Title: Gold

Author: Lacrymosa string-quartet

Summary: In a strange world where elite human have connection with animals that contain unspeakable of power. Unwillingly, Adam was drag inside this world to be a subconscious for Gold. With Gold as his host, Adam use the boy to venture through many region to find Matt, who also was drag inside the strange book. During his journey, Gold met new people, places, and some better understanding of his fire power. While Adam grew fond of the young boy, he soon have a better predicament as to why he was drag inside Gold's body. Eventually, the two grew a strong bond that gave mixture confusion for Adam's true feeling for Matt, who he later found and had doubt in his heart. But will Adam succeed to free Matt, or will he have to chose to save Gold in order for him to continue on their destine journey?

Rate: M (bad language and eventually some sex theme)

Paring: Male-Male, Male-Female, (probably a female-female theme, but that won't happen until further in the story)

Categorize: Fantasy-Supernatural-Adventure-Drama-Comedy-Friendship-Hurt/Comfort.... but mostly supernatural and drama! XD


Sunrise shine warmly for another normal day for the small towns people of Biola; the town is small with less variety of refreshment to buy and sell, but the delicate area is well-known of their most sell fruit; apples. Apple was use for many type of ingredients to cook, the farmers would pick them up every spring and sell their successful product outside their little town to make profit.

Apple! Apple! Apple!

Even the town's children love their pure fruit dearly. It brought health, nutrition, and smile on their faces.

Now, if only the young boys would stop using them as weapon or rocks, than this would've been claim as a perfect town.

Bump! Bump!

"Gooolllllddddd," a boy loudly whispers in front of a two-story house. Luckily for this average per-teen, the owner's weren't home to spank him and tell on his parents for throwing rocks on their property.

After several rocks throw on the solid window, the kid halt and decided to use an apple that was a couple feet away from him. He lifts it and threw it directly at the sudden open window.



"Oh damn! S-sorry Gold. I-I d-didn't m-mean-"

"What the fuck! Ah! My eye! You got my eye!" the boy was cursing inside his house for a minute while the brown-hair boy that threw the apple nervously winced at every cursed word that his friend said about him and heard a few things dropping from the inside.


"This may hurt a lit-" he paused by the sight of his friend's venomous stare, including the black eye "I, uh, I," he was lost in words, so he sigh, "….sorry," he mutter before placing the raw steak on his friend's black eye.


The black-hair boy groan from the sudden burning pain on his eye. Once the fresh raw meat was place on him he immediately held it still to prevent it from falling than sock his friend on the arm. The boy didn't react anything about it, he only rubbed the only revenge that Gold will ever give him for giving him a black eye.

"You could've knock first, you know. My gram's isn't here," Gold said solemnly, getting up from the kitchen's chair and heading to one of the drawers and taking out a clean rag.

"I didn't know," admit the boy, staring at his friend as he began to wrap the meat with a clean rag and than place it on his semi-open eye, "your grandma can be mean! Remember the last time I got her mad; she pulled my ear, dragging me back home and told my parents! You have no id-"

Gold abruptly swirl around with his eyes glaring at his guest, "Okay, you might know, but still!"

Gold sigh, "Still nothing, Seth, try using the door next time. Also, don't use an apple,"

Seth nodded.

"Great," his expression switch into cheers, "C'mon, I have something to show you," he said walking pass Seth to the kitchen door that lead outside of the house. Seth smiles and jogged behind his close friend.

Outside of the up hill building, Gold jogged on the fresh green grass, straight toward the huge red barn, than unlock the two attach door by the key that was wrap around his neck. The glazing light and startle open door brought a surprising expression on the white and brown chickens.

The two boys quickly climbed up on a latter to the top, "I discover that I could move fire, Seth," the boy grinned making it up top of the top floor first.

Seth eyes widen, "What?" he made it second on the top floor with his knees on the wet wood floor, "Ahhh, Gold you're sooo lucky. First you could touch fire without getting a single burn, now you can move it! What's next? Start fire. Darn it Gold, I'm jealous," he slightly pouts at his friend.

At the top floor, there lies dozen of candles surround by wet wood and there were a few bucket of water incase something dangerous happen if Gold lose control. It happened before, but it didn't occur in the barn.

"Come on Seth," he said while grabbing one of the full metal bucket and splashing a few drops here and there, "It's not easy,".

