Dear Diary,

"In this life alone we stand and though others may claim to be there to guide us, only we have the key to light our own salvation."

I read that quote somewhere and I had to write it down, it's so profound right?. Well at least that's what I think. Jessica Aldon would tell you my opinion doesn't mean jack, but then again Jessica Aldon is a first class bitch.

She totally gave me the evil eye because I dared to walk down the same street as her *sigh sigh*. What's a girl to do when she can't even take a quiet stroll without encountering the egotistical, image obsessed spawn of the devil? To think my mother actually thinks I should be more like her?!? Ugh! Gag me! I told my mother the day I become like Jessica, will be the day 50 Cent announces to the world he was actually born a woman.

She didn't appreciate my insight and told me to go back to cleaning my room.