Come on… any year now.

I took another glance up at the clock. I still had seven minutes until it was over. I started tapping my pencil, but remembered there were still other people in the room who weren't done with their finals.

High school will be completely over in…





"Alright class, whoever is done, is free to leave early." The proctor announced at the desk in the front of the classroom

I, along with two other finished seniors and a sophomore, sprinted our ways out of the class, leaving those who still hadn't finished their finals behind.

Relief washed over me knowing that I'm finished. I'm free.

"Hey, Paige." Some hot guy nodded to me as I walked the hallway towards the exit. That was probably just an old boyfriend. I nodded in return.

Another guy stepped out of a classroom just as I was passing by. "Paige, I hear you're single again." He tried reaching out to me but nodding, I stepped to the side. I just had to get out of the door. This hallway is too long.

"Hey babe," a strong arm wrapped around my waist stopping my rush to get out of this hell hole they call high school. I turned around to see, no other than, Ryan, my ex whom I had just broken up with approximately 15 hours ago.

I shifted my face uncomfortably away from his. "Ryan, what do you want?"

"You didn't really mean it." He stated, referring to yesterday. "You want me back, I can feel it." His face kept on inching closer to mine, he smelled like your usual bottle of Axe. I wondered how much he sprayed on him this morning. The bottle says it attracts the ladies, but I hate the smell, to me its like a woman repellent.

Ugh. What does it take these days to express to a guy that when you say it's over, it's over.

"Okay firstly, I meant everything I said yesterday, and secondly," I raised my other finger, "I don't want you back. Lastly, this is too close for my comfort." I broke away from his embrace and swiftly left him stand there by the lockers, rejected.

Ryan is one of the hotter guys in the school, I'm sure he's not really used to being turned down, but I'm not the type of girl to follow any guy's criteria.

At last, it seemed like forever until I reached the doors of that prison.

When I saw the girls I raced towards them, even faster than I had been rushing out of the school. They were sitting on top of Cat's big red truck, waiting for me.

"What took you so damn long?" Morgan greeted me first when I jumped into the back of the truck.

I rolled my eyes, "Oh you know, people." I quipped.

Ellie scoffed, "People? I think you mean your multitudes of ex boyfriends."

Cat took out the back window in her truck so we could talk, hear the music and so she could drive at the same time, "Yeah, Paige, you should be more like me. You've got to find a good, perfect guy, fall in love, and stick with him."

She started the car.

"There is no such thing as the 'perfect' guy." I used air quotes, "and, falling in love is not on my schedule any decade soon."

Ellie kicked me, "We've got to do something about your twisted thoughts about love."

"You don't have to do shit." I laughed a humorless laugh.

"Shut up you guys, Cat, can you turn up the radio?" Morgan asked.

Cat blasted the radio.

Wake up in the morning
Feeling like P Diddy
[[ay what up girl]]
Grab my glasses
I'm out the door
I'm gonna hit this city
Before I leave
Brush my teeth with a
Bottle of JACK

Cause when I leave for the night

I ain't coming back

I'm talking pedicure on our toes (toes)
Tryin on all our clothes (clothes)

My phone vibrated in my purse, I checked the caller ID before I answered, just to make sure it wasn't some guy I was trying to avoid at the time. Mom was calling. "Hey, Cat, turn the stereo for a sec please." I called up to the front of the truck. Then I answered "Hey, mom, what's up?"

"Paige! Baby, did you book the A Capella artists for the wedding or the contemporary piano player? I need to know what to put on the sheets." Mom's voice was hurried, rushed, as usual since she started planning her wedding.

"I booked Jonny, the piano player." I started, I heard mom sigh on the other line, "but mom, don't worry, I'm taking care of the bulletins."

"Oh." It sounded more like a huge breath than a word. "Well what about the honeymoon car?"

"I ordered a black convertible slug bug like you asked for."

"The tables at the reception?"

"Yes, mom I took care of the tables and everything that will go on the tables. Don't worry mom," I reassured her, "all you have to do is be at the wedding, it will go smoothly."

Mom squealed, "Paige baby, what will I do without you? Oh, Garret is here!" she hung up the phone immediately. I swear that sometimes I act more like a mom than my own mother does.

I sighed and stuck my phone back into my purse.

"Why are you planning your mom's wedding? Aren't there wedding planners for that?" Ellie stuck up her nose.

She's the baby of the group, possibly the laziest too. Since she's an only child of parents who are still together, she got pretty spoiled. I mean we love her, but she isn't used to working for her own things, which is probably why she doesn't understand me helping out my mom.

"Well, its orderly. And I volunteered so mom wouldn't stress." I shrugged.

Morgan joined the conversation, "Screw that, Paige, you have too much on your plate." Morgan is the toughest one in the group. Along with being blunt, and careless to other people's feelings, she was also abused as a kid until she got relocated. So her actions are understandable, she's only mean to you if she's standing up for something she believes in or if your mean first. Other than those facts, she's really nice.