"What's not easy about it?" he help his friend by setting the candles steady and dry, "you can walk on fire and live to tell! How many people do you know who has that kind of power?" he paused but didn't wait long to hear Gold's answer, "No one! That's who, you're the only one Gold. And do you know what that mean?" Seth stare with a grin while Gold tilt his head, "Alter Human,"

"Ahhh, come on Seth, you know only the Elite Force are capable of those special type of ability-"

"Exactly! You could be one of them. You could be the first from Biola to join the Force and be an Alter Human. There's no telling what more you could do! Who knows, you might be commander one day," Seth widen his smile but Gold stare away in the shadow.

"I can't," he said sadly, placing the empty bucket back with the empty ones and searched something in his pocket.

"Why not? Wouldn't it be ex-"

"No Seth. I can't," he turn to face his puzzle friend. The black eye from before began to heal once Gold started the fire on his hand than swiftly collapse the flaming element on his eye.

Seth flinch but Gold was alright, perfectly heal on his eye and fine, but there was doubt on his eyes, "Much better," he said, walking toward the candles and lighting each one. Seth took a few feet away from the candles and Gold, the heat was too hot for the poor average boy to handle, so he became a distance.

"Gold, why won't you join?" Seth place his hands in his pocket and stare at his friend with his innocence brown eyes.


"Because why?"

"Because I try?"

"Huh? You mean you actually went to them-"

"No, that's not it"

"Huh, than what?"

Gold didn't answer, instead he mingled with his little burning friends first than answered, "I try talking to one of the animal, to see if I could be one of the Alter human, but nothing. I thought having this power could make me talk to any animal and discover my true spiritual creature, but no animal spoke to me. It's as if none of them want to be my spirit animal, or maybe I wasn't meant to be one," he spoke softly.

"That's not true, maybe your not trying hard enough,"

"I've been doing this for years Seth. Ever since I found out about the Alter human, I began searching, but so far, every animal rejected me," he shot down angrily, avoiding his friend's pity stare. No matter how hard he tried to cheer himself up, Seth always find a way to make Gold feel better.

"Your spirit animal isn't the one you randomly ask to be with, it's the one that is chosen for you. That's why I'm waiting for my shot to come, when summer comes I'll sign myself up to train myself to become an Alter Human and a soldier. I want to travel, to see the whole world and meet new people that I've never seen before. I want the world to be my playground to explore, yell out at the top of my lunges, stretch as far as my arms and legs can reach, and expend my mind. There's no end to anything Gold, nature is our mother, and time is our father. So you see, I want to be an Alter Human, to have a spirit animal with me to explore and venture the most dangerous and safest places in our world," he gave his most courageous and determination expression toward his shock friend, "That's why I envy your power Gold, so one day I want you to join the Force so we could face each other, to see who is the best out of the best," he smirk.

Inevitable, incredible, and unbelievable, those were the three words swirled in Gold's thought once he saw his friend's stare. He had his mouth open, than shut it back to message back Seth's request, "Alright then, next summer, I will join!" he gave a straight smile and than the two close friend shook their hands for their unpredictable promise that they never saw coming. Because on that unfaithful day, Gold accidently overload his flaming friends by swirling around like a tornado, which forced Seth to walk backward toward the edge of the top floor. Seth tried screaming to his friend to stop, but Gold's ears were distracted by the rough sound that the fire offer. Gold made one fetal move that caused his close friend's life. With one fierce blow around Gold, Seth fell from the top floor and slam roughly on a thick nail that was sticking out on one of the barn's woods. The nail pierce in front of his chest, straight at his beating heart, and he quivered in fear.

The last thing the pure boy saw was the outside window containing his future goals that he long for to happen but will never come true. There was also a strange bright star light moving toward his direction. 'Is it an Angel?' he asked himself before drifting into full cryptic sleep. His body faced down quietly as blood from his chest and head poured down swiftly. Gold trembled speechlessly as he turned his friend around to face at the bloody body, "S-S-Seth..... s-seth.... seth? Seth!" he breathed heavily, barely containing his frightening nerve. Gold held his friend closer for a hug, his mouth was open but no words escape, tears rivered down quickly that they all dripped on Seth's bleeding face. Before anyone found out, Gold cried and cried like he never cried before. The boy lost a friend, but at the same time, a powerful force pierce itself behind him.

Within an instant, Gold's body froze. He couldn't move, think and hear anything. Everything around him began to fade into blank color, nothing but blurry scene appear in his sight, than white color.


Just another second a force hit, tremble his head to jerk to the left with his eyes widely open and his lips press together.

'Where are you!'

Another wind force jerking his parts of his body to move uncontrollably to another side.


'What the hell is going on with me? Why is this happening to me? With my body moving..... i-it's as-as..'

