I stood there looking down at him, my blonde hair whipped around my face by the violent wind.
He looked at me unafraid he actually seemed to welcome death.
He knew it was coming and he knew after 5 years of running his time was up.
I jumped down and landed on the balls of my feet.
He smiled a bit when I was standing in front of him looking into his brown eyes.
In seconds we were surrounded all eyes on him.
"You're as good as dead" I said I sought for revenge nothing would stop me. the gun men raised their weapons waiting for my command.
All he did was smile.
I pointed my fingers at him and they fired, his body jolted by the force of impact from each bullet.
Until he fell to the ground he said something that made my world come crashing down.
Something I was sure I wouldn't have heard if I wasn't crouched by his head he said one simple phrase that sent me spiraling into the depths of depression.
With his dying breaths he whispered
"I never stopped loving you"