CHAPTER 2: 1772 Fargo Street

"Listen to me, I need to know why you are bleeding. I have worked on robots and androids my whole life, well, most of it, like my father." Luke examined the girl, the "robot" beside him. Her skin was a creamy white and underneath it, in the damaged areas, a mixture of wires and blood. "I've never seen a robot with…blood."

Carly looked over at Luke. All she saw was a silhouette; her display was a list now, a list of damaged goods.

Her energy was drained to its lowest; a flashing light was warning her she was on her last leg. Her kidney, stomach, liver, and one lung, were among her human organs that were not working. She didn't understand them, only that Dr. Grayson Sr. had put them there and told her she would thank him one day. Her heart was in bad shape, but beating. Dr. Grayson told her she had to have a heart if she was to understand humans. All she knew was that the blasted thing was ruined.

Not only her human side was damaged. Her main sensory unit was slammed back into her skull from the small caliber bullet, and it was in pieces. Her central control unit was pouring synthetic fluid into the rest of her systems, and she felt like her display wasn't telling her everything. She had her hand pushed up into her side where she could feel loose wires.

"Your father was a good man…" Carly said in a strange more robotic voice. "He wanted to give me something he said robots had never known."

Luke looked at the road again and turned quickly into a back street. He knew the address on the card, or at least how to get there, but he would not take the direct route. He knew whoever had attacked him would be after him again. Apparently this Project G was important to keep out of the wrong hands.

"What is Project G? I read over it, but I want to know now. I don't have time to interpret my fathers work. He was far beyond me." Luke shot onto a side ramp and up into a crowded sky lane. Looking around, he felt they were safer.

"I do not know. I was a part of it….a prototype," Carly said. "I'm sorry, Master Grayson. I do not know any more. I am very young and he was not finished with me I fear."

Luke turned the car and moved to the fast lane.

Suddenly, a loud robotic scream filled Luke's ears. Carly heard it too and whipped her head around. She couldn't see well, but from what Luke saw in his rear view mirror, she was lucky. The creatures were long and skinny with hunched backs and long claws. Their mouths were dropped and full of teeth.

Luke stepped on the accelerator, and Carly slid open the glass car top. Another shrill scream pierced Luke's ears. The robotic scream was terrifying, and he was afraid there wasn't enough of Carly left to stop them. As she popped her head out the top and stood, her bun came loose and her hair came down in front of her face. She leveled her arm, and the cannon appeared out of her wrist. She fired twice each time her body lurching back from the recoil. A burping sound came from Carly's other arm as her hand was replaced with a long slender tube that spurted a red spray. The creatures staggered and fell in the strange substance, but then were back on their feet.

The creatures, four of them visible from Luke's view, shouted in protest and began to run on all fours. They were catching up fast. Carly lurched as she fired again, missing. Carly's vision was hampered by both her hair and her sensory damage that was not repairing itself. The creatures were getting closer, and the crazed traffic began to cause quite a scene. Cars were swerving to escape the massive robots and Carly's blasts.

Suddenly, a loud and unfamiliar sound came from behind the car. Carly let out a screech of agony. She fell back into the car and gritted her teeth. She lurched forward and back out of the car top, firing wildly. Another sound, and again she fell back. She turned to Luke.

"Go, go, go step on it!" she gasped, sparks coming from her left arm. She shook her head. "Broken…"

"What are they!?" Luke yelled. "Why are they after us!?"

Carly shook her head and looked around. "I don't know, Luke. I'm only a month old and was programmed for you and your security, not to understand anything."

Luke watched the creature robots close in on the car, firing the strange sound, apparently suppressing Carly from firing back. Luke looked at Carly and then back at the rear view mirror. They weren't going to make it. One of the creatures leaped and disappeared from view, then the car lurched and the front shot forward. Luke was able to get the car airborne and up off the ground. The creature held on and the others suddenly took to the sky.

"We will not escape. I will slow them down." Carly started to sit up, and Luke pushed her back down into her seat.

"You will not! I command you to stay," Luke replied sternly. "You are all I have left of my father's legacy. I'm not loosing you too!"

Carly shook her head. "Have you taken the time to look over me? I'm falling apart anyways. Let me slow them down." She again tried to sit up, and Luke shook his head.

"No--you will not." Luke drew the pistol from his coat and held it at the ready.

The car rocked as one of the claws of the robots sliced into the driver side of the car. Carly held out her still working right arm and fired into the claw. The creature let out a robotic howl and pulled back. Another had already made it to the hood. The claws tore into the engine, and the car began to fail until the engine went out. Luke fired through the windshield into the robots head. It jerked back and fell from the now drifting car. Carly was firing through the floorboard at a robot tearing the floor out.

Suddenly, a loud blast struck the creature under the car, and it fell from the car in two pieces. Luke spotted a man, or robot, on a hover-board, holding out a shoulder launcher and firing again. Another robot creature fell with the terrible scream from earlier. The man, now distinctly a robot, soared closer, wearing a helmet and visor. He gave Luke the thumbs up with a smile. He whizzed by and opened fire on the last robot, blasting it to spare parts. The car was now wheeling out of control towards the ground, and Carly was covering her eyes as they neared the ground.

Luke watched the robot switch his hover-board and speed after the car. He wore tight leather black and red and was more android than basic robot, appearing quite human with a young and fresh face. He reached in and held out his hand. "Master Grayson! Take my hand!" he yelled.

Luke reached then shook his head. "Her first!" he insisted.

The robot shook his head and hurried to the other side, grabbing out Carly. A second robot suddenly appeared, dressed the same, but without a visor over his eyes, one eye instead covered with a square computer eye piece. He smiled and grabbed Luke, jerking him from the car just before it smashed into the clear street with a crash.

Luke watched from where he held onto the short robot and watched the other come down with Carly. They landed on the street and looked at each other. Luke looked at Carly, and she shrugged.

The first one with the visor smiled again and bowed slowly. He looked at Carly and then at the other robot. "Master Grayson, we need to get you to the safe house," the robot said. "Zash will take you back. I will cover your back." The robot nodded and reloaded his launcher.

Luke looked at Carly, who was limping and touching her side where wires were exposed. The shorter robot, Zash, nodded and motioned Carly and Luke to follow him.

"We will go on foot, master," he said. "You and GHR-6 follow me."

"Carly," Carly corrected.

Zash nodded. "He gave you a name?" he asked looking over the vast damage to Carly. "You are…

"Let's go," Carly replied, cutting him off.

Luke found himself reaching for and gripping Carly's arm as Zash led them around the corner. The other robot nodded and headed in the other direction.