Beyond Human


The bright silver full moon cast blue white rays over the forest. The trees stood tall, swaying slightly in the breeze.

The bushes rustled as a vampire shot past them. He came to a stop, unnaturally fast, at a clearing in the woods. Several other tall, lean vampires stood, waiting.

Moments later, another vampire, a woman, appeared. She dropped a back pack on the ground. Her lilac eyes gleamed with excitement.

"Sorry," she said. "I could only get so much. We don't want the humans to get suspicious, yet."

The lead vampire approached her and smiled, "Of course. Not yet." He knelt down and unzipped the bag. He pulled out a plastic bag of blood.

The others, all five of them, gathered round, hungry for their share. The woman took a bag for her self and let the others take their shares. Her irises began to pool with crimson, like when food colouring is added to water, as she bit into the bag.

The lead vampire tossed the bag aside when he was done.

"It's not the same as body temperature, but it will have to do for now. We can't rely on the hospital's supplies forever. We need live ones."

"I was scouting around," said the woman, "I found a good hideout while we're here in the old part of the town."

"Well done, Anne. Let's get going." Pointing at one of his men, he said, "Burn this. We don't want to leave a trace."

Anne grabbed his arm just as he was leaving, "Kane, I sensed them. The place is crawling with vampires."