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The Millionth Mile

chapter one - nanometers

"Jack! Jack! Put me DOWN." I struggled as the barbarian named Jack lifted me off of my feet to give me a respiratory system-halting bear hug.

"No! This is the greatest day of my life!" He hugged me harder and I practically almost felt like the life was sucked out of me and then it came back again, "School's almost out!"

He thankfully put me down afterwards and let out a big sigh before he gave me a noogie that'll probably form into a bruise by the next hour.

"Jack! Stop!" My plead just made him noogie me harder, but then I said quietly, "The wig's gonna come off!"

With that, Jack helped me stand up and put his hands in his pockets.

Jack and I have known each other since elementary school, where he used to throw rocks at me and steal my crayons and animal crackers. He used to be a dick from the fourth to sixth grade to me, but he had a change in heart sixth grade summer when both our moms signed us up for music camp and he was a loner. So, now, right after all that shit, he became my best friend.

Yep. My best friend.

I tell him everything, all my girly secrets and all. Even the fact that I'm the only girl in this school -- besides the principal, and a few teachers.

Well, explaining would make things a whole lot clearer, I guess.

I'm Elizabeth Ivanovski, Eli is a name that you should call me, it's not optional. Anyways, I was born a girl, I'll always be a girl, and don't even get to the lesbian subject. I have a twin brother, Elijah, who's exactly 10 minutes older than me. We're both a mixture of Norwegian, Italian, Russian, Vietnamese, and Native American. A random-ass combination, but anything's possible. Both Elijah and I are fraternal twins, we look exactly alike with our brown hair, brown eyes, our porcelain skin tone and anything that concerns the face. When we were younger, barely anybody was able to find the distinction between us.

The whole story starts out like this -- my mom is a negligent bitch who only enjoys measuring, dressing up, and making clothes for chicks the size of a lightpole. She hardly cares about us, whenever my brother and I are home for the summer and my mom has a month long break or whatever, it'd be like me on the streets of New York City talking to a random stranger. So yeah, it concludes the fact that I don't really know my mom so much anymore.

My mom and dad divorced when my brother and I were younger. My dad currently lives in a tiny town up north in Washington state. The reason for my mom and dad's divorce was that my mom hated the silent, peaceful environment of a small, rural town in the Evergreen State. So with that, my mom filed a divorce from my dad in court and gained full custody of us -- which was the stupidest decision a judge could ever make. We moved to the bustling metropolis of Chicago, Illinois, where my mom followed her dream of being a fashion designer and reached it. And soon after that, she stopped coming home, leaving the maid to take care of me and my brother at 7 years old.

Now, my mom's long gone -- she probably permanently lives in Europe now. The maid, Mrs. McKenzie, passed away almost 3 years ago. Since there was really no adult figure to really care for us, she sent us each to single sex boarding schools. Me going to St. Mary's and my brother going to the boy counterpart, St. Augustine's. My mom still sends Elijah and I money, which is the only good thing about her, because, if the government knew about my mom's negligence towards us, they'd be out to get her, ruining her career.

Well, now the question is -- why am I attending an all-boy's boarding school? Let's just say my brother's actually up north in Montreal following his music career, while I was kicked out of St. Mary's and took my brother's place just for the fun of it since I didn't really have anything to do.

If it wasn't for that bitch Jennifer Leigh, then none of this would've happened.

Since I'm pretending to be a boy, I have to wear a wig that sorta is styled like my brother's hair. It was sort of a hassle, but it was a better option than cutting my hair. My brother's around 5'10" and I'm 5'4.5", which is the greatest distinction between us other than our genders, voices, and personalities. But because my brother left early in September after vacationing with me for the summer, he technically didn't really attend St. Augustine's until after I got expelled. For the three years of me attending school, he was up in Montreal, and he was sort of successful. Barely is or was he here in Chicago, so nobody really could see the differences besides Jack, unless if they've been with us long enough to understand the differences.

I never really made too many sacrifices to look like my brother. All I really had to was buy baggier jeans since a few of my clothes could pass as a guy's and I borrowed a few of my brother's old clothes before he was pubertized. The only thing that was really annoying, besides talking in a deeper man voice most of the time and putting on a wig, was flattening my A-sized chest even more. Every morning I have to wrap a linen strip around my chest to make it as flat as I can, and by the time I go to sleep, I unwrap it to reduce risks of getting breast cancer. I got used to it after the first 2 months of repeatedly doing it, and thanks to the school giving us privacy with one student per room, nothing really gave me any difficulties.

