traffic in sight, Matt broke the fifteen minutes silence, "So, I take it she didn't took it lightly, huh," he asked, keeping his light blue eyes on the wide-open road and lowering the volume of the radio. Their location has gotten less familiar, so he was determine to make a U-turn back home once freedom ride was over.

"Nah! So she decided to gain up on me with her crazy friends. Dude, I almost wet myself because of their number. Did you see how many there were? It must have taken at least a dozen of them running after me,"

"I only counted five," he said solemnly, not surprise at Adam's tenacious imagination, the boy could be creative but it sometimes isn't healing for your mind to wonder off from reality. That's why Matt is there for him.

"Five, six, seven, twelve. Who cares, just as long I won't be her little dog to order around. I'm a free man-"


"Does it matter,"

Matt sigh, than was close to completing a U-turn until Adam stop him, "Wait, don't!" he squeeze his right shoulder.

"Why?" Matt protest and gave an questionable stare at his cheesy friend.

"I want to see something. There is something that I want to show you," he grinned, but part of Matt's mind told him something wasn't right about his friend's request.

"You sure?" he felt skeptical, but trust Adam's nod, "Okay than," he said before Adam freed his hold and, driving to their next destination.


"This is it!" I exclaimed, feeling my breath intense from the sparkling sight. It's my secret spot that I go to whenever I'm feeling down or lonely, sometimes to get away from the chaperon's orders. I love it here! And with my best friend here, it feel like paradise! The great out-door is fresh and anew. What other way to start anew than my private spot. With extend crystal lake, tall oak trees everywhere in sight, a high snow mountain from a far distance to watch while we fish and an old moderate cabin standing on the edge side. I know it sound cocky or childish, but I like my spot, and I like it when Matt is near to play with me.

I turn to my side and stare at his expressionless face; I don't know why, but I grew fond of Matt. His long, rich blond hair reaching to his musclier shoulder, the bottom part of his hair made U's, spiking upward as if someone iron them to make it form like that, but Matt said it's natural. Not just his hair that is natural but his eccentric eye color is different from one another; One eye is dark and the other is light. I had a chance to peer deep in his eye and notice that on his left eye is dark blue like the deep ocean while the right eye is light sky blue. I was lucky because he would push any boy near him just to stare at his eye, and if it was a girl, he'll just take a few step away. He doesn't like it when they stare and ask about his perplexing gene. The reason why he didn't push me away was because I took a peak in his eye during our nap time when we were kids. He got a little mad when I told him, but he calmed and forgave me. He always forgive me, even when I have done so many wrong and mischief things around him, he still forgave me.

"Answer me again, why are we here?" he asked me seriously without glancing at me. Thank goodness because I suddenly feel hot just thinking about our time together. Damn! Even my stupid heart is beginning to pound hard. I feel utterly confuse toward my feeling toward him. Do I like him more than a friend? That still remain a mystery since puberty.

"Well," I rub my neck while I kept my unsteady smile, "I'm planning on coming here for the summer, and..... well," my nerve suddenly build up, "I-I w-was wondering i-if you c-could come and j-join me. You know, for vacation,". Why was this hard? I know this guy since kindergarden. Why am I feeling shy about asking to join me? Of course he'll join, he's my friend and I'm his. We are best friend until the end. Just like we promise.

"Here?" he lift an eye brow.

"Yeah. Fish, swim, hike-"

"And I'm suppose to believe that's going to be our cabin, we're going to sleep in there," he pointed at the old and rusty cabin. I've to admit, it does look creepy and ready to crack in the lake.

Nevertheless, I still smiled and answer, "Yes. I like it,"

"Hmmm.... sure you do. Well," he push in his manly hand in his shady jean and began walking to the cabin, "Before I accept this 'unexpected proposal', I need to check it's condition, but by looking at it I may consider on sleeping outside," he said. I follow him, but as I walk near to the front door I sensed something unusual, like an unorthodox aura passing threw me once the door shut itself in front of me. I stood there, breathless. It was like a chain connecting to me to Matt has been cut.

