Gods shouldn't need a Cupid!

Ashdale Academy, the prestigious high school for the wealthy and elite, plays host to the three most sought after bachelors of the Upper East Side of Melbourne. Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, the triplet trio known infamously as "The 21st Century Gods". And as for me, I'm the unlucky one that they appointed to the job of Cupid, all because some stupid person decided to name their child Cherub. Thanks mummy dearest!

PROLOGUE: My Memoirs


Let me start by telling you, that when I had met my future best friend for the first time, he was like any other normal private day-care goer I had run into that fateful day. He was just as lost and vulnerable as shy Caitlyn Munnings, who sat in the corner of the room, happily playing dolls by herself. Just as sweet and innocent as little Jeremy Hillsong who was scribbling away in his dinosaur drawing book, with all the colours of the rainbow. Just as curious and bouncy as Hollie Mogridge, who ran up to Mrs. Burroway every five seconds with a new question bursting from her lips.

However there was also something about him that the others and myself did not have, and that was the power of intimidation. I had seen the cold, discerning glare he had given Mrs. Burroway when she asked him why he hadn't packed any lunch for the day. His crystal blue eyes had sparkled in a way that had made her, along with the rest of us, weary of him. I remember that she didn't make eye contact with him for the rest of the day, and the others had seen something in his chilling orbs that had frightened them also.

And in that one look, I had realised that he had captivated my interest. He wasn't like boring Caitlyn, who didn't want to talk to anyone besides her Baby Born. He wasn't like sensitive little Jeremy who liked to daydream and colour in fantastical creatures in his colouring book. And he wasn't like annoying Hollie who couldn't sit still or keep her big mouth shut.

He was interesting Zeus McClaymonte, who hid behind a cold mask that was waiting for someone like me, Cherub Constance, to crack open.

With one firm handshake I had introduced myself to one of three McClaymonte gods. I had passed him half a delicious slice of my favourite chocolate cake that the late Mrs. Winters, my personal maid, had cooked especially for me. Zeus had taken it from my hands hungrily, and like me, had seen something that had interested him.

And from then on in, it was "Zeus and Cherub sitting in a treeā€¦"


N/A: Just a new romantic comedy! =)