The Gateways of


Archazia III: Gateways of Trizeria

A young girl named Arena from the mountain summit village of Trizeria is searching for answers about spirituality from monks and fortune tellers, and spirits. She certainly gets answers, but even more so questions, as well as strange creatures, ghosts, werewolves, aliens, chimeras, and other peculiar inhabitants of Archazia. She encounters many perils and adversaries on her quest, all the whilst trying to figure out the most bizarre mystery of all, why she doesn't know everything yet. Her encounters are incredible, and awe-inspiring, such as a middle staff wielding narcissistic nymph, the most feared sorceress in Archazia, The Dark Moof, an evil dragon, a dangerous demonic denomination of death worship, and a terrifying but strangely humerous near death experience that will ultimately reveal to her everything she already knew, but didn't know how to express. And so, the third Archazia legend begins…….

Chapter 1: The Fortune Teller

Chapter 2: Sitting by the Fire

Chapter 3: Spirit of the Fire

Chapter 4: The Gypsies

Chapter 5: The Caverns of Trizeria

Chapter 6: The Gateways of Trizeria

Chapter 7: The Cult

Chapter 8: Escaping the Cult

Chapter 9: A near death experience

Chapter 10: Back home again

Chapter 1: The Fortune Teller

In the bountiful beautiful kingdom of Archazia, on the summit of a tall mountain, there lived a small community of adepts who believed themselves to be the direct descendants of ancient gods and goddesses. They were a noble group of people who wanted to learn and grow and know as much as they could about the world around them, the land, the stars, and beyond. Young men and women were trained to be oracles, warriors, mages, seers and prophets.

Every four years, a person considered to be a Deity of Knowledge would be born. This person was supposed to answer questions, and never ask them, know all, see all, and experience all. One such person was a girl. A girl who loved oracles, gemstones, and exploring. She was 17 at the time of our story, and she had long been expected to start passing down words of wisdom and helping people out, knowing all, and never seeking answers. Problem was, she had no idea who she was or where she came from. Hence, the people began to question the validity of their own beliefs. She was believed to be the next Goddess of Knowledge, so how could they possibly be wrong? She didn't want to disappoint her people, but after questing within, she began to wonder if the real answer to life was to keep searching for the answer, and questing for it, no matter how tiring it was, or how long it would take. This concept she hoped she could prove to her people. However, she didn't want to be thought of as someone to be revered, or better than everyone else. She didn't even accept the teachings of her own people, and hardly considered herself to be powerful, let alone a goddess. Arena liked her name, because she was proud of one thing, she was very good with a middle staff. Our story begins when Arena went to see the village fortune teller, to find out what her future held, and the mysteries of why she didn't know everything yet. And so there was Arena, finding her way through the village, to the small mud hut on the left of the giant inspirational thought power inducing spore of spontaneity. As she was on her way, she encountered a young boy who was training to be an Earth Mage. She bumped into him by accident when trying to avoid a bumbling 1 foot tall salesman con-artist.

"Hello," said the young earth mage. "You must be Arena, my name is Zalbek. You must know everything" said Zalbek. "Teach me everything!" he said.

"Ugh," she moaned. "Why does everyone think this? Ok, let's get this straight, I do not, and I repeat, I do NOT know everything" said Arena.

To be continued….