I want to be with you,

I want you to want to be with me too.

I just want to look in your eyes,

As you turn to look in mine.

I don't want any disguises

As you talk to me today

I just want to know who you are

Without illusions, without a shield.

I want to know why,

Everytime I see you, you seem far away.

I want to know why,

I want to know you.

I see you act so smart,

So mature, I know you are.

Still, I find it hard to believe,

That's really how you are.

I want, no, need you to know,

You don't have to act around me.

I want us to be whatever we can be,

But only if it's you I'm with.

If it's not you, really you,

Well, what's the use?