Warrior of the Hatano

Here in the year of 1551, our story is told

With a battle against the Isshiki clan, a warriors destiny unfolds

Known as the Red Devil of Tanba he fights

His skill in battle becoming of legendary sight

His sword of choice was the Crescent Blade

That caused his opponents eyes to become an eternal shade

At Tottori Catsle this warriors stayed

And he is given a high post once his deeds were weighed

Year of Harumichi's promotion to warlord spread joy throughout his land

His warrior Akai receives the title of Hatano's Hand

Attacking the castle of the clan of Mori

Result in an explosive battle understated as gory

Here in this battle a Mori official is slain

The blade of Naomasa becoming his bane

Years move on and more battles erupt

A coalition is formed yet disintegrates as relations disrupt

One coming of age is derived from the Devil's blood

Emerging with promises of not to smear the family name in the mud

One of skill when possesing a sword as well as a rifle

However in a Samurai's world this was a trifle

Naofusa Akai was his name

Compared to his father their reputation were soon to be the same

Into battles again they went

Facing danger and defeating officers until their energy was spent

The clan of the Hatano grow in number

Awaking the fierce Miyoshi from thier passive slumber

Arrows, swords, conchs and horns

In the side of the Hatano The Miyoshi certainly were a thorn

Naomasa's battles are fought and won

But the end of his life was approaching after all was said and done

In the blooming life of the spring

Harumichi friendship caused him to cling

"Do not cry Harumichi, all life must come to an end someday"

Harumichi through tearful eyes accepted much to his dismay

Naomasa's lord kept his grave well

As the devil returned to his home of Hell.