Force blow

The boy had trouble controlling himself because for some reason his fingers began moving like a wicked old lady's finger and his head shivering as if it was cold in the air. He cautiously moved away from Seth's body before he harm him any further. A surprising reaction occur to him when his legs had a mind of it's own, they began to create giant steps. Though his legs moved without his command, they seem shaky and unbalance from another's order. Before Gold could make any control, his body unexpectedly ran to the wall.

Unconscious on the floor, Gold has a cryptic and unusual visiter in his mind, someone that's been trying to control his body.

'H-Hey... Hey... are you dead.... hey,' the stranger poked his host, 'hey-hey-hey' he constantly proceed on poking Gold's cheek until he slowly woke in his thought, 'Oh, so you're not dead. Whoosh! Thank goodness, now I won't have to use a stick.... which isn't bad, I always want to try it,' the bright person giggled before Gold jerked up to face at the half body floating above him with no clothes.

'Who are you?! Where am I?' Gold stood and stare around his surrounding to discover that everything is white, in exception of himself and the half naked person floating above him.

'Um...' the stranger rubbed his neck than sigh, 'To be honest, I don't even know where I am. The last thing I remember is being suck into a bright light, than here I am,' he gave a unsure smile.


'Huh? W-What did you just say?'

'Matt. Is that your name?' Gold ask in curiosity to know if what he heard earlier is the person's name or someone else.

'....No,' the young man slightly stare away expressionless, 'that's my best friend's name. My name is Adam, Adam Andrew,'

'Than, were you the one who was screaming your best friend's name in my thoughts,'

Adam shrugged with a pity smile, 'Sorry about that, I thought he was around here.... or something,'

'Look closely, does it look like you'll find anyone in here,' he was being sarcastic but Adam thought he was serious for awhile, but realized that the black boy was teasing him, 'I found you,' he backfire him with a smirk.

'Yeah, that's because it's my thought-' he paused, alarming himself that he's talking to someone in his own mind, 'Hold on there! Why are you even here? Why in me?'

Adam open his mouth but no word was said, he was clueless to this bizarre event that some how he got suck in. Perhaps this could be a dream? Or one crazy nightmare? If not, he's insane and doesn't even know it yet. Humm, Could be.


"I can't believe I'm doing this!" passing vast tress in this five miles trip that I reluctantly accepted without thinking over, except talking to someone in my thought, has become a big mistake. Probably the only mistake that I regret doing. Please forgive Seth, forgive me!

'Don't look back, just keep going. Remember; stay, and you'll serve the rest of your life in prison until the day you die. Leave, than you'll get a better chance fulfilling your close friend's dream and finding your true... um, what you call those thing again?'

"Alter human" I sneer, leaping to one flat rock to another, achieving to cross a small river.

'Which by the way sound like some supernatural thing,'

"It does,"


"Your new to this, aren't you?"

'No duh! Clearly you have no idea what time that I live in... well use to,'

"Than tell me. We're going to be alone for the next hour or more, why not tell me your place. I like stories, my grandma tells me her stories when I was young, but not anymore," I continued my journey, pressing my cover brown sandal on green leaves and tiny sticks and twigs, avoiding poisonous bugs and plants. I like nature but there are limits when encountering with lethal species, that apply with plants and elements.


It was past afternoon, way pass lunch time, which is okay I can handle a day without food. Does Adam eat? Should I ask? I think so, but how can he eat?

"I'm tired, we should stop," I suggest, automatically dropping my knees on spiky twigs than sat next to a tree.

'Already? Hummm, I guess we should. What time is it?'

"Pass noon, close to evening," I replied, leaning my red-head on a bark, relaxing calmly as the steady wind persuade my sweaty body to sleep.


Smell. Something smell good. Yes, sweet delicious tender meat, freshly cook from a hot over. I could practically see steam slowly waving away, sending messages to available noses. I'm a victim. I can't resist, especially when there....

"MMM! Hot sauce with chicken! Thank you very much Mrs. Wood, thank you," Adam's voice jerk my system. How is it possible that his voice sound from a distance, yet outside of my dream. Wait! I'm sleeping but he's talking with someone.

"Oh your welcome my boy," the motherly woman giggled from Adam's graces, "Please, eat up. I'm sure you're hungry from all that traveling you did,"

"I sure am,"


Suddenly, I'm awoken, blinking twice before becaming confuse. Where the hell am I? I rubbed my eyes for a second, than realize I wasn't in the forest anymore but in a cosy place. How did this happen?

