New Title: Tight Fit.

Summary. He wasn't interested in the popular girls with the great looks. He was interested in me. The girl who threw up on his two-hundred dollar shoes at the Sadie Hawkins dance. And ran out on him. Now he'll do anything to make sure she'll stay. Can she handle the drama. the pressure and being somebody? She can try but its going to be a 'Tight Fit'

'Angry tears'

No more words would come on the paper. The only thing going through her mind was. Anger. For all those girls who talked about there boyfriends and how in love they were. Or shopping to look pretty for a date and asking if she wanted to double date. Then they remembered she didn't have anybody as her partner.

Nothing was worse than the dance. Her school still celebrated the 'Sadie Hawkins' dance. Its where the girls had to ask the guys. Everyone in the school was basically already paired up. She figured since her mom forced her into a dress she was going to go alone.

Wearing a midnight blue dress. With rhinestones going along the V neck to make her chest seem larger than it already was. The hem stopping right above her knees. She stared down at her silver shoes. About a two inch heel her mom made her practice walking in just for today. Lightly finished with makeup and eyeliner to bring out her brown eyes. Her hair was one thing that was bothering her. It had about one hundred hair pins or so she lost count all she knew it was about ten she wanted to yank out because they where digging into her scout. Her mother asked to stylist to make her hair to be straight but as soon as the stylist put setting gel on the straight her it curled back up into her natural hair. Water based products are a no. So they didn't have enough time. The stylist brought out a bucket of hair pins and went crazy pinning her hair in the 'perfect places'

All the loud music and the bodies pressed against each other. She felt the music thumping from her ears to her heart. Standing alone she pressed herself into a corner hoping to disappear into the wall. Parties made her nervous. Too many people and complicated dance moves that she couldn't follow. The crowed let up a loud cheer and laughter. She wondered what they were laughing about. The music died down and Reese Matthews stepped up on stage. Her heart fell into her throat. She knew things were about to go sour. She looked for an escape but it was already too late. A white stage light flashed down on her. She put her hands up to cover the sudden brightness. Slowly she lowered her hands down and was face to face with Reese. Some random guys let out a random 'Whoop' and it engrouarged the girls turn around and stare in her direction. Giving looks of hatred and not recognizing the low life with Reese. She had no idea what was going on. The music came back on and the crowd separated. Reese pulled her closer. She noticed he had freckles going along his pale face going all the way down to his neck. Reese was wearing a classic black vest and a white button up shirt. But he had on regular jeans and black shoes. She briefly wondered if he realized her breast was squished between them. She started breathing faster sure her face was heating up.

" Just relax you look like your about the throw up"

Taking deep breathes wasn't working and she felt herself hyperventilating. She started to get a headache and her mind swirled. He was right. She was about to throw up. She tired to pull out of his reach but he held her down not letting go of her arms. He was close enough to hear he making gagging noises but he wasn't fast enough and soon enough Reese Matthews found himself staring at a pinkish- brown liquid on his new shoes. He found himself repulsed but he knew the girl must have felt really embarrassed it was his fault for not letting go. He lifted his head up to give the girl comfort. But when he looked up he saw a blue dress disappearing through the crowed toward the nearest exit.

"Hey no wait -" Reese thought for a moment and realized he didn't even know the girl name. Before he knew it the girl was no where to be seen. There were murmurs going around with disgusted faces and shaking of heads. Referring her to that ' Nobody' or 'Loser' he realized no one knew her name.

Hello New readers! And Old ones! Read and Review. Be gentle!. I don't know how long this is going to be. Lets see how it plays out shall we?. I know I didn't say her name. Well it defiantly isn't Cindy! Not even close. Anyone want to give me some tips? Feel free!