Title: Arrange Mate

Summary: It was a silly conversation that became a unbelievable reality. Jack admitted to his mother about his feeling to another boy in school, which is Pat's old friend, Reina's son. Oh wait! There's more to this story that shocked Pat about her son's lover, he isn't what he appear to be since birth. Oh wait! there is more, much more!

Rate: M (For language, Male Lemon, and Mpreg, aka male being pregnant)

Side note: I'm searching for a beta, so if anyone is interested, than please don't hesitate to PM me. Thank you.

Ch. 1

11 Years Later

In a small secure area, crowded and scatter by little minions running, screaming, skipping and singing, it's just another shiny good day at Sun-Side Elementary School. It's first break for the five years old and their teachers to stretch their legs and arms. The little ones swarm like some explosive release of pollen, wasting no time to spend every second of their fifteen minute of their free time in their private playground.

But there is one little fellow who wishes this recess never came at all, in fact he's hiding between two huge trees, hugging his knees tightly to his shaky body. If only he kept his mouth shut, he wouldn't have to deal with this stupid problem with the other big boys in his class. He remain silent, hoping they won't find him hiding between these two enormous green tree from his prospective, but to a teacher, it's just another normal tree.

"Catchca!" someone jumped out of the shadow with a loud yell.

"Ah!" the loud shriek scare the boy, jerking out of his temporary hideout.

"I told you I'll get you for telling on me, Edward," said a slender brown-hair boy, clearly for standing on the center of the group he is the leader of his own pack. There were chuckles and smirks appearing behind him, predicting a upcoming fight.

Edward quickly got up after Tom, the leader, said his name. He acted unafraid by wiping of small dirts on his palms and on his brand new jean that his mother warn not to get messy on it's first day. After he was done, Edward press his lips tight and trying to look confident even though he felt weak and scare for his life. He was standing in front about five boys, inches taller than he was, and tougher, but all were just acting tough because they had nothing better to do during their recess.

After seconds of silences, Tom made the first move by slightly pushing Edward backward. Edward reluctantly took few steps back, wondering why he did not fight back. But of course, he's up against five big mean boys with no adult supervision, how ironic of this situation. The one time he wanted one of the teacher to help him, they get distracted by little girls talking about girly stuff, which got him curious.

Eventually, Edward couldn't resist taking a few more step back, walking backward slowly, away from Tom and his gang. Edward was thinking a way out of this mess, seacrhing for a useful tool to help him, anything would do fine! Anything! Just please help-



"What the..."


Just by some bizarre miracle, Edward collapse on another big kid, who was enjoying his recess by sitting down on the freshly clean grass, minding his own business. Unfortunately though, his own business suddenly became a problem. He lay flat on his stomach while Edward strangely lay his back on his.

"Get! OOFFF!" he demanded, pushing himself up to force Edward to swirl around and land on the grass next to him.

"Ow..... sorry," Edward apologize at the stranger, who he abruptly realize it was the new kid he accidentally bump into.

Noticeable laughs were suddenly pointed at the two boys, which made Edward feel hurt and slightly humiliated by their finger pointing and bad remark for being blind. This time, he stay down as the boy continue to tease him.

"What a loser!"

"I know,"

"He fell twice,"

"What's next, trip on his own shoes laces,"


The kids could be so mean, but their remarks were horrible, they weren't even that good. Nevertheless, they did hurt Edward on the inside. He was close to tears, "Oh look! The Dork! Is about to cry,"

"Cry baby,"

"Go cry to your mommy, dork!"

'Why me? Make them stop. I don't want to cry. I don't want to cry!' Edward face away from their mocking expression, avoiding anything eye contact that will encourage the tears to fill any further, but the boy's voices were hard to prevent from entering in his smooth ears. So, he cover them instantly.

"Hey! Stop it!" exclaimed a boy, not from Tom's gang.

The five boys face at the brave kid who interrupted teasing game. It was the new kid.

"What do you want?!" Tom aggressively said, curious as to why the new kid step up to stop him and his big friends.

"Leave him alone," the new kid said, walking in front of Edward to block Tom's view at his little victim.

"Why should I? He told on me," Tom protest.

"So, it's your fault. I saw you did it,"

"No I didn't," declare Tom, furious at the new kid.

"Yes you did,"

"Prove it!"

"I don't have to prove it. I saw you, and if you don't leave him alone, I'm going to tell on you," warn the boy, glaring at Tom's sudden doubt.

"Tell me? On what? I didn't do anything," Tom hesitated.

"Lier. I know it was you who stole Roger's crayon when he was trying to look for them, remember,"

"W-What, t-th-"

"Is it true, Tom? You stole my crayon," one of bully walked up to Tom, glaring at him.

"N-No! I-I-I"

"It's true, go look in his desk. He hide it inside,"

Roger nod and ran into the classroom to check if the kid was telling the truth. Tom hesitated if he should stop Roger or beat-up the new kid; He chose to stop Roger before he lose a friend. The rest of the three follow Tom and see what will happen.

Edward was literary shock. His mouth was half way open and his eyes open during the who drama. After they run off, Edward sat there; speechless. Did he just met his shiny armor? Just like one of those story that his mother tell him every night. But this kid looks small to fit in an metal armor, but they make a small one for him. So, if he's the shiny knight, than that would make Edward the-

"You okay?"

"Um-ah....," Edward's thought were interrupted by the kid's arm reaching down at him to help him up, "T-Thank...." he accepted the helping hand.

"Your welcome, name is Jack Mendez," he declared before freeing his grip from Edward gentle hands.