"Gold? Are you alright?" said another voice, but instead a female, a young boy at my age peer at me.

"Huh? Am I..." I'm seriously confuse. Who are these people? Where am I? Oh damn, that chicken smell so good. Holy shit! My mouth is forming silva.

'Aw! You ruin my dinner? Thanks a lot Gold,'

"Dinner? How-" I can see their eye brow forming upward.

'Sorry if I did anything wrong, but I sort of took over for awhile and met Nell,'

'Nell? Who's Nell? And who allow you to take over for. I was tired, remember!'

'I said I was sorry. Dude, chill. Okay I'll tell you what happen while you were asleep. After you slept, I move on further to find a place to stay. I bump into Nell during his research section with his weird spirit creature. I was honest with that kid and told him straight up that that is one ugly bug, than apologize. I asked him if he knew the way to Central Valley, he did and guided me inside. He also offer to let us stay in his house with his family. So, here we are, close to devouring this delicious meal until you interrupted me before I got the chances to take one bite,' his explanation sound convincing and reasonable but that didn't give him excuse for using my body while I was sleeping, which I still am.

"Um, Gold, civilization induce vary consumption of your refection. If you contradict this situation, in your status, you're offer to depart willingly. That if mother acknowledge," the boy gesture forward as a young gentleman, waiting for his mother's answer. I'm amaze toward his intelligence. I couldn't understand the first thing he said, but it sounded very high class. Is he normal? Or different, like me.

'Smart kid, isn't he,'

'I'm shock that he could speak perfectly, even I'm not in that level. How were you able to understand him?'

'I couldn't. I just ask him to summarize his sentences. And trust me, I had to ask him twice to shorten his summary into english, not science,'

'Now I'm not that mad,' I chuckled.

"Nell, your friend can be excuse but I think he'll like to stay and eat. Please son, take a seat and finish your meal," his mother look beautiful and lovely. Her long slander light brown hair compliment her gorgeous feature.

"Affirmative, mother," the cup hair kid sat back down and stare at me, waiting for something.

"Um, sorry about that. I just went through a phase, feeling a little tired, that's all," I spoke the truth but from Nell's gaze, he has doubt. His mother nod and left for something. I instantly ignored Nell's stare and summit to the irresistible meat mix with red spicy liquid. Within second I became a beast and devour the whole thing like a savage creature.


"You are? This summer," I couldn't believe it, I found a young Alter human who's I.Q. is 198, very impressive but what really intrigued me was his leaving date. He's turing thirteen next month and is sign to enter the Force-Rein Academy; the starter of becoming a Alter Human and soldier for the Central Valley.

"Correction, I'm eligible to be accept mentally but physically, I have my doubt. You must be fit and focus to pass the six month's challenge. Unfortunately I wasn't design to be perfectly fit as a muscular manufacture," he said dully, symbolizing himself as a hand-made toy, built to be perfect, but he wasn't. He's a boy, a very smart boy that seem to categorize himself as a puppet.

'....ask him if we're exploring within the Village,'

'What? Why?'

'Just ask,' the guy is stubborn, yet I summit and ask Nell.

"Well, I'll be grateful if you join me," his eyes shine along with his light-up smile, "Capa and I are browsing amongst the socialist and preparation with the rest of the trainee,"

I immediately light up myself with I heard him say trainee, "Amazing!"

"Excellent, we'll rise before dawn," he instructed before walking himself to the other side of the room that I share with him. He climbed quietly to be greeted by his slimy green companion, Capa, my first sight of a spirit creature with his Alter Human. I never thought it would be a green bug, not quite as I expected but I was glade that I found Nell..... or Adam found Nell.....or it was my body who meant Nell but it was Adam in control who spoke to him, which meant I met Nell as Adam control my body. That sound accurate, I think, ugh! To much thinking, I need my rest.

I dropped my back side and landed flat on another's bed with a groan. I turn sideway to gaze at the dancing stars above me and thought about Seth. I wondered about him; Did I make the right choice leaving the Doctor with Seth? Did he ever notice my disappearance after I fled when he told me to get help? Did Seth make it? Oh god, why did I do it? Why am I following Seth's dream? It's his, not my. Not me, certainly not me. My throat swallowed hard before realizing my black hue eyes began to fill up with warm tears.

"...I'm sorry... Seth....Seth," I whimpered, shutting my eyes to force my body to rest and prayed for a better slumber to take me away as painless than what happen on this day.