"Eli, the cafeteria's calling us," Jack tugged on my stick-like arm, leading me to the doors of the cafeteria, "hurry your lazy ass up! I need to get my puddin'!"

Jack Petersburg -- as loyal as a dog and as strong as a bear. He was a great friend to both me and Elijah and he helped assist me in this operation. Jack's about 6'3" and is captain of the varsity football team for St. Augustine's and the star player for the varsity basketball team. His dad is currently a football coach at USC and he was a football legend for the Chicago Bears. Jack usually has his auburn colored hair messily spiked and his brown eyes are barely serious. He has a nice, peachish skin tone and he'd have dimples whenever he'd smiled. Usually he'd wear the school's football team's red letterman jacket, regardless.

"Damn, they ran out of that shit," Jack sat on the chair behind the lunch table and leaned back against it, disappointed, "So..what'd you say about that whole road trip bizz?"

Right. Like I said earlier, my dad lives up in Washington state. My brother found that he'd be more successful in Seattle than in Montreal, and to get away from this bullshit and misery, my brother and I decided to drive his Mark III Ford Cortina all the way across the country. We can take an airplane there since we have enough funds to do so, but Elijah loves his Cortina more than anything else, leaving us to drive our asses from Chicago to the Olympic Peninsula. Currently I have the car, since the school actually allows students to bring their cars, and I'm forced to drive to the airport to pick Elijah's ass up before we drive to Washington. Jack's coming along too, mostly for the fun of it.

"Uhh...we're leaving tomorrow night," I responded as I bit into my sandwich, "Elijah should be already packing his bags and shit."

Jack nodded his head off before he took a sip from his Gatorade, a few minutes later, his face turned from dazed to shocked, "Oh shit, Elijah's coming?!"

I set my sandwich down and furrowed my eyebrows at him, "Yeah. That was the plan, remember?"

"Well, I sorta in-,"

"Hey guys!" A relaxed voice came from behind me and I turned to find Seth Rainwater.

Seth's the mechanic out of us. He likes cars, he likes fixing them, and he likes building them. Seth has short, curly brown hair and brown eyes, he's sort of tannish, and he has a toned body shape. He's the same height as Jack and somewhat the same personality. But he's less of a dick.

After Seth followed Jeremy Hainsworth and Newton Hale.

Jeremy came from Britain a few months ago. Jack befriended him during detention and introduced him as "Britain" -- which is what he still calls him up to this day. Jeremy's a native to England, causing him to have a slight accent. He's a great pansy because of his high class English parents. Jeremy has short, choppy, scruffy brown hair and properly wears his school uniform. He has this pretty shade of bluish-green eyes and he has high cheekbones. He's a bit smaller than Jack and Seth, and pretty lanky, but he's still at that 6 foot height. The dude can pass as a model, and a gay guy.

Then there's Newton -- "Figgy" as Jack likes to call him. He's a very crude guy. And he mostly enjoys smoking, drinking, partying, sneaking girls into his dorm, and the like. Newton's nice, I guess, and he can sorta be funny when he wants to. Jack said he met him at Jennifer Leigh's best friend's, Cindy Andrews', party. Newton helped Jack walk back to the school when Jack was wasted and was beside Jack when Jack was puking all over the place. He has his short, messy, wavy-ish hair slicked back even messier and his hair was obviously dyed blonde since I spotted his brown roots.. His eyes are the prettiest shade of hazel and he has a light tan-like skin tone. Whenever he'd smile, Newton would get these dimples, just like Jack. His body shape was pretty toned and he was about the same height as Jeremy.

Yeah. All of them are 6 feet. Leaving me the midget out of all of us.

I met Seth, Jeremy and Newton all from Jack. Jack attended this school since he was in middle school and he's been friends with them since. I was still able to make contact with Jack because he lived right across from my penthouse over at the apartments. He'd come home on weekends to stay with his mom, and his mom and my mom are great friends, leading to me and Jack to becoming pretty chill with each other. We contacted each other through text and e-mail, and when Jack figured out that I was attending St. Augustine's to cover up for Elijah's ass, Jack couldn't have been anymore happier. And so I met Seth, Jeremy and Newton on the first day I arrived on this campus, the beginning of second semester. I became pretty close with them, and they'd occassionally pick on me for not going through "pubertization". But trust me, they don't know shit.

"So, yeah, I'm pretty much all packed up for that road trip thing we're gonna do," Seth said when he rested his elbows on the table.

I cocked my eyebrow up at the statement and responded in my best man voice, "Hey, you guys are doing a road trip too?"

