Chapter 1

There were people every where carrying things from her house into a big UHAL truck. Imoni walked into the door in search for her dad. She found him in the kitchen talking on the phone and signing papers that were being shoved at him by random people.

"Excuse me!" She yelled out. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to stare at her.

"What is it honey?" Her dad said politely.

"What's going on?" At her question her dad's eyebrows scrunched together.

"Well we are moving dear. I could have sworn I told you."

She couldn't believe it. "We're moving?" She asked, her voice cracking and eyes tearing up.


Imoni started sobbing, tears streaming down her face. She turned around and ran, her dad yelling out her name. She didn't turn around she just kept running out the door and into the woods.

Trees and bushes flew past her. 'Almost there' she thought to herself. She turned left where the path ended in the middle of the forest, passing a sign that said 'Imoni &' in purple paint and 'Jason's Tree house. NO GIRLS ALLOWED!'

Her breath hitched at the sight of the tree house. It looked like a small cabin with a deck all the way around it, a homemade swing hung directly underneath, a latter going up to the deck, and the blue paint was fading and chipping off.

The boards to the latter creaked from under her as she made her way up. When inside she noticed everything was as it was almost six years ago, the last time she was in here.

Ten-year-old Imoni, black spiral curled hair pulled up into a pony tail, jade green eyes, fair skin, small and a little on the thin side, both her Filipino and Italian sides equally sharing her features, stood just below the tree house, on a bright summer day. An eleven-year-old boy with brown hair, light brown hazel eyes, tan skin, and baby fat cheeks, stood on the deck of the tree house, head hanging over the railing.

"Jacey, can I please come up?" Said Imoni, giving her best pouty face.

"No." He said sternly.

"Please oh pretty please."

"No. No girls allowed." She walked away head down.

.* later that night *….

Jason's parents are arguing again, Imoni can hear them from her living room where she was watching 'Tamon & Pumba Adventures'. She looks out the window facing the front of Jason's house and sees the door open and him runs out heading for the woods. She leaps off the couch, runs to the door, twists the knob opening it, and follows after him. He climbs the latter to the tree house and disappears inside, Imoni does the same. Imoni sees him on a mattress in a corner, legs pulled up to his chest, and head buried in his arms. She walks over to him, sits down next to him, and wraps her arms around him, letting him cry.

"They don't want me." He says, sobbing and whipping his tears with his sleeve.

"You have me, you can move in when ever you want." She says smiling when he looks at her.

"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For always being mean to you."

"That's okay, that's just the way I like you." Imoni laughs.

"Can you stay here with me tonight, I don't wanna be alone."


The mattress and blankets are still how they left them in the corner, cards spread out across the table, couch sitting in the middle with the TV in front of it, and the pool table, air hockey, and foosball scattered around in random places. Imoni sat down on the mattress crying, thinking about the second to the last time she saw Jason before he went missing and how she was moving away from all the memories of him.

"I knew I would find you here." Said Alae leaning over, hands on her knees trying to catch her breath. "Imoni I know you don't want to move, but it's so your father will be able to see you more often."

I don't know why he cares now he didn't care before, Imoni thought. Alae is one of her "dad's" house keepers and she's been around since before Imoni can remember, she's been like a mom to her. Alae is a Latina woman and always wears cute little dresses with long leggings and nurse shoes.

"Are you coming with us?" Imoni asks.

"I'll ask and you can beg, now come on lets go." She replies laughing and holding out her hand, Imoni takes it, and before exiting she glances around and says "Bye Jason Casey." Under her breath.

The next morning …

Imoni walked out the house head held up not daring to look back at the life she's leaving behind. She's wearing her favorite holy skinny jeans, a slim purple shirt with a black vest, white, purple, and blue Nikes, and her black hair let down in it's natural spiral curls ending two inches below the shoulder. Reaching the car Imoni pulls open the door and plops down on the passenger seat.

"You look nice." Said Alae sitting in the driver's seat.

"Thought I make a good first impression blah blah blah…" Pause. "In other words, dad told me to." She replied making a sour looking face and Alae laughed at her.

"What a sense of humor you have, I'm sure you won't have a hard time making friends, even at a school soccer game." Alae said still laughing and Imoni just shrugs her shoulders and looks out the window.

"So are we going to go to the new house first?" She asks while the car is pulling out of the driveway.

"Nope straight to the game." Imoni sighs. "Today is going to be a long day." She mumbles.

Imoni leans over and switches on the stereo and 'Friends and Alibis' by Escape the Fate fill the car.

