I live for the Good

I live for life.

I live for each and every breath that comes out of my occasionally big mouth.

I live for rants that don't really rant about anything, but you call them a rant anyway because there's no better word for expressing your feelings this way.

I live for the week, or two weeks, or a month, or a year, or however long you want it to be. I live for the days. Mondays are bad, when you're forced to half-ass your way through school pretending to actually pay attention. Tuesdays are better because they aren't Monday and you get to ditch crappy Chemistry to jump on a 40 minute bus ride to your favorite class in the whole world. Wednesdays make you almost happy since it's the middle of the school week and you can take comfort in the fact that it's almost the weekend. Thursdays kind of suck because it's that in-between day where you wish it was Friday and it's letting you down because it's not. Fridays are nice as that last day of the school week, but that's about it. Saturdays are good, sleeping in and staying up late and laying on the couch with your boyfriend playing Gamecube games on your Wii. Sundays are almost as bad as Monday when you're rushing to finish up your bundle of homework and projects or spending countless hours typing up your work of art that you neglected until the last minute. I live for surviving it all.

I live for boys. They're impossible to deal with but we'd all be hopeless without them. For the boys who are assholes and treat you like shit, but in the end make you realize how much you really don't need guys like that. The boys who are impossibly sweet, who are good for awhile but bore you after a few weeks. And then there are the guys who are both, who are cute and funny and a bit of a jerk but know how to treat you. I live for the males who speak their mind, who can tell someone off when they deserve it and not be afraid of being romantic in public and admitting that they are someone's boyfriend and they might just be whipped.

I live for said boyfriends who are all of the above. For he who piggy-backs you home from school because your foot hurts, giving the finger to anyone who looks at you funny. He who doesn't care that his girlfriend picked an Allison Iraheta song as their song and goes around requesting it at dances and parties and proudly admits that he loves the song because it makes him think of you. The boyfriend who will rush over and pick you up and take you for ice cream to get you out of the house when your parents are screaming and hollering at each other, who knows just what to do to make you laugh and stop crying, and will watch "2012" with you and promise to be with you on December 21, 2012 when it all goes to shit. I live for the boyfriend who sees you for what you're actually worth, who accepts all your flaws and mistakes, and loves you with everything.

I live for being a klutz. For busting your toe on the backdoor and becoming a gimp. And for hobbling around the house on old crutches and practically falling over and laughing at yourself along with the rest of your family. I live for the type of injuries that get you out of gym and cause your boyfriend to help you limp around and even kiss your toes to make you feel better.

I live for family. For the parents who hate each other and make you want to run up and clothesline each of them and the brothers who make you laugh about it. For the brother who steals your crutches and makes you chase him around the house on one foot to get them back and plays LEGO games on the Wii with you. The brother you don't think you could survive the family without and really makes you wonder why you ever wanted to be an only child. I live for the brothers who are over the age of 20 but still act like a 5 year old.

I live for video games, for the Wii and PS3 and almost every console sold in the US that we keep in our basement. I live for walking into GameStop and getting looks from the other nerds there. For the strategy guides you're forced to Google because you suck at actually playing the games. For being the impatient type who gets upset if you can't do something within ten minutes. I live for being a nerd who plays games like Kingdom Hearts and Assassin's Creed and uses words from those games in real life.

I live for all the good things in life that make you smile. For every little thing that happens that outweighs all the bad things. I live for happiness.