'His hand are strong. He looks.... handsome,' Edward mouth was still semi-open but this time a slight drool was close to escaping from his corner lip until Jack inform him.

"Oh!" Edward turn red while quickly wiping off the wet saliva that made him look foolish in front of Jack, "Sorry,"

"What's you name?" Jack asked curiously.

"M-My name is-My name i-is... um Edward Chase," he stutter, feeling ridiculous for informing him in a pathetic way. How simple it was to say five easy words?! My name is Edward Chase. My name is Edward Chase. My name is Edward Chase.

"Hey Edward," said Jack.

Edward turn back to face at Jack's pale blue eyes, which got Edward fluffy inside, and slightly blushing, "Yes, Jack," he replied innocently.

"Your drolling again," he laugh lightly.

Edward instantly turned into a red tomato in embarrassment before harshly wiping off the uncontrollable drool.


'Recess is over! Yes!' Edward smiled before turing back to Jack who suddenly was gone out of sight, "Um, Jack, where are you?". He glanced around until he found him running to class with the other groaning children. Edward run and join his classmate before discovering that Jack was right about Tom for stealing Roger's crayon. Later that day, Tom's parents were phone and picked up him early. Everyone were curious what will his parents do him when they get home, but that was forgotten the next day.

The pass three weeks, Edward tried to talk to Jack, to be friend with him. But every time he does, something catches his eyes and than get distracted. Out of the whole students in class, Edward and Jack seem to be the only two who arrive to school everyday with no absents. They both were award the Perfect Attendance Certificate by the end of the month. It felt overwhelming for being reward for arriving to class everyday, but that soon was about change.

One sunny day, Jack arrive to school late, which surprised Edward because this was the first time he saw Jack break his record for coming to school early, wonder why he came late?

Not at break, but at lunch's break, Edward got the chances to play with Jack. It started friendly; running around the massive construct of tall building houses, sliding down the slide-board, laughing like two best friend. All felt well and overwhelming to Edward until a unexpected moment made him blush. He secretly held Jack's strong hand underneath their sand volcano. At that very moment, his heart pounded, pumping heavy blood to his faces, causing him to turn red yet ignored his steaming cheeks. It was their hand that couldn't unlock each other that got Edward memorize in Jack's pale blue. Their eyes were connected, chain together, being pull closer, closer, just a few inches more.....

Laugh Laugh Laugh

They shook their heads found the disturbed laugh from one of the girls. Instantly, they free their hold and turn away, blushing at what almost happen. Seconds later, Jack offer if Edward wanted to play by the big tires that were buried half way in the ground. Edward took no regret of accepting Jack's offer.

The worse part came; Edward was about to climb up on the rubber wheel until Jack said his name, which Edward respond by turning around with a smile, but an offer to help wasn't what Edward got from Jack, it was totally something else. Something unexpected and shocking.

"Ow! W-What are you doing Jack!" his supposedly friendly shiny knight has pin him on the hot rubber wheel. Jack painfully pinned Edward's wrists by his ears and leaned forward toward Edward's face, "Jack! Your hurting me, l-let g-go,"

"Hold still, Edward. I want to do this," his eyes turn into lust, licking his lips to prepare them to land on Edward's pink ones.

He felt petrify and weak, "N-No....not like this. P-Please, let me go," he struggle to free himself from Jack's grip but the big boy was too strong. It was futile to escape from Jack's arms.

"No! I want to..." he approach close, aiming with his eyes shut to kiss Edward on his lips but he quickly faced away.

"Come on, Edward, hold still," Jack was trying hard to kiss the innocence boy, but every time he try, he will turn to another side, dodging every attempt to kiss him on the lip. It got Jack frustrated. While avoiding Jack's kisses, Edward was struggling and thinking a way to get away. Sure, Edward like Jack, but this isn't a way to express it. So he quickly thought an appropriate idea. Kick him at his nuts.



'Catcha! Well sort of,' instead of kicking Jack's private area, he kick him on his shin. It didn't matter where, it loosen Jack's tight grip, which gave Edward a chances to escape. Since then, Edward became afraid of Jack's presence and never came near him again.

Later that day, Jack's mother asked him where he got the purple bruise, and than Jack sign.

"I try to kiss a boy," he admitted, before his mother's eye widen in shock.

"What?!" she felt stun.



"What?" Jack broke the awkward silent.

"Say again,"

"I try to kiss a boy, mom,"

"Are you sure it's not a girl," she raise an eye brow, looking doubtful.

"Well, he and I use the same restroom together, and we both have pe-"

"Ah-I scratch that,"

"What?" he said frustrated at his denial mother.

"Sorry, but this is so sudden.... I-I mean.... oh dear,"


"What will happen?"


"What will the neighbors thing?"

'We have neighbors?' "Mom!"

"Gasp! What will your father say?"



"I like him," he admitted again.

"I-I...Don't you want a tattoo or something?"

"Tattoo? What's a tattoo?"

His mother suddenly slap her head, forgetting the fact that his six-year son isn't a teenage boy yet. But here she was, back to her old town, the town she graduate from and went to school to, acting as if her son is already a teenager. Oh utter horror of this, than again she can't complain. She is fond to gay relationship, so this could be a chances to understand their ways, by observing her gay son, than telling him what is a tattoo that she foolishly blurt out.

Days later, Edward moved, Jack felt crush and live through his entire elementary years wondering what happen to that adorable, innocence boy that stole his heart. While his mother figure a to understand more about her son, at the same, try to convince her husband to accept and care for her second born. Oh, the tragedy of this unfulfilled drama.