break, break

that past can't find you here

a million little reasons

keep you conscious of the fact

you embarrassed others

embarrassed yourself

crawled out

and only one or two

gave your scraped knees

another glance

tell them terribly

to harrow another innocent

they served their purpose

and you have learned mistakes

are made to be avoided

it was tempting, knowing

how falling felt

too much like choking

on your own

moral fibers

you walked straight

into this love

trapping everything inside

but it didn't kill you

only stronger and stronger

you became that ideal

in an unsuspecting way

it was him you preyed

on and off the light

his shining armor

was no better than yours

his dragons comparable

the arrow tipped both ways

miles and shoes worn to nothing

kissed awakenings

and each one rescued

from your ribboned prison cage

love, love

TMK 3oct2009