Title: Arrange Mate

Summary: It was a silly conversation that became a unbelievable reality. Jack admitted to his mother about his feeling to another boy in school, which is Pat's old friend, Reina's son. Oh wait! There's more to this story that shocked Pat about her son's love, he isn't what he appear to be since birth. Oh wait! there is more, much more!

Rate: M (For language, Male Lemon, and Mpreg, aka male being pregnant)

Side note: I'm searching for a beta, so if anyone is interested, than please don't hesitate to PM me. Thank you.

Two unknown Name

Just ten more minutes before the bell releases them to head back home, Pat sat right back into her attach seat right behind her senior friend, Reina. It was seventh period, per-calculus, and there were about ten students in the class, which isn't a shocker because hardly anyone in this high school cares about their mathematic curriculum.

"Hey Reina," called the hyper brown hair, nineteen-year-old girl. She always seems to call out her friend's name whenever it's time to clean-up.

"Yes," Reina would always response with a friendly smile on her light brown face. She always has the intendancy to speak lightly in a soft gentle tone. Usually Pat would have to ask her to speak louder so she could hear her clearer.

"I have been wondering. What name would you give your first child, boy or girl?" Pat asked curiously. Ten minute before the bell ring, after storing her five pound, hard cover book in the shelve, Pat seem to come-up with many question to start a intrigued conversation.

"A girl, I want to name her Jacquelyn," she said softly, but not too soft that Pat asked her again to repeat herself.

"Jacquelyn?" Pat repeated in a questionable expression.

Reina nodded with hopes.

"Well, if it is a girl, which I hope, I will name her Violet!" her glee expression gave out a thousand sparks. You could tell Pat wanted a girl very badly instead of a boy, "I love the color purple and I want her to be name of the color that I love,"

"Oh, I like that name," she comment, agreeing the same thing.

"What about a boy? What would you name your first boy?" Pat's smile switched to normal, yet gaze at her friend in curiosity.

"Umm…." She gazed up at the light black and white spots at top. Pat could see her struggling to find a good name for her unborn son.

"You haven't thought of a name for a bog, huh?" she smiled.

Rein sigh in defeat, "Nope,"

"Don't worry, I'm not hoping for a boy because I want to give birth to a girl than a boy," she slightly shove close to her friendly companion.

"Oh wait.... I want to name him Hector," she answered with glee.

"Hector? While if I do get a boy, I will name Jack or John, but I prefer Jack because it sound malicious oppose to the smooth sound of John,"

"John is a nick name of Jonathan,"

"Yeah I know. I guess I could name Jonathan, just to give him the nick name John-"

"Or Jack,"

"Right," both girls laugh among themselves but not loud enough to disturb the class.

Five more minute before the bell ring. Dang, how time fly by when you're having a great conversation with someone that you're comfortable with.

"Hey, maybe your first born girl should marry my first born son. You known, like an arrange marriage, sound fun," Pat added a wink.

"You think so," Rein looked skeptical with her brows forming together tightly.

"Hey, I don't trust boys," she admitted, "they go off and screw with any girl they want and have no regret. I don't want my boy to do those kind of stuff when he grows up. No! I want him to be a gentleman. I want him be a one man stand. So an arrange marriage sound perfect for him to be in, which mean he won't be dating any random girl to fuck than go to another,"

"But why?"

"I just don't trust him," she bluntly said.

Reina lightly laugh.

"So you agree,"

"Sound interesting," she nod.


"Can't wait when I do have a son. I will be laughing when I tell him straight up as to why he was arrange. I will tell him, 'It's because I don't trust you my boy,' than give him a tap on the head," both girls laughed before heading out to the door not realizing their inconvenient conversation would come back and backfire them.

On their Graduation Ceremony, the two friend said their last good-bye, cried, and hugged each other before going their separate path. Reina told Pat she'll be leaving to her country during the summer and won't know if she'll ever return back to the country. Pat informed Reina earlier about where she'll be heading in her life, somewhere risky yet rewarding, if she survive the journey. Eventually, the girl still held hope to meet one day, to look back on what they accomplish during their own life.

But the ironic thing about this situation was that they never mention anything about what the future will hold for their two soon to be arrange children, that they never saw coming.