"Adam, are you coming?" his words shook me out of my unconventional metaphors and open the door to enter inside with him.

Once inside I notice it looked dusty and smelled of urine with a mix of strong liquor waving around the whole cabin. Yuck! Some party, drunken teenagers had a blast last night. Now I'm afraid to go in the bedroom. Nasty!

"Well, some cabin, you're going to love the bedroom," he chuckle, I knew he was thinking what I was thinking and there is no way I'm going in that room! "Damn! It's like some toxic bomb in here," he waved his right arm than ran to the far corner, but accidently hit a book shelve that was only about 4-inches tall, he ignored the incident and try to open the widow for fresh air.

I merely observe the cabin, mostly dry up woods, mole, huge stain on the wall, squeaky floor, and empty bottle of liquor that were place in different direction. Thank God they haven't been shatter, otherwise I'll have to be more cautious walking in bare foot after I clean up the mess. I sigh in relief but I the unwelcoming smell still remain in the cabin.

"Adam, come here and help," Matt struggle to open the window, apparently the old thing is stuck strong and his athletic body isn't powerful enough to lift it up. I chuckled at his endeavor.

I kept my smile as I walk to him, but my smile vanish once my shoe lightly kick something that fell from the shelve. I curiously bent down and observed the normal-size book, but the front cover had the same dark brown color as the inside of the cabin. I lift it from dusty floor and clean it. There was no title, no name, nor picture. Even in the inside was blank! No words or a single scrabble. Just a plain hard cover book with empty pages to pages. Weird.

"There!" Matt said before sticking half of himself out of the window, and took a big wipe of the lake's fresh wind.

From here, I envy him. There it was again, I envy him. He is so perfect. His body structure, his feature, his understanding, his skills, and his life. I had always, and still am, jealous of him. I want him. All to myself. And four months from now, I will have him, once we graduate and come here for the summer. Until than, I'll enjoy our little time together.

My next move came unexpectedly from my mind, "Hey Matt, here, catch," I threw the book to him. At the same time, a fish jumped right at Matt's face and surprised him with it's wet splash. Matt got wet on the face which he reluctantly got the water in his eye and pulled himself inside. Right at the moment, the book that I threw hit him directly at his face as he kept one hand covering his eye.

"Ah! What the fuck!" he curse, can't blame him. I chuckled though, "Adam!" he glared at me. I immediately halt, "Ahhhh........" I wince from his instant growl. I saw his right arm searching for the book, than I quickly turn and head outside, "Ha! See ya!" I laughed before running out of the cabin.

I didn't know what I did to cause myself to wait several second out of the cabin, but I did. Than out of nowhere, I heard him scream. My eyes widen in fright, his scream force me to run back and again, the same bizarre feeling hit me, this time in my heart. Why is it doing that? I ignore it and open it widely to be only push by a strong gash of wind. What the hell was that?! I ignored that too. My only concern was to find Matt. The wind was strong but wasn't powerful enough to push me twice. I walk because that way I could press my weight on the ground with each step I took.

"Matt! Matt! Where are you?!" I placed both my palms on the front side to hold on. As I proceed, a sudden light began to glow on the far center of the cabin, "Matt! Matt! Say something!" I shouted, frightening about his whereabout.

"Adam! Help me!!!!" I heard his shout, but that is all I heard from him.

The light started to shine brighter and my eyes couldn't submit to it easily. I used my arms to cover the light from my plain brown eyes, but took a glance between them. My eyes widen further than they could ever go. What I saw was a last glance of Matt's horrifying eyes and extended arm toward me. I stood there, helpless, in fear, and stun. His whole front body was drag into the light while his right arm remain directly to me, I mustered all my strength and ran directly to him but sadly, I fail. His arm was pulled in the light before I had the chance to touch a tip of his middle finger.


Black out.

