Werewolf Ethics

A/N: Werewolf Talon finds himself in love with a normal human girl. When the full moon rises, how does he hold back from devouring her despite his deep seated love for her ?

"Check out my 16-pack abs."--from Twilight: How it Should Have Ended on You Tube

Chapter 1--Venturing out of Grimwald

I'm Talon. I'm a lycanthrope, or what humans know as a 'werewolf'. Our kind isn't really looked upon in a positive or accepting manner since we tend to be predatory in nature. There are those who have destroyed humans to keep themselves alive but not myself or my clan. We're sheep, goat and cow eaters. There are times we feast on vegetables, because hey, even werewolves need fiber to digest properly. Yet, I digress. It's not uncommon to see us roaming around at night. The typical mortal human will mistake us for any other type of wolf-like creature, like a coyote or fox, perhaps. But we can easily blend in with our surroundings. Our abilities can allow us to take the form of nightshade and we can become nothing more than mist, like our comrades the vampires. But instead of being confined to the air to hover for a while, we can travel the ground and cover more area.

My life was always easy in Grimwald. Grimwald is our forest stronghold. Only a few humans come through here, but only a scant number. I hardly see any around in this day and age, but my clan leader (otherwise known as my father, Razor), prefers it to remain as such. Ever since I was a cub, I had longed to venture out of Grimwald but Razor the Sharp was against it. He had forbad me time and time again until I couldn't bear another time hearing him state it. The only reason he had done so was because of my mother, Luna the Mystical. Mystical Luna had gone out to forage for food and return with a feast for the clan but tragically, something awful had occurred before she returned. Apparently, she had been caught in mid-slaughter with the kill of sheep and goats and mortals shot her with silver bullets. As you realize, a silver bullet is the only thing that destroys us completely. Thanks to this murder, my father strictly set rules for all of us, especially when we are to take upon our rite of passage as adults. We are only meant to go as far as to the borders of Grimwald, where we almost touch the mortal's realm, but not go into it. It's so unbelievably tempting that my thoughts to wander over the fence that separates our kind from the human realm.

I was nearing my eighteenth birthday and it was nearly time for me to go through the holiest of holy ceremonies known to our kind: the Crossing Between Childhood and Manhood. We were meant to make our own kill without the help of any of our brothers, sisters or relatives. If we had any visions while on our quest to hunt for a meal on our own, the Elder would interpret it and our life's destiny would be revealed to us at an initiation ceremony. There was the probability if a member of the clan was unsuccessful than he would be exiled forever from the pack, which would result in everlasting shame. I myself wanted no part of that for I knew I would be successful. Yet, I was still riddled with apprehension. For me, that sensation was all for the better since my adrenaline was at its zenith.

It was the night of the full moon and I had the image of a full, fat, milk cow in my mind. I knew exactly where one could be found, amongst others. I would kill a few and drag them back to Grimwald without being discovered. Or so I thought.

Chapter 2--Forbidden Love

As I ventured beyond the forest and into the untouched (and off-limits) mortal realm, I saw my kill in the distance. Before I could make any movements, I experienced an unusual vision. Every piece of it was cryptic and I was unable to make any sense out of what I had seen. I saw a beautiful gothic girl in black, violet haired and green eyed, weeping over me and my clan howling in mourning. When I woke up from the short vision, I was nearly overwhelmed until I realized that I couldn't deviate from my task.

Waving the strange vision from my mind, I continued to the farm not far in the distance and eyed the bull and cows in front of me. I was terribly hungry, but I realized that the kill wasn't mine alone. I could partake of some of the blood once the kill was made. The trouble about doing this was even though domesticated cattle are dumber than a box of rocks, they hear anything and their senses are heightened. Before I even stepped into the pen, they had started to go haywire; bucking, lowing, mooing and running frantically to escape me. But their running stopped as soon as I slashed their jugular veins and only took a sip of blood from one pregnant cow I had killed for my sustenance.

Before I could sling the cows and bull over my shoulder and sneak out of the farm as quietly as I could, a young woman walked out to investigate what all the commotion had been about.

"Damn !", I swore under my breath as I hid in the shadows. Thankfully my dark fur made exceptional camouflage in the night, but the woman still found me.

"Awesome ! You're a werewolf, aren't you ?", she said, studying me. She had violet hair, was dressed in black from head to toe, and possessed the most piercing and enveloping emerald eyes. For a moment, I had ankyloglossia. I had never seen a human before, and I was also rather famished despite the smidgen of blood I had drank earlier. An overwhelming urge to consume this beauty before me nearly overtook me.

