"You're cynical and beautiful, you always make a scene"

The first time I saw James Henderson he was sitting on my bed sifting through my bedroom drawers.

You can safely say I wasn't what you would call pleased. I screamed bloody murder, and you know what the git did, he smirked at me. He bloody sat there with a smug smirk on his lips, twirling one of my bras around.

It was safe to say he was viciously kicked out of my room, after I forcibly removed the bra from his hands.

What was he doing in my room do I hear you ask? Well my wonderful mother decided to send him up as a 'surprise'. What a lovely way to meet the new neighbours.

Note the sarcasm.

The next time I saw him I thought I was seeing double. To be fair I had been sitting in the sun for a while, it would have been logical to have caught sunstroke and hallucinate. Turns out I wasn't hallucinating. There were two of them. Twins to be precise.

There was another James Henderson. Well, not really but you get the idea. Two annoying and arrogant twins. The only way I could tell which one was James was when he mouthed "Nice bra". It wasn't till they got closer that I began to see the differences.

I could have killed James for that comment. Thinking back now, I should have gone homicidal on his arse. It would have saved me a lot of trouble in the future. Then again, I wouldn't have had two of the best friends I could have ever asked for.

Yes ladies and gentlemen. I, Cassandra Maria Lott, have just had a sappy moment.

Don't tell James and Lucas.

Seriously, I would never hear the end of it. Having boys as two of your best friends really toughens you up. Not that I was a little cry-baby before I met them. All I'm saying is that James would tease me mercilessly and Lucas would mock me every time I walked into the room.

It's something I would rather avoid.

You would too if the twins lived next door, and they practically lived in my house. I didn't exactly welcome this intrusion at first, I like my privacy and it is hard to get already with a little sister that does not understand the meaning of 'if you go near my room I will rip your clothes to shreds'. I haven't actually got round to that yet, but when I do the boys are so helping me.

I guess it's high time I described my boys. Yes, they are my boys and to be fair they call me their girl so it's all good.

Lucas Jason Henderson. He is such a sweetheart. Sweet, caring and completely down to earth. He's the twin that I can tell anything too, and I don't have to worry about being laughed at. Don't get me wrong, he can certainly stick up for himself, as proven when he butts heads with James, but that's another story.

He has the most gorgeous eyes ever. They're the colour of the ocean on a stormy day and are the type you could get lost in. He is the master of the puppy dog eyes, even the most cold-hearted person would bend to his will. His hair is like melted chocolate, a thick, creamy colour that makes you want to run your hands through it too see if it is as soft as it looks. From personal experience I can testify that it is.

James Darren Henderson. The bad boy, or so he thinks anyway. He is so arrogant that I'm surprised he can even fit his ego through a doorway. That's just my opinion though. He is impulsive and is the most insensitive moron I have ever met. He treats his girlfriends well but only keeps them for a week before dumping them for the next prettiest thing he happens to see. He gets the girl every time, even though his reputation precedes him.

Although I can see what the attraction is. Thick black hair that falls over his eyes slightly and piercing grey eyes. Plus he can charm the pants off any women he meets. The girls in school, the lady in the sweetshop and even the grumpy old women across the street who chases me if I step within a foot of her prize roses. It's not my fault that James decided to push me into them one day, breaking one of the heads off the bush. One, out of about a hundred. I thought she was going to kill me that day.

James has his good points as well. He is incredibly protective of those he loves. For example, when his mother had a boyfriend round (she's divorced from the twins' father) and he made her cry, James, who at fourteen wasn't what you would call intimidating, physically threw the man out of the front door. The boyfriend, or ex as I should say, was built. I'm talking, six foot four and works out every day, kind of built.

Another time was when my last boyfriend of a year, Harry, cheated on me with some girl from our school. I had been sitting in the Henderson's crying onto Lucas' shoulder when James had waltzed through the door, took one look at me and stormed back out again. He returned an hour later, a bruise forming on his cheek and bloody knuckles. He wouldn't tell us what was going on, but I think Lucas knew. When school started on the next Monday, James seemed oddly pleased as he joined us for lunch. Moments later, Harry walked through the door, his nose crooked and a nice big black eye on display. It didn't take a genius to figure out what happened, especially after Harry shot a particularly nasty glare at James, who slung his arm around my shoulders in a half hug.

In case it seemed that way, the twins aren't my only friends. My best girl friend is Roxanne Anderson. Now Roxy is like marmite, you either love or hate her. Fortunately, we all love her. She is absolutely stunning, blonde and petite. For someone so small, you wouldn't expect her to have such a loud voice. Her opinions are always heard, even if they aren't exactly relevant at the time. No one else I know could be this blunt, even James. I suppose that's why we all get on so well. Roxanne and James are the ones that make sure Lucas and I don't become too serious, and Lucas and I make sure James and Roxanne create havoc everywhere they go. It's a balanced system.

Of course, we all have acquaintances outside of our group. Generally though, people are too intimidated by us to even approach us. I suppose I understand why, Roxanne would probably insult them within seconds and James has a habit of acting like a possessive git. I'm talking arms around waists and glaring at any guy that happens to look at me.

Lucas isn't exactly innocent throughout all this either, he's so in love with Roxy that he gets this murderous glare in his eye whenever she happens to be talking to a random guy in the corridor. The twins seem to have a system when it comes to Roxy and I. James takes on the role of protector with me and Lucas does the same with Roxy.

It's not at all appreciated.

Unless it's that weird kid from the year below who drools every time he sees me. I am not joking; actual drool dribbles down his chin. I mean, I could be classed as pretty, but I'm definitely not good-looking enough to warrant that kind of behaviour. Lucas and Roxy find it hysterical, and James just shoots him disgusted looks every time he sees him. Other than that, the over protectiveness is completely unwanted.

Even though the twins annoy me constantly and Roxanne suffers from foot in mouth syndrome, I love them to pieces and wouldn't know what I would do without them. They are always there for me, the only constants in my life.

I just hope they stay like that.

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