As far as I know , I am the last human being on earth . I am writing this down as a way of sorting out the extreme culture shock that approximately 2 million years in cryonic suspension creates . Like I said As far as I know I am the last human being on earth . I am grateful to the Bugs , they gave me a second life and an opportunity to make something more of the life they returned to me . It is just going to take me some time to get over the extreme shock , so to sort this out in my head . I will start at the beginning by telling you a little about how I got to this Era .

I was born September 20 1984 AD it was nothing like the George Orwell novel thankfully . I had a pretty much normal life not very interesting in any particular way . My chosen career was university chemistry professor . I have an almost innate feel for chemistry , that and good long term planning skills is how I ended up in the Era of the Bugs . As I call it . I had friends who were working in cryogenics by this time (2024) it was no longer considered ghoulish , because it had made some very interesting and useful contributions to medicine . If it could ever be perfected it was ideal for interstellar travel , however they still had not solved the problems . Cellular damage from the formation of ice crystals and the toxicity of the chemicals used to prevent this damage and they also had a toxicity build up problem with the blood replacement they were using . My friends asked if I would help them work on solving these problems . Since I was like many people of my time , I was afraid of death and since I was a scientist I thought science could solve the problem of ageing and death . I saw at least the opportunity to press the pause button moments after death so that future generations could repair my body and bring me back to life . Those were my thoughts when I got involved in the project 2024 . By the time of my death in 2056 the problems were solved I decided to undergo the process even though the process was expensive , at the time but it was my chance at another life time .

I had made special provisions for my cryo-system . It was to be built on the moon a self sufficient power system . A laboratory with all of the equipment and chemical formulas for the chemicals needed to revive me . My full medical history so they could fix what ended my life . My plan worked however it was not future generations of human beings that woke me instead I was in cryo-suspension for almost 2 million years . The Bugs woke me they are a very interesting species when they found my cryo-system on the moon they brought the whole thing back to earth to study . I was apparently studied for 75 years before they decided to revive me after all my human biology is considerably different than theirs .

The first sensation I remember after being thawed was the table underneath me . I am not sure if it was cold or if it was just me . I remember thinking will I ever get warm again ?When I stopped shivering I felt several pairs of oddly shaped hands lift me and move me to a shallow warm water bath .