Sphere Severe

Walking from me
And I worry how you'll make it
Bang my fist against the wall

Wafting along nightline sidewalks, refuse
Trams worn from wear ring by
Cheap fare, far from swift silver below
A thick impatience

Closer now, catch your scent
I'd know that alabaster anywhere
Throbbing heel, nestlenape

Sense me behind
Turn with weapons
When we meet
One of us always drowns
And comfort in quotation

You spin slow away, stop
Look to sketchy streetlights
I touch your waist
Leading as you (dis)like
Spark energy in stance
Clasp my hand
Weather me over pale stairs

It is more the night than the need
That life says we must be this way
In this style, and just as mad

We were not born into this
Only carried along timid memes
Till the minutes stopped
And our fingers weaved

Officers drift past the stairwell
With sticks and shackles
I stay on, look up now
Each orphean step

Not our hell
Though all condemns
Such night moments
I squeeze your hand to know
Keep this circle underwater