Chapter 1: The News

It's not that I hated him. I just simply couldn't care. Why waste my time worshipping that guy when I had better things to do? Unlike some other people.

His name is Jake Willard and he is a teenage actor and well known heartthrob whose popularity has definitely increased when he got one of the main roles in this teen drama show called Jackson High. So it's about these students who go to a school called Jackson High. That's all I know because it's kinda obvious from what the show is called. One of my best friends, Lily is a big fan of the show and she loves Jake Willard. Every time I'm with her all she ever talks about is Jake, Jake, Jake and more Jake. It used to irritate me but now I'm used to it and I would just usually nod my head, pretending to listen. My other best friend Katie isn't that much of a fan and does the same thing too.

So when we were at lunch one day what I heard was just surprising even though it's nothing to do with me. We were sitting at our usual table having our lunch when Lily said "Oh my gosh! Brianna, Katie, guess who's coming to our school?" No one bothered to reply but Lily decided to continue. "Jake Willard!" Now that just grabbed my attention while I was still listening to my iPod playing "Untouched" by The Veronicas with just one earphone on and also taking a bite out of my sandwich.

I raised an eyebrow at her. "What are you talking about?" Obviously this girl here has gone crazy saying nonsense like that. As crazy as that time when she ran over to where the DVD of Jake's latest movie was and fought over it with some other fan girl. Of course, Lily wouldn't back out without a fight and ended up winning and with the other girl in tears while she was smirking in victory. That just makes me shudder. It's like a completely different side of her. She's usually the sweet and innocent girl who I've known since we were like 6. We were always together and inseparable. We have always been there for each other. Just like that time last year when she got dumped by this jerk. I made sure he got a piece of my mind and Katie and I beat him up. Well mostly Katie because, well, she can. Her brother taught her how to fight for self defence. So yea, she's pretty strong. I only slapped the guy. He was cute and seemed like a gentlemen when I met him but no one is what they seem. I can't believe I even thought he wouldn't hurt Lily like that. He cheated on her with Chelsea Banks: The Head Cheerleader and the 'It' girl whom the boys want to be with and the girls want to be (excluding me and my friends, of course). He did try to explain but we didn't listen. Who cares? He was probably going to make up some lie saying that it wasn't his fault and it was Chelsea who was throwing herself at him. Yea, right, and even if she did he wouldn't have refused. Lily was heartbroken and not even a tub of ice cream could cheer her up. But Katie and I were with her and supported her and helped her get over that bastard. Fortunately we've managed to keep her back on track. The guy doesn't talk to us anymore but every time we see him in the corridor I could always feel Lily tense up beside me. I couldn't blame her, you can't eventually forget about someone completely.

"I'm serious! I overheard it from one of the teachers. Apparently the principal was talking to his manager and his parents today talking about him moving to this school!" "Are you sure you didn't mishear it or something?" Katie said, clearly not believing her. Katie is one of those people who don't believe until they see it themselves.

Lily and I met her when she moved to our neighbourhood when we were 7 and then our mother's became friends so we saw each other often but we didn't really like her at the start. We thought she was a bit mean and rude but one day Lily and I were being picked on by some other kids until Katie came and defended us. I don't exactly remember how but all I can remember is she made those kids cry and told on her. Even though she got in trouble because of that we thought that we should thank her. So after we thanked her we became friends and the rest was history.

"I swear! The whole fan club knows, because I shared the news to them as President of course." She said with a smile plastered on her face.

"Why is he moving here?" I asked.

"Because, I heard that his parents want him to have an education even though he is already busy working. So his manager is fixing his schedule so he would have time to go to school." She said with enthusiasm, proud to be able to know this information.

"And how do you know this?" Katie questioned.

"I have my sources" she said.

"Stalker" I coughed.

"Did you say something, Brianna?