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"Well, I see chivalry isn't dead around here, is it?" a familiar voice sneered.


I turned to see Chris in the seat behind me so he can bully me without trouble, like always. Huh, I didn't even know he was there.

"Well not anymore anyway. With you it's forever dead," I sneered back. Chris glared at me.

"So," he started off casually, "What were you talking about with the new kid last period?"

"It's none of your business, but if you must know, he was showering me with compliments," I bragged. "You know… good things you say to a girl." Chris gave me the stink eye and began to text somebody. I guess the conversation was over. Just then the bell rang and the teacher came in and began talking. About half way through, my phone buzzed. I took it out to see that I had a text from Emma.

So… you and Hottie Mchottie, huh? ;)

Will you stop calling him that, his name is Kaden! …I guess… but he's just in the flirting stage! He hasn't even asked for my number yet!

Then why is he staring at you like he just discovered the sun?

I looked to the back of the class and sure enough, he was staring at me with this kind of loving look. It made me blush.

So what if he is?

Face it girly; he's head over heels and so are you! I just adore love stories! :D

Too bad this isn't a love story!

Yes it is…!


Yay, I win!

Wait, what did you win?

The battle of your feelings… wait that came out wrong!

Lol! :D

Oh crap, the teachers looking! TTYL!

Bye Bye!

God I love that girl, but she's to nosy for her own good. Soon the bell rang again for advisory. Hooray! It was the only class I had without Emma or Meaghan so I used it for nap time…. funny story about that. Ever since I was little, I slept in class. Sure, it was bothersome, but I just couldn't seem to get to sleep at night. In eighth grade I was diagnosed with insomnia, so that was a factor. The problem was, while it was hard to sleep at night, it hard to stay awake in the day time. So now my friends call all kinds of names like Sleeping Beauty, Nocturnal, sleepy head, the list goes on. I don't mind as long as they don't stop me from sleeping!

Anyway, when I got to advisory, surprise, surprise! Kaden was there waiting for me.

"Hey there cutie," He said when he saw me. I blushed.

"Hi Kaden. Are we going to keep meeting like this?" I inquired as we walked into the classroom.

"I sure hope so if it means that I can keep seeing you," He said sitting down in a seat. "Although, we wouldn't have to if I had your number."

I turned red. Great, he was out of flirting mode and went into 'I want to date you' mode. Not that I minded, anyway.

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