Demonic Rose

I watched as a girl laughed, her black hair blowing in the breeze, joyfully, unaware of the shadow closing in on her.

I tensed," Move!! Run!!" my cries came too late.

The man had grabbed the girl's arm, hissing," You have been chosen to contain the spirit of the demon named Darkfire."

The girl screamed as her emerald green eyes flashed to a blood red color, pain clouding her thoughts.

I gasped for air, pulling out of the nightmare/memory. Today was December 12, my 13th birthday. My long black hair clung to my face, as sweat slipped down my face. My dark red eyes full of sadness as they turned to their original sparkling emeralds.

'Foolish girl, can't even take a single memory.' The demon, Darkfire, snarled from inside my mind.

I gave him a mental glare snapping angrily," It didn't help you had to choose one of my darker ones. Why can't you ever chose a good memory.'

My name is Rose Elizabeth Blake, I was starting my schooling at Demon Academy, I had the affinity for mind reading and speaking to ravens. Laughing softly I wrapped my arms around my mother, SilverFire.

No one would expect the Blake girl, who was abandoned in the Dark Forest, to be the chosen demon slayer, SilverFire smirks, pulling me tightly into her arms whispering," No one will EVER hurt you again, without paying the price for it."