Major Players

Melody Robbins- Hardest little worker around. Too nice for her own good, and has a serious problem with saying the word NO!

Devin Parker- Mysterious new neighbor. Keeps to himself and loves to play the piano all night long.

Johnny Turtle- Plays the sax and plays it well. Good looking and knows it. Has a bit of a crush on a certain someone.

Katie Stewart- Bitch. Loves to overlap men.

Cole Mercer- Sexy badass painter with a big heart he tries to pretend he doesn't have.

Charlotte Dunham-Mercer- Beautiful, smart, and doesn't take shit from anyone, especially her husband.

-Lily Mercer- Drives her father crazy.

Noah Dunham- Gentle giant with a hard past and one sweet disposition. Charlottes twin brother.

Addison Daniels-Dunham- Sassy blonde who gets what she wants. Can be a little insane at times.

-Sybil Dunham- Clever and quick, just like her Mother. A bit of a spoiled brat, also like her Mother.

-Owen Dunham- Quiet and smart, just like his Pop.

-Aubrey Dunham- Cutie patootie, destined to become a model.

Jack Mills- Tall, handsome, and tall. Half carpenter, half Greek God.

Josslyn Beaumont-Mills- Couldn't be sweeter even if she tried.

-Aaden Mills- Eleven-year-old heartthrob.

-Sophie Mills- Like an angel… until you turn your back.

Lydia Mercer- Cole's mother and a whole lot of trouble.