Slayer By Kirstin Marsh


By Kirstin Marsh

Chapter 1

The streets of San Diego were busy. Cars zoomed by towering buildings. The Oceanside city lit up as the sun descended behind the endless blue pacific sea.

Celcie stepped out of her small car. "Another day of work."

Celcie rolled her eyes as a sleek black Porche rolled up beside her. She marched up to the car and tapped on the window. A tall raven-haired girl stepped out of the car. Her dark hair accented her Japanese heritage.

"Must you tap on my window? You're going to get finger prints on it".

Celcie once again rolled her eyes.

"It's not like you actually have to wash the finger prints off. It's called a car wash, Aki."

Aki laughed, then walked over to the brown haired girl. "Celcie, you're a major dork."

"I know," Celcie replied before hugging her friend.

"Let's go before we are late." Aki stated before moving her hair off her shoulder and putting the ebony locks into a loose bun.

" OH, NO! I wouldn't want to be late!" Celcie laughed then pushed open the door to a large corporate building with the sign Slayer in neon red printed neatly on the glass door. Aki just rolled her eyes at her friend's sarcasm and walked through the door into the white lobby. The lobby was mainly a crisp white, and small plain d├ęcor was strategically placed around the room to catch the eye. Things such as black couches and small black coffee table which had newspapers neatly organized on top of it. At the end of the white lobby was a large cherry wood desk that a blonde receptionist was sitting at ready to greet whoever walked through the door even at this time of the evening.

"Hello, Ms. Arayama and Ms. Collins."

Aki nodded to the receptionist while Celcie smiled and waved. Aki seemed to glide over to the elevators while Celcie less gracefully stumbled over to them.

"Hey Aki, press twenty-one, please." Aki nodded before pushing the 21 and 18 buttons on the elevator. The buttons instantly lit up, indicating the floor to stop at. The elevator lurched causing its riders to try and stay balanced. Aki was the first to leave stepping out of the elevator at floor 18 and slightly waving before disappearing in the sea of white lab coats.

This time, when the elevator lurched and continued upwards, Celcie was not caught off-guard. One thing that made the elevator fun to ride was the fact that there was none of that boring as hell elevator music playing. She was pretty sure that if one listened to it long enough, one might go insane.

Celcie quickly ran a hand through her windswept brown hair before pulling it into a pony tail. A few short strands fell down to frame her face. The elevator slowed to a stop and the elevator doors slid open. Celcie stepped out onto the tile floor into a large office filled with grey cubicles.

"Hey, Celcie!"

Celcie turned her head in the direction of the voice. A petite brunette stood next to a tall black haired man whose silky charcoal hair was pulled back into a pony tail similar to hers.

"Hello, Aya. Hello, Em," Celcie said with a smile. She headed towards her office cubicle. Celcie frowned when she looked at her desk. Her computer monitor was covered in yellow sticky notes as well as the mounds of paper covering her desk.

"You know, Celcie, I don't think it would kill you to organize." The feminine voice made Celcie smirk.

"It just might, Aya, it just might." Celcie smirked at Aya.

"I'm sure Aki would say the same thing if she sees my desk. I heard we are getting evaluated or something today. You know anything about that?"

Aya nodded. "We should probably head to the elites' office"

Celcie nodded before following Aya to the elevator. They walked through the cubicles and everything went dead silent. It was as if they had been sentenced to death row. Once they passed into the elevator, Celcie was pretty sure all eyes were on them.

"Bunch of nosey fu-"

"Celcie!" Aya rose her voice slightly, making Celcie's mouth snap shut. However, it wasn't before she grumbled a thing or two about how Aya was being unfair.

Once the elevator came to a stop at the top floor, Aya and Celcie exited the 'metal box', as Celcie often referred to it.

"Ms. Collins? Ms. Stayne? Right this way, please." The bottle-blonde secretary led the way to large oak double doors. "They are waiting right through this door."

