Making Things Better Chapter 1 (part 2)


Melissa looked up shocked by the arms that were around her she didn't know this person the voice was completely strange, as she looked at him things only got more weird, the man was wearing a gray hooded sweat shirt, his ebony locks flowed passed his shoulders and his eyes were a beautiful electric blue.

"Do I know you?" Melissa asked. the man shook his head.

"No, but I felt your pain" he stated the look on his face expressing that his statement made all the sense.

"I don't understand" Melissa pressed

"What has that got to do with the price of milk?" she continued, the look on the mans face changed.

"The price of milk, are you thirsty? I can get you something" he told her. Melissa signed and shook her head.

"Its a figure of speech ,like its raining cats and dogs" Melissa said. The mans face contorted up again.

"Cats and dog fall from the sky in your country? They are born from other cats and dogs in mine" he said generally confused.

Melissa's blood boiled.

"You know what never mind …I don't have time for this I just want to get home" Melissa said climbing to her feet

"I want nothing more to take a shower and got to bed" she continued the raven haired man grabbed her hand.

"Wait you don't want to go back there, I have a place, come with me" he said before dragging her off down the street rather gently.

"Hey wait what's your name if I am being dragged off at least tell me that" Melissa said.

"Ah my name is Daei" he told her not looking back

"Daei?.." Melissa was shocked to find she actually liked the name, she liked the way it felt when she spoke it.

"So Daei where are we off to?" she asked waiting for his answer.

"You'll see" he simply replied