Dated May 1st, 2010. Part One of two.

I am Life

I can see the world,
It's ivory lies,
Green haze,
And envious eyes.

I've got the world in my hand,
Resting like a feather in my palm.
I've got all living truth,
All examples of un-pure beings.

With a simple turn I can break hearts,
Kill children, devastate countries.
I live not to be alive,
I'm rather only alive because they exist.

They worship me, the lady luck,
Fortune's mistress,
The sandman's sister,
I am the keeper of souls,
I spin the thread, and cut it off.
I create the earth, breathe the wind,
I hold every molecule in my womb,
The daughter of Hades, I have seen those ghosts.

I have shot the arrow which would curse all of humanity,
Given them the plague upon which dear Juliet died,
At the rash acts of youth, beside her Romeo.
Fickle it is, for such a puppeteer,
But I have no choice, nor do I feel the need for one.

I simply am as it is.
And the way that life unfurls, I uncover with it.
You can see it, in the eyes of the gypsy,
Not in the crystal ball,
Or the messages on the window pane,
But in the whispers of breath,
The glance of an animal.

I have danced upon the oceans,
Met curses and miracles alike,
Filled hearts with deceit and hatred,
Bellowed out to the skies my wish,
And all the while,
Held the whimpering world,
In the palm of my hand.