Moment's later, I woke up and wiped off those cold tears from Gold's face and stared through the window. I never admire stars as much as I do to the moon, but at this moment I look motivative because all I could think about is Matt. Somewhere, somehow, someday, I will find you. You are out there, Matt, and I'm not going to stop searching for you until I find you. So, wherever you are, please wait, Matt, please wait. I know I will find you.

I pulled the dry sheet below my chest and covered Gold's body to warm our body, than kept my eyes open, thinking about what I'm doing to Gold's destiny. I know the boy is young, but I need him. It feel like I'm using him for my own greed to find my friend instead of achieving his friend's goal, but it's the only way. I know the boy will hate me for this, but at least he'll get his chances to coming close to achieving something, probably along the way he will get his own companion and accomplish partial of being an Alter Human. Perhaps this journey will benefit both of us. It has to, so it won't mean that I'm just using him, but instead we're both using this journey to reach our goal.

Yeah, sound reasonable. Great, now I am sleepy. -Yawn- Good night, Gold, and you too, Matt.


In a area, somewhere near off of Central Valley, somewhere hollow and gravely soulless with only darkness could proceed into the cruel spectrum a malicious smirk widen freely like a wicked witch.

"Muhaha....Muhaha....Muhaha," laughed the dark wicked she-devil, fanning her soft malevolence beauty.

"I see your smirk, but why the laugh?" another feminine voice approach the savage woman, she also fanned herself, but unlike the first one, this one is on a higher estate manner.

"Oh, time my dearest. Time," she stop the fanning, "Ever heard the saying, 'Your friend is the one that stab you on the front, but your true friend is the one that stab you on the back,'" she giggled in a high pitch tone.

"Why, no, but sound intriguing. Don't tell me this has something to do with our surprise visitors, hummm," she asked still fanning herself.

"That and more. Much more," her smirk switched into a betraying smile.

"Please explain,"

"I may not be able to explain it to you, but I sense a powerful force urging to exceed from it's barrier, a timing explosion,"

The manner woman was about to speak until a rough rusty tone automatically made them silences and stood in a bow, "Wise observation, my child,"

"Thank you, Master," the wick lady smirked beneath her breath not staring up to her Dark Lord.

"As you all may known, The Temp Crystals has reluctantly activate among their hidden location, their suspicious glow grimace toward the human eye, while the others shine gracefully toward their joy of ownership. Nevertheless, those crystal are valuable and must be restore before anyone collect them all together. Faith may sealed them for a particular reason, unfortunately though, it is chaos that shall prevail,"

"Than, what are our orders, Master," asked the sweet gentle lady, the youngest out of the three, appearing with black smoke and a designable fan on one hand, gesturing a bow than kneeling before her humble Master.

The tall-black hooded cloth figured nod in satisfaction of his three most loyal subjects, "I had organized a flawless plan. One that involve all of you lovely specimen," he turn to his side, facing to another presence, "You, included," he disappeared than appeared a few inches in front of the presence. He rose his black clove hand to the presence's cheeks, "Mine unstoppable soldier," he whispered, cupping the soldier's chin to force him to face his Master's red hazel eyes, "Your duty is to protect and serve your Master, no question ask, understood," he gently tip his forehead on the soldier's forehead to release dark smoky energy in his mind. The Master departed himself from his controllable subject and waited for his answer.

The soldier painfully struggled from the sudden release of dark energy in his mind than within second his body relax, "Understood, Master," he shut his eyes and kneeled down before the his dark Lord.

"How delightful......," he slither, turning away from his obedient soldier, "Flourish the mind with manipulation and emotion, which will overpower any reasonable understatement of it's malevolent action," he swirl his arm around swiftly, appearing a bright circle portal before him. All eyes gaze into the scene quietly, "You see, even on the other side, the mind is still being develop, confuse and dread, but unlike you, my obedient servant," he glanced at his kneeling soldier, "You have no free will,".

The fallen soldier wasn't moving or made any sound, he dreaded in his thought and allow all darkness to consume him.

"Master, are we allow to mingle with the human?" asked the childish young lady.

"Yes, my dear. You all are," he said before taking a few second to stare at the bright scene that was taking place in the portal than scratch it off to disappear, "Now, lets go and retrieve the last remanding Solar Emerald," he finally said, slowly fading within the shadow. His three maiden followed to the depth of their Master's direction, but one of them stop her feet, turning around to stare at the still stone soldier, she smirked at his pathetic position.

She walk toward him, "The Master gave an order," she waited for him to stand on his two strong legs than began to walk toward the darkest area out of the whole place, "The boy does listen," she said before speeding her legs and laughing maliciously.