"I just finished high school, my plate is clean. All I have left to do is attend graduation, which should be a breeze."

We came to a halt. "Get out of my car, girly!" Cat screamed at me from the front seat.

We pulled in front of my house to see my red convertible sitting in the driveway. Cat is annoying and rebellious. She's taken almost every drug you can think of and has drunken mostly every drink. Her mom is a drunkee, hence, there is an abundance of rum at Cat's house. Normally, Cat would stay at one of our houses when her mom got home though, cause her mom is crazy when she's drunk.

I jumped out of the truck. "Thanks!" I waved then turned to see the truck roaring back to life and pulling away, the loud music starting up again…

"Mom, Pete, I'm home!" I walked to the kitchen, grabbed a Mountain Dew then went on the search for my fellow family members who still lived in the house.

My older sister, Lucy had moved away and Dad died before I was born of a heart attack. Dad was one of those famous writers of children's books. Right when my mom got pregnant with me, he wrote his last book, a real one aiming towards the middle aged group of people. For some reason he named it, Growing Love. I read it once. It's about a little girl growing and how the people around her all loved this one girl. I think it was about Lucy. I really have never understood it, but one section always sticks with me:

'"… She always says, 'wow, you've grown so much!' or 'Wow, you're almost as tall as your brother!' But I don't get it, why is growing up so unexpected when it is as common as time?"

George looked at her, his eyes filled with care "Life is supposed to be lived on the cheetah's back, all you have to do is climb on…"'

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Anyway, Lucy is in college at Iowa State working on her bachelor's in psychology and she has a minor in still pinhole photography. She's five years older than me, 23.

"Peeeeeete! Where are youuuuuu?" I screamed. Pete is only two years older than I am, and he dropped out of college last year, but he plans on going back with his girlfriend next year.

Pete's girlfriend is a miracle worker, I mean it, she actually spends most of her time at homeless shelters and schools. She probably had over a million extra hours for her community service once she finished high school.


She's somehow convinced Pete to come back to college with her. I don't know what she sees in him, they're so different. Pete spends all of his time in his room, while Lauren, his girlfriend, spends every minute helping the needy.

She actually thinks it's fun. Lauren wouldn't know the difference between fun and road kill, possibly because she believes it's fun to actually have funerals for whatever animal got hit.

If you can't tell already, Lauren and I don't exactly see eye to eye.

"In my room." I heard his muffled voice, possibly due to the fact that his room is filled with miniature buildings and roads. Pete's hobby is building.

I've never understood what interesting about it. Mom told us that when Pete was little, Dad gave him this building set, and ever since, he's been stuck on building things. Pete is an amazing builder though. Along with building, Pete is a walking map. If you ask him how to get from Washington D.C. to Dallas TX he can tell you, road for road. I on the other hand completely lack sense of direction, I missed out on the geography gene. I can only describe the directions to a place by telling left or right. Streets make absolutely no sense to me.

I've asked Pete a couple of times how he could remember all of these streets and places and everytime I get the same, "Paige, it's common sense," as if I'm the weird one. I'm not the one who remembers every place I see, I mean who do you know who's like that?

I even used to ask my mom why Pete is so smart and I wasn't, and she used to tell me, "sweetheart, you're both smart."

Sure, that explains why Pete got straight A's without spending a dime on studying. Yet, despite my inequalities to my almighty brother, I actually have to study, and I've been doing better than him anyway. He dropped out of college, while once I get out of this house, I have no plans on coming back.

I walked up the grand stairwell to his room. Sure enough, it was completely covered with buildings, roads, cars, and miniature people. Pretty awesome, I must admit, but then again, I can't do it.

I leaned on the door frame.

"Hey, where's mom?"

He looked up from a little car he had been tinkering with, "Um, she went with Garret to go and tie up a few strings for the wedding."

I nodded, "Oh, okay, I was scared that if I checked to see whether Mom was in her room or not, I'd accidently interrupt something with her and Garret." I grimaced at the thought.

Pete laughed, "Yeah, it happened to me."

I gasped, "No shit!"

"Yeah, it was when she was marrying Oscar, the doctor." Pete paused and looked up at me, "Remember that one?" I nodded Oscar and Mom were together for about a month or so, "Well, I ran out of toothpaste and you weren't home yet so I opened mom's door and I got an unwanted show." Chagrin appeared on his face, I don't blame him.

"That sucks."

"Yeah." He picked up his little car again, which gave me the cue to leave his room into mine.

Opening the door to my room, I placed my purse on the spot on the dresser I especially designated for my purse. I sat on my bed.

Breathe. School is over.

At least high school is over. Its like a burden has been taken off my shoulders. God I hated high school.


My phone vibrated in my pocket.


"Hey, Paige, do you want to come with us to Geyser's later tonight?" Cat asked me from the other line.

Geyser's is the best club we have down in my town. However, since we have no other clubs to compare it to, I really can't say anything.

"Yeah, I'll come. I'll be ready at ten."

"Kay, see yah" Cat hung up.


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