"Uh...yeah?" Seth looked at me in confusement, "What're you talking about? Don't you know?"

"Yeah. I don't know what I'm talking about." I shrugged my shoulders and slouched even more in my chair. Hanging around with too many guys gave me the consequence of having the habits of guys.

"Well, I thought you knew," Seth pointed at me while I shrugged my shoulders again, "that road trip thing you're doing...the thing Jack said..?"

"Uhh, what about?" This conversation is well on its way to my list of the most awkward conversations I've ever had.

Seth sat up a bit more and moved forward so that he was sitting at the edge of his seat with his back not touching the back of the chair, "He didn't tell you that we're coming?"

It probably took me a little while for my brain to comprehend. I just nodded it off until my eyes shot up and I turned to look at Jack, who was purposely looking away from me and nervously scratching his head.

"Heh, yeah...I told you...didn't I?" He looked at me and gave me a small, meek smile while I gave him the meanest glare possible.

I coughed out and pointed to Jack, "Hey Jack, can you go with me to my room. I think I forgot something."

I stood up abruptly, the chair vigorously sliding back. I started walking off before Jack hesitantly stood up from his chair and followed. Once I heard Jack's heavy footsteps following mine up the stairs, I hurried my steps even more to get to the level my room was on. Jack was probably less than three feet away from me, but the silence was pretty awkward for him, while there was just so much shit going on in my brain that I didn't even realize it.

When we got near my room, I leaned against the door with my arms crossed over my chest. Jack stood in front of me, a bit slouched and awkward. The tension was so damn thick that I could smell it.

"Sooo...Jack." I glared at him and he looked up at me.

"Hey." His shoulders were slumped and he was looking at his shoes.

"Can you tell me why you invited them?" It was straight and forward, it's the easiest way to ending a fight quicker.

Jack scratched his head uneasily, "Well, I sorta thought that Elijah was taking a plane to Wa. And -- ah, nevermind. I guess I just misunderstood shit."

"Wait, but I thought I told you, like, a billion times?" I tried not to sound as pissed off as I was, "I figured you would've understood."

"Eh, but you're brother sent me a text, and I guess it just sorta fucked shit over for me..?" He looked at me and I shrugged, "Because you're saying he's coming but he's saying completely different shit, so I'm just completely...tripped out."

I sighed and thought to myself before my eyes widened in realization.

"Wait, a text?!" Jack looked at me confusedly at my shock.

"You didn't know? I thought you knew?" Jack then reached into the pocket of his uniform khaki slacks to find his cellphone, "He texted this like a week ago."

Once Jack got his phone out, he set it to Elijah's text message. My eyes practically grew almost 10x it's original size at reading the text.

'Thursday, 5:30 PM. June 9.

From: Elijah

Hey Jack, change of plans, dude. I'm just gonna meet you guys over at Wa. Shit's just brewing up here in Monty. Take care of my baby Cortina for me.

Tell Eli if she doesn't get my text.


"I figured that he sent you another text and there was a whole change of plans." Jack shrugged his shoulders.

"Uh, no..? At least I don't think so." I was pretty confused as to why he'd actually let me drive the Cortina with him not being there.

"Har har," I looked up from the screen to see Jack smirking, his dimples visible, "so now I'm not the wrong one."

I slapped his bicep, not wavering Jack, "But he told you to tell me. Dick."

"Well, I figured you got the message." He shrugged and put his phone back into his pocket.

I rolled my eyes before responding, "I left my charger back at home. And my phone has no battery. No shit I wouldn't have gotten it."

Jack then started saying shit that he's right and I'm wrong as I marched down the hallway with him following. From hearing his footsteps walk in an off-beat rhythm, I was able to know that he was doing his stupid victory dance.

Before we got to the stairwell, Jack's heavy footsteps halted and I heard him shout out from a distance, "Wait, so can Figgy, Britain and Seth come along?"

Instead of responding, I just walked faster.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'." Jack yelled out before I heard him run after my retreating figure.


A few days later, school finally got out at St. Augustine's. And a few hours later after school got out, my brother's Cortina was filled with 4 boys, a shitload of luggage in the trunk and a few strapped on the roof, with me in the midst of it all. Only one of them knows about my secret, and as that one little prick said, "It'd just be like going to school all over again. But just add in the open road and more hot babes."

He states that my secret won't be found out and that he promises that nothing bad will really happen.

Ugh. But trust me. Everything bad will happen when you're friends with a guy named Jack Petersburg.

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