Class today's lesson is the case of Mr. Smythe it is an illustration of why we as a society have freedom of speech , press & the Inalienable Right to be Wrong .

Mr. Smythe was by all accounts a run of the mill character . Physically he was small stoop shouldered and reminded people mostly of a mole . He was a History professor so he fit well into peoples expectations and his chosen place in life . He never married but no one really expected him to . He was quiet yet very neighborly he had a small garden in his backyard that he would tend with care everything about him was so normal quiet and suburban . Although there was one thing odd about Mr. Smythe no one could remember seeing anyone other than Mr. Smythe enter his home . He had lived in the same house for 30 years so it was odd that no plumber , electrician or anyone else for that matter had entered his modest little home .

The other thing about Mr. Smythe that was exceptionally different was his love of the written word although , this eccentricity was expected as part of his profession as a History professor. He was frequently seen at book & rummage sales patiently & carefully going through every single book . He would check the title , Author and copyright date . When he found one he wanted he set it next to his feet and continued making his selections . He never argued price if it met his criteria he bought it as simple as that .

This is a conservative and religiously minded little community . when a series of books that tore at the foundations of all religions became popular in the large cities we quietly refused it entry into our community , through the community standards and decency ordnances . That would have been the end of it had some community agitators and the national teachers union not found out that we as a community didn't want the book in our community . It didn't matter we didn't want any book that tore at the foundations of religious faith . Questioning faith is ok , but to systematically attempt to destroy all faith we would not let that into our community . Our Community became the center of a national controversy . When the controversy interfered with Mr. Smythe teaching his class he stepped forward to make an agreement with the city council and the community agitators . The books claimed to be history he would review them and if they were found to be accurate the council would let them into the community . If they were inaccurate the community agitators would stop pressing their case against the community. The community Agitators refused until the national teachers union representative took the lead activist aside . the national teachers union representative told the activist how thoroughly Mr. Smythe Documented everything he published . The lead activist returned to the table and agreed to the conditions , even to the additional condition added by the publisher , that if it was determined to be grossly inaccurate that it be labeled historical fiction or speculation based on Mr. Smythe s recommendation .

The nation waited while a small stoop shouldered man read the full series of books provided by the publisher . it took Mr. Smythe a year to read the books and compile his report with all of its documentation .

Now class lets read his assessment of the series of books in question .

A Critical Look at Battlefield Earth By Allen E. Smythe PhD.

First of all we have no proof that Earth existed , then the author puts a series of outrageous planets in Earth's solar system . first the planet they have as the center of the drama with all of its improbable inhabitants . First of all we know for a fact that any planet with more than 50% liquid water surface coverage can not support a non marine intelligence . second a mammalian intelligence? In all those "skin" colors ? You call them Human , Hue-Man would be more appropriate . Really Mr. Hubbard do you think your readers were born yesterday ? If that was not outrageous enough the planet has a single moon that is disproportionately large . a moon that large would create enormous tectonic stresses and tidal forces .

Second we all know from our elementary school Astro-dynamics classes that single star solar systems are rare , and rarely have more than 5 planets and never as many as 9 .

Now then on to the rest of the planets in the solar system . the planets named Mars and Venus are his tokens to normality .(most planets require some kind of measures to make them habitable . ) There is one feature on Mars that is its exception to the normalcy of the planet the impossibly large volcano named Olympus . The planet named Saturn with its ring system is just so improbable and spectacular in its description . I will not waste the readers time with a detailed explanation as to the hazards that a planet like that would pose . Now then you have Jupiter by all the explanations and descriptions is a failed star , with its improbable hurricane . Next you have a planet that has a polar axial tilt close to 90 degrees that kind of axial tilt is should send it spiraling in toward the solar body . (one exception to the rules of Astro-Dynamics I can accept as a writer flexing his creative muscle . ) Finally the 9th "planet" Pluto is just an grossly oversized comet in a planetary orbit .

Now on to the " Historic conflict " first of all the "Alien Invasion force " any self aware species that reaches the technological level of the "Aliens" , Mr. Hubbard proposes has realized that large scale violence is counter productive . Individual conflict and violence is unavoidable in a free society . Also any technological society has long abandoned the feudalistic social structure he attributes to the "Aliens" .