* … . * … . *

"Okay boys this is the first game of the season lets start it right. That being said the starting players you know who you are, Any questions?" Coach Amanti said looking around at the hyper high school boys, a red dry erase marker in hand. "I'll take that as a no. Okay RoadRunners lets have some fun."

The boys all yelled out in response, hovering in a circle, hands all touched in the middle.

"RoadRunners on three." Coach yelled out. "One. Two. Three."

"ROADRUNNERS" Everyone yelled out, jumping everywhere, high-fiving, and chest bumping.

"Hey Jordan, I heard that your hot new sister is coming to the game." Said one of the cockiest guys at Rally High School, Nolan Matthews.

Both Jordan and Antany turned toward Nolan, Jordan smiling like no other.

"I know, good thing we don't come from the same family tree, if yah know

what-I-mean." Jordan said, of course being the cockiest in the school.

The boys that were still in the locker room all busted out laughing. Antany gave Jordan one of those your-an-idiot looks, Jordan just smiled and shrugged.

"Boys hurry up!" Coach Amanti yelled from down the hall outside of the locker room. The boys hurried outside to the soccer field.

* … . * … . *

Imoni and Alae stood in a line outside the stadium of Rally High School. From what Imoni could see the stadium was full, the line outside was longer than the lines of crazy fan people waiting in line to buy concert tickets or a really big sale at the mall before Christmas. She didn't know that this many people like watching high school soccer games, it was ludicrous.

"Wow, there is a lot of people here." Imoni said leaning towards Alae as she whispered.

"That's because Rally High is the top in all sports in the state and they all want to see your famous soccer coach father." Alae replied, Imoni sighed.

"NEXT" Yelled the dud at the window taking cash to get inside. They walked up to the window. They looked up at them eyes getting wide with excitement.

"Hey your Imoni coach Amanti's daughter. Dang they were right you are hot." He said. Imoni looked up at him eyebrows raised.

"Excuse me, what did you say."

"Nothing, your sets are right behind the team."


Imoni and Alae walked away from the ticket window and into the stadium.

* … . * … . *

Jamie, the goalie, blocked the soccer ball from going into the goal. He set the ball down in front of him and looked up for someone on his team that was open, he quickly kicked the ball to Jordan, who was half way down the field. Jordan dribbled the ball dodging two guys on the opposite team. His path was blocked and he kicked it to Nolan who had just ran a little pass him. Nolan saw that Antany was nearing the goal and wide open, so he kicked it his way. Antany kicked the ball in the top left corner of the net scoring the winning goal for the Rally High RoadRunners. Antany was jumped by all the guys yelling their praise.

When the guys started moving back to where Coach Amanti stud, Antany pulled his jersey over his head leaving his chest bare for all to see.

* … . * … . *

From where Imoni was sitting she saw the guy, who had just scored, take off his jersey hearing many sighs as he did so.

"What the heck." She said face scrunching up in response to all the sighing girls and maybe a few guys.

"That's Antany, all the girls think the earth revolves around him, including me but I don't show it. I mean, who wouldn't think of him that way, look at him. Fine blond hair, gorgeous gray eyes, tan luscious skin, and lick able muscles. He is just gorgeous." Said some skinny black haired blue eyed boy sitting next to her.

"Careful you might get a hard-on. I'm Imoni by the way." She said laughing and holding out her hand.

"Autumn. So you're the girl all the boys are waiting to meet." He replied shaking her hand with a wide smile.

"Oh really?" She said raising an eyebrow.

"Yep. By the way you should totally be my new friend."

"Sounds like a plan, number exchange? I kinda have to go meet my father down there."

"Okay, phone." He held out his hand waiting for the phone to be placed on it while handing her his. They quickly exchanged numbers and went on their way.

* … . * … . *

Jordan and Antany were messing around waiting for Coach Amanti, who was standing next to them talking to the other coach.

"Hey daddy." Imoni said approaching Coach Amanti."

"Damn she's fine, she looks way better in person than in that photo I saw." Jordan whispered to Antany.

"Hey darling, I would like you to meet Jordan and Antany." He said gesturing to the boys.

"Hey. I don't mean to be rude but why am I meeting them?" She asked her dad. Why are all the guys at this school so hot, even the gay guys are hot. She thought.

"Because Jordan is your new brother and they're going to help you unpack and organize your things." He replied and then walked away from them.

"What?" She squeaked in confusion.

"I call the underwear drawer." Jordan smiled and yelled in excitement, while also raising one hand.