I immediately emerge from my quick slumber and shook my head, "What happen?" I asked myself. It didn't took me another second to realize that he was gone, "Matt? Matt?" I swirl around the cabin and found nothing but the awful smell from earlier. "Matt. Matt where are you?" I search around each room and found no one. I suddenly panic. My heart pounded like before but in fear. I was scare. This can't be, "Matt? Seriously man, where are you?" I glance around left to right, than up and down. If he's not here, than that mean.....

"No, MATT!" I ran out of the cabin and began to search outside, "MMMMMMAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT!".

One Month Later

Cries, whimpers, prays, sadness, and the one color that I least like. I was thankful that I didn't go to the funeral, otherwise Mrs. Anderson, Matt's mother, will sue me. Her motherly heart crack once the police told that her son had mysterious disappear, she asked how, and when the police got to the part that I was the last person who saw him, she immediately ran to me and slap me across the face. She yelled at me and called me names, I wasn't shock, just felt guilty. Mrs. Anderson and I never started off good, I've tried making friends with her, but she despatch me. Matt said, the only reason she hates me is because I'm too wild and hyper for her only son, that I'm a bad influences. She even tried to convince Matt to make other normal friends, but he didn't listen to her. The woman looks beautiful beyond belief, she looks like she's could still be in her twenty, but deep down I know she's a miserable hag with malicious soul that couldn't be replace even if she try to be good. That woman is hiding something.

Mr. Anderson, Matt's father, is mysterious and quiet. I usual don't see him often. He's either at work or at his office in the two story house. But I know he doesn't like me either, because if he did than he would've stop his wife from slapping me and cursing words at me. They hate me, both of them, Matt's parent's hate me and I can't blame them.

'If I see you anywhere near my son's coffin, I swear I'll sue you and your family, do you hear me! Useless boy!' her words repeated in my head, which was dump because there is no body in that empty coffin, Matt's body was never discover. He's missing, not dead, but he's mother gave up the search for him and decided to aver him deceased.

"M-Matt..." a drop of fresh tear fell from my burning cheek to the backyard grass. Even though I wasn't invited to my best friend's funeral, that never stop me from making a small memorable dedicated only for him. I used my first planted tree as our symbolic friendship. I carved his full name on the tree, 'Matthew Dillion Anderson' and couldn't stop staring, "I'm sorry..... so sorry," my legs gave in. I dropped myself with my head facing down, making the tears easier to fall, and making myself look vulnerable, "Why? Why did you go? Why did they take you? ...... Matt, p-please..... come back," I cried and cried, "I miss you.....". I cried for his name all day until my mom help me up and took me into my room where I cried myself to sleep thinking about him.

Four Months Later

The graduation wasn't the way that I thought it would be. Sure everyone had a good time receiving their diploma and partying afterward, but I felt alone and desperate. Amy tried to cheer me up all through our last high school year, but I wasn't hungry for any excitement or any mood for ecstatic party, so she gave up on me. No surprise there because practically anyone near me stop talking me and left me be. Which I needed the most at the moment. My little sister, Kate, ask curious question about my depression, but I lied to her. I couldn't lie to my little brother who was four year apart from Kate, he was smarter than that, but he respected my space and didn't bother to ask.

Was it smart? To come back at my vacation spot. The spot where Matt and I will be hanging out during out summer vacation.

"This is it!" the scene appear before me where Matt and I first came here together, and how he reacted. To be honest, I had more reason why I brought Matt here. You see, every summer that I had since fifth grade, my parents will always send me to summer camp, and every summer camp I have a miserable camp after another. No one became my friend. Actually, no one wanted to be my friend in camp, so I was always lonely in camp. The chaperon would suspect me of any bad that goes around the campus because I was an outcast. To put it in short summary, I was a loner in camp, that's why I'm always hyper when I return home and to play with Matt. He's what bring me my smile and light.

But this time, it's pale and dull.

I thought this was going to be our paradise, our playground and our new start of togetherness. How could it possibly be our sanctuary now? It now became our final destination together. This place brought nothing but pain and regret. Pain from my heart when he disappear, and regret for bring him here.

