Dated May 1st, 2010. Part Two of two. I generally write all at once, and don't re-read it, so expect repeated words and stuff.

Part Two

I am life,
I do not triumph,
I do not bleed, sing or break.
I feel and I seek.
I watch and I happen.

In the unexplained storm,
I dance upon the earth,
In the destructive earthquake,
I sing my ballad;
Break the sky itself with my voice,

In an unbridled ocean wave,
I cry my worries away,
Scream every last sorrow out,
And still, the world sits,
Unknowingly beneath me.

In volcanic eruptions,
I sleep and lay,
Alone and at peace,
The world turns it's course,
Without me for a night.

At the center of the universe,
lays an empty abyss of words,
They slip in and out of existence,
And only sometimes am I really there.
I cause the worst, create the best, when I exist.

I am life,
I do not touch, or speak,
I cannot understand, and I cannot control,
I breathe and will someday die,
And all this, simply because;
I am life.