Aya thanked her while Celcie just stared at the doors. Crap! Personal inspection, isn't it?! I'm totally going to fail! Aya stepped towards the door. Celcie took a deep breath and followed her in. The two girls walked into the middle of a dimly lit room. One low light illuminated their side of the office. A table was placed in the middle of a beige carpeted room. The room was completely empty except for the long wooden table that faced the doors. Three chairs were on the opposite side of the table facing Celcie and Aya. Three people were seated in each of the chairs, their forms silhouetted against the one long window that stretched from floor to ceiling behind them. Through it, the inky sky and the neon lights of the city shone.

"Report." A male voice sounded from the figure on the far left.

Celcie stepped forward. "Celcie Collins, four star rank. Date of birth, March 10th. Slayer corporation member for six years. Member of Slayer sectors staging division, electronics division, and covert ops division.

The room was silent for a second before Aya stepped up next to her. "Ayamari Stayne, four star rank. Date of birth, April 12th. Slayer corporation member for two years. Member of Slayer sectors blood division and covert ops division."

The room once again fell silent.

The three shadowed figures nodded, their hands folded neatly on the wooden table.

"Please take a seat." The middle figure indicated to two seats that Celcie had sworn were not there before. Aya moved to take a sear. Celcie hesitated, eventually taking a seat anyway, knowing not to refuse their offer.

"May I ask why we are here?" Celcie asked, braving up a bit.

"I was wondering when you were going to ask that," the man to the left of the silhouette in the middle laughed. The shadowed figure in the middle turned towards the man and looked at him before turning back towards the two girls.

"You are here," she said softly, "Because you both are part of covert ops division area you not?"

Aya and Celcie nodded.

"We are assigning you to a new station."

The girls once again nodded.

"Alicia will hand the case files over to you. Those files contain the information necessary including bank accounts, housing, and other information you will need."

Aya and Celcie nodded then stood up and exited the rom.


"Do you think that was a good idea, Alexia?" the thin man of the three asked.

"Adam, I believe it was a good choice. They are strong," Alexia replied, looking at Adam

"Well, on a more delightful note, Slayer Corporation is taking off," Henry said with a smile. Both Adam and Alexia looked at the large man before rolling their eyes.

"That's always good," Alexia said.


Celcie and Aya walked up to the brunette at the desk. She wasn't the bottle blonde from earlier, which surprised Celcie a little. She looked up from her paper work and smiled at them."Hello, I assume you are the ones I am supposed to give these folders to." The brunette smiled and handed each of them a vanilla folder.

"What do you think these are?" Celcie asked.

"I don't know. Usually, case files are a lot smaller," Aya told her glancing at the cover of the file. "New assignment probably." Aya continued thinking back to what the elites had said. She took the folder and tucked it underneath her arm before walking away.

"Hey! Aya, where are you going?"

Aya turned and looked at Celcie as if she had lost her mind. "Didn't you hear the assistant? We don't need to work today."

Celcie stopped. "Did she really say that? I didn't hear her say that."

"Yes, she did. Now are you coming, Celcie?" Aya asked, holding the elevator door open.

"YES! NOW I DON'T NEED TO FIGHT MY DESK!" Celcie shrieked before running into the elevator.

On the way down, Aya and Celcie skimmed through their files.

"Hey, Aya, where does it say you are going to be living at now?"

"Six-five-six-one Mission Field Creek," Aya told her, not looking up from the file.

"REALLY!? We are living together!" Celcie squealed in delight and hugged her friend.

"Hey, Celcie, aren't you the older one?"

"Yeah," Celcie replied, rather confused as to what that had to do with them living together.

"Well, act like it," Aya said flatly.

The elevator doors opened. Celcie let go of Aya, walking towards her car. Celcie looked like a scolded puppy.

"Hey, Celcie," Aya called. Celcie looked at the brunette who was sitting in her car.

"Yeah, Aya?" she asked. A grin spread across Aya's face.

"RACE YOU HOME!" the brunette shouted before stepping hard on the accelerator and zooming out of sight. Celcie was shocked but quickly regained her composure.

"CHEATER!" she shouted before jumping into her car, putting the key in the ignition, and speeding off.