"I'm sorry Matt," my eyes began to fill and my cheeks redden. I took a huge sigh and calmed myself before walking to the cabin.

I stood there, quietly, staring at the same door that shut itself in front of me five months ago. I hesitated, but I force myself inside. The door creep open and I step inside to look inside. It look a little different. Perhaps the police pick up some evident and clean some up to take in the station. Whatever happen, something still looked wrong and bizarre because there something that caught my eyes in surprise.

'The book,'. How could I forget about the book.

'Hey Matt, here, catch,'

It slam him on the face, than he said, 'Ah! What the fuck!' than he growled at me as he searched for the book, 'Adam!' that was the last time I heard him say my name in a aggressive tone.

This book was the last thing that touch him before he disappear. Why can't remember what happen after I ran outside? There was a black out after that. I walk to the strange thing and pick it up. I stare and wonder.

I've wonder for a long time because I took this old thing in my house. No one was home. My parents left to meet some relative, my brother and sister left to their own friend house over the summer, so I was alone with this ancient book. I was about to open until a sudden black out occur. Great, it's 8 o'clock and there is no light. Is the sun that strong to damage the power-line of this town. I frown before placing the book down and head to the kitchen to find some candle. This wouldn't be the first time that I have to light up a white candle in the dark, the black out is common every year, but it usual start somewhere in August, not June. It's the first week of June and it isn't that hot outside, so why did the power went out suddenly.

I dismiss the thought and carried two light up candle in the living room and place them apart from each other on the center table. Once I place the second on next to the book, I instantly remember that there is a flashlight stack in hallway closet. I got up, grab the candle back and guide myself to the hallway.

Something eerie must've happen because once I got back, the magazine caught on fire on the center table, "Shit!" I panic, than I rushed myself in the kitchen to pour in a pot of water. I hurried back and quickly pour the sink water on the table. I thought it would work, it should have, but the the fire surprisingly didn't relinquish. My panicking increased, and so did the fire. Everything around it was caught on fire, the magazine, mails, unknown papers, and the book.

'The book,' my eyes widen in shock, the book suddenly open to the first blank page magically. Than the page turn to another, and another, and another. It slowly began to open, than it increase speed to an halt on the hundredth page or something around there. I couldn't believe what was happen, the book caught in fire, open automatically, now some ghostly fire claw extend out of the book. It's arm was on fire, like the devil's arm, and it look like it was directing it's creepy hand toward me. I freaked out and turn around to run, but before I took several step away, the flaming claw grab my left foot, causing me to fall flat on my face. I landed with a thud, than before I had anytime to thing any further, the other claw grabbed my right leg. Together grasp on to the creature's hands, it dragged me near in the living room.

"No-No-No! Let me go! You stupid thing! What the hell!" I tried swarming, struggling and screaming for help but the pull me into some strange light. 'The light! What a minute! The light,'

"Adam! Help me!!!'

'I remember now. It was the light, no, the book. That weird book that I found. The light is coming from that book!' I was hypnotize by my conclusion that I forgot that I was being pull into the light, 'A-And now, it's pulling me in, j-just like Matt. It's taking me next!'

"No! I can't!" I faced away, searching for something to hold on to, but so far nothing. My only hope was to pin my nail on the rug or die trying, "Wait? What am I doing?" Suddenly, Matt's horrifying eyes came in my mind. If this fire is dragging me inside, than that would mean it'll send me to Matt. Yes, it has to be. Should I choose to deny this, than I would not see Matt, but if I accept, I will find Matt. But does it matter, it still going to pull me in no matter my choice. Than there's no refusing it. I must accept.

"Take me than. Take me to Matt!" just like that, the flaming clam wrapped it's hand around me and pulled me into the golden light, 'Matt, don't worry, I'm coming for you!'

'Hey Adam, here,'

'Gold.... you gave me a golden apple. Why?'

'It's your favorite color right?'


'Your favorite fruit, right?'


'So, your heart is as good as gold,'

'Ohhhhh, thanks!'

That was the last scene pop in my mind before the world around me turn black and, felt hot.


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