Miranda's Adventure II


In a small town of Argos, a young girl set out to become a hero. That person's name is Miranda Maynard. Years ago, Miranda and her older sister Sara were brave warriors during an attack in the kingdom. But after Miranda slays a lizard person, Sara went after an evil being bent on World Domination.

Miranda came to rescue Sara, but was too late. Sara was killed by an evil sorceress named Meiko. Sara died a painful death, leaving Miranda to grieve.

10 years later, Miranda convinced herself, or rather, understands what Sara meant by saving Argos, and went off to find her sister's assassin.

During her trip, she befriended Erika Avery, an archer taken after her father, Jacob Avery, and Kandy Potter, a robot created by Old Man Potter to look like his deceased daughter, Sophie. The 3 heroes treaded through Argos looking for the Dark Kingdom, where Meiko hails from.

When they arrived, they learned that she was the daughter of Queen Isabella, a tyrannical Queen of Dark Argos; Meiko, however, killed her in order to take it over. Miranda & her friends fought well, and in the end, Meiko was defeated.

Miranda, Erika, & Kandy went their separate ways afterwards, and 2 years had passed; and knowing that a new adventure awaits them…