Author's Note

Wow. I can't believe I haven't updated in so long. Things have gotten a tad busy in my life. Right now, I'm halfway through my first semester of freshman year at Emory. The workload is absolutely nuts AND on top of that, I'm also coxing Varsity crew. There is zero free time in my life. Unfortunately, that means that my extracurricular writing has taken a hit. So as of right now (as many of you have assumed) I'm putting Bedlam, Inc. on indefinite hiatus. I'll keep it posted on the site and maybe when I go home for winter break, I'll be able to blitz out a few chapters. Don't lose heart! It will be completed. I love these characters far too much to let them go.

Thank you for all the lovely reviews. It's heartening to see so many dedicated Bedlam fans.

I'll be back soon!
All my love,