I don't know where to begin
This is hard to explain
I'm sorry is this sounds bad
I'm sorry if I've caused you pain

Life has a purpose
Yes, I believe that's true
What is that purpose, you ask?
Well, that purpose is you

Forever is a long time
But forever always ends
A heart can break many times
But it never fully mends

Things are so different
and for that I am ashamed
And I know everything that's happened
I am the one to blame

Even though it's over
I still seem to see you in my mind
It's the reason why I do this
That seems so hard to find

I miss you more and more
With each passing day
But every time I see you
i just don't know what to say

Sure I've moved on
Found another to hold my heart
But things weren't as easy
Like they were at the start

You'll always be with me
In my heart and in my mind
But it's time I let you go
And leave you and everything else behind.