Years have passed since the battle with Rydell Krauser. And every one of Miranda's friends, old and new, who've gone their separate ways, remained true to their word.


Kandy Potter

Kandy returned home to Old Man Potter and told him about the experience she had. However, she also told him about Kain. Old Man Potter stated that it was someone from Sophie's past: Sophie's mother. Kandy then asked why she called her "Daughter", Old Man Potter never explained.

Kandy later moved out of Old Man Potter's home and lived in Erika's old home in Norris. Since Erika moved away with Nick, Kandy wanted to have tranquility for her own peacefulness.


Mayu Nagase & Daimon Shuu

Mayu went after Daimon again. However, they have clashed with each other in many battles. However, they agreed that if one of them loses, they must be impressed and admit that they are better.

The battle between the Lone Samurai and the Silent Ninja continued on… outside Argos.


Xia Tsu Kame

Tsu Kame returned to Hong Kong and became a master swordsgirl. She eventually helped the HK Police force and was credited for her actions.

She currently is hunting for the Yakuza.


Boris Pruski & Murray Wolf

Boris retired from Wrestling and worked in the Russian Circus with Murray. His act was known as the Russian Bear-Wolf Combo, the act featured Mike Barberger, who helped out in the situation.

The show sold out for 6 weeks.


Mike Barberger

Speaking of Mike, he returned home with his wife, Cassandra. After witnessing a very tough battle, he decided on one more task for his family: A baby. Mike agreed and was happy to care for his youngsters.

He currently has a young girl, age 2; and he named her "Ol' Kandice", in memory of his friend, Kandy Potter, who he sided with long ago, when the whole adventure started. He promised to train her in battle when she grows up.


Erika Avery & Nick Haskett

Erika & Nick remained in Norris for years, until Nick got off the courage to propose to her. Erika had never forgotten what he's done for her… twice. She conceded and got married to the boy he respects.

They both lived in a small home in Northwest Argos. Erika now goes by the name, Erika Haskett. But deep down, she's still an Avery. She retired from Archery Competition to live a normal life, but she & Nick will be needed, when Miranda's around, to join the battle.


Haruna Hiyashi

She currently lives in Miranda's village, since she had nowhere else to go. She returned the favor after she saved Emily back then. She also found the proper training grounds, so she can become stronger than ever.

Today, she currently volunteered to be Emily's coach for when she wants to be trained to become a hero. Haruna's a master at Chinese Kung Fu; it's best she'll learn the basics first.

She recently set up a shrine of Erwin Hiyashi & Michal Stansford during her alone time, in her house.


And as for our hero, Miranda Maynard…

Miranda rested in her home, as usual, until needed; she still remembered ALL the evil stuff that happened, but promised to stay focused. Her daughter, Emily, wanted to be a hero like her mother. As promised, for Emily, when she finishes Elementary School, Miranda & Haruna will help her.

However… some things never change…


Miranda was tossing and turning, and was crying in bed. She woke up and found Emily by her.

"Are you okay, Mommy?" She asked.

"Good Morning, Emily," She smiled.

She got up and changed into her fighting clothes.

"I have to go now; duty calls, Miranda smiled, "Watch the house for me while I'm gone."

"Uh, Mommy," Emily asked, "Is this about Aunt Sara or that Zubu Tournament."

Miranda halted and answered in a whimper, "Sara…"

"Mommy…" Emily shook her head, "You're having an episode again."

Miranda then changed into her casual clothes.

"Honey, I'm sorry," She replied, "Every time I wake up, I always forget my missions."

"Oh, yeah? Well, you need to have yourself a rolodex with you from now on," Emily scolded.

"Emily Kathleen Maynard, you sure know how to help me on certain times." She smiled.

"It's okay, Mommy. You need to stay focused on both the fighting and the family," Emily said, "But now, Mommy, you need nourishment. I made you a SPECIAL breakfast that Haruna taught me to make."

"OH, BOY!" Miranda cheered, "I cannot wait for her Chinese food again!"

She rushed downstairs and went to the kitchen. She got back up and called to Emily, "Hey, Emily! What are you waiting for? Let's eat!"

Emily smiled and said, "That's my Miranda…"

She left to the kitchen, where Miranda is eating her breakfast.

And so, peace has once again been restored to Argos…

Or so we thought…


Meanwhile in Krauser's destroyed castle, an arm appeared from the rubble.

The deformed arm let out an evil laugh.

"Miranda Maynard…" Called the deformed body, "You have not heard the last of Rydell Krauser…"

The body emerged from the rubble, and regenerated to form Krauser.

"Miranda Maynard, I knew you'd be a worthy adversary," He called, "But… we will meet again. And this time, your death will be the only thing I'll need from you."

He let out a hearty evil laugh and cried out:



This story is finished, but the battle is just beginning…


The End