"What's wrong ? Cat got your tongue ?", the tender adolescent queried.

"No, I'm just not used to seeing one of your kind. You see, you're the first and it's a full moon. This is the time when our animal instincts tend to take over and I'm restraining myself as best I can from consuming you whole.", I said, honestly. The young lady nearly howled with laughter.

"At least you're straight forward. No one around here, not even my parents, tell me anything because they feel I could never understand. Honestly, I have grown tired of it. I am thinking of setting off on a journey of my own and living in the woods close to that dividing point.", she said, honestly. It was the 'forbidden' ground that kept us separate. I tried to dissuade her but she took my paw into her hands and stroked it. I felt a shiver travel through my tailbone all the way up my spine. One moment I had wanted to devour her and now I wanted to make passionate love to her. I blushed deeply, withdrawing my paw rapidly.

"You may not want to touch me again.", I said, not wanting to go into the reason why, and strangely enough, without saying a word, the young woman understood. She finally introduced herself as Paige. Again my heart took flight and I felt my feet levitating momentarily even though I was standing on the ground.

"I will not be far from you. I hope that is acceptable.", Paige said as she watched me flee from her. I knew in my heart my clan would never accept it but having a fair share of magical ability myself I wove a 'protection' spell over her so that she wouldn't be detected by anyone in my family. I only wanted her to be happy, but I was soon to discover that alone wouldn't be enough to make our love last.

Chapter 3--Beginning of the End

As often as I could I would sneak away in the night to see Paige. We began to fall more deeply into love with each other and I became so fond of her I couldn't possibly see a life without her, even though I knew such a relationship was impossible. Despite the taboo that kept us from trying to live together, I married the love of my life with a self-devised ceremony. Life only became more complicated when Paige became pregnant with our son, Cole. Cole was naturally curious and had to be taught the ways of both our worlds, which proved to be enervating and challenging for the both of us.

I never thought how much work a child could be but soon learned the hard way through our beloved Cole. Unlike my adoring Paige, I had forgotten to weave a protection spell around him. One day, being the inquisitive youth he was, Cole went out to explore the woods and ventured into werewolf territory. I had been out on the hunt, far away from the secluded cabin my wife and I had built for ourselves on the threshold of the borderline between our realms.

Cole was wandering in forbidden territory. Before either of us ever had the chance to whisk Cole back to safety, my father, Razor the Sharp, found him and ultimately, brutally murdered him. He howled for all to hear as a warning. He was not to be questioned when it came to his statutes concerning our kind and humankind. Soon after that, no matter what I did, I couldn't console my sweet Paige upon the death of our son.

"I was wrong to involve myself in your life. Now because of my foolishness our son is DEAD !", she screamed at the top of her lungs, crying into my chest. I could feel her sorrow deep in my bones as well but even if I coaxed her with the possibility of another child in the future, she refused me. I understood, because I myself didn't want to drown in the melancholy of death much longer. However, my life was about to become much worse.

Paige's parents had finally come looking for her, realizing she had been gone for over 2 years now. The question that niggled my brain was; why hadn't they come looking for her before and only started searching now ? I would never have my answer because before I could inquire, the parents had loaded their shotguns with silver bullets. Even before I could explain, the father raged,

"At last, I can slay this damnable beast and you can be free !" But she pleaded with him not to kill me.

"You mean to tell me you love this creature ? Darling, I raised you better. I thought you had higher standards.", he retorted, spitting with contempt. I felt my anger burning within me. No one spoke to my wife in such a manner. She was my princess and she deserved to be treated as such. I had a few choice words with Paige's father but before I could make my case with him, I was shot. As I feel to the ground, I could see Paige was being taken from me, weeping loudly. The image haunted me but there was no more I could do. I was dying and soon, would be dead.


I went where most entities that are neutral go: Purgatory. I was soon joined by Paige, who had committed suicide. I was surprised she hadn't become earthbound, since suicides typically do and must wait out their miserable afterlives trapped between this world and the next. Purgatory is different, and much more desirable. It's a perfect world in which you wait until you are called to either heaven or hell. Our judgment was passed and at last I was met by my mother, Luna. I had always known she had made it to Paradise. Cole, too, was awaiting us, in a perfect 30-year-old body. I know that my death hadn't changed the fact that werewolves were still hated by humans and vice versa, but at least here, I was without a care in the world and overjoyed to be with my true family once more.

Afterthoughts of Talon, the Brave