Do you know what today is?

Today is the 13th December. It's a Tuesday and it is also the one year anniversary of my foray into self publishing!

It hasn't been easy especially when i get nasty reviews that make me sad :( and it's still very much a work in progress but nonetheless it's still going.

So to celebrate I'm embracing the holiday tradition of exchanging presents. I know it's not the 25th yet but we can still take the principles to heart and start early. So I thought we could swap presents.

I know what you're thinking. How can we swap presents when we're miles apart and don't know where everyone lives? Simple. Via the Internet.

My present to you will be an ebook copy of a book of your choice (Whirlwind of Pleasure is excluded because we dont want to ruin the surprise for those who havent finished it) in whatever format is easiest for you. This can be a PDF if that will be best for you though I recommend the kindle because you can request an autograph at kindlegraph(.)com and I can sign your copy.

And your present for me? Well I'm a woman of simple tastes. REVIEWS.

If you leave a review on Amazon or Barnes and noble then send me a message letting me know you've done it and the name you used I'll arrange for you to get that book.

More questions?

What if I do more than one review? Well then you get more than one book. Up to two...unless I get infected with the Xmas spirit again then who knows...

What if I haven't finished reading the book? Well that's simple. Review what you've read so far ;)

How long does a review have to be? I'm not expecting an essay! Reviews of all shapes and sizes are fantastic. It can be as simple as: I really liked this book. To the more detailed: I really enjoyed this book because...

When will we get the books? I'm going to be without a computer fairly soon so if you don't get it this week then I will do my utmost to be inventive and get the books to you before christmas day.

How long are you going to be doing this giveaway? Well in the spirit of the holiday I'll be doing this giveaway from today until the end of the week which is the 17th of December (UK Time) because after that my computer is going awol and I won't be able to respond to anyone.

How do we let you know that we've done it?

Simple! You send me an email telling me which book you reviewed and where you reviewed it as well as which ebook format you want it in. my email address is jennyt82{}ymail{.}com there are no brackets but this is the only way fictionpress will let me do it. Also bear in mind that if you go for the kindle version you can request an autograph at kindlegraph{.}com. There is a free application that amazon have for all computer systems.

If you have anymore questions then just ask and I will answer. Merry christmas and happy anniversary to me!