Dear Diary,

Why doesn't my own Mother like me? You know what she has decided? That I need to get a part-time job! According to her because I'm nearly 16, and refuse to make myself useful around the house, I need a job to instil work ethic and focus.

Pfft, woman can't even count. I mean really, it was my 15th birthday in July, and we are now in October, so I wouldn't call that 'nearly 16'. It's supposed to be my GCSE year, but I think she's the one who needs the Maths lessons, either that or she's forgotten when her own child's birthday is…

I tried to play the GCSE angle, how it was an important year for me and how I didn't want anything splitting my focus from my education. She just gave me her 'I'm not falling for that smile' and said that was what time management was for. Then she did that thing I HATE where she uses an example of someone else's kid, by way of what I should be doing.

'Oh Andrea's daughter does sculpting, she's very artistic, you should try and do more with arts'

'Oh did you notice that piece in the school Newsletter about Simone's son David? He's not lost a race this year! You should get more involved in sports.'

'Oh Meena's children have all turned into pixies and started farting fairy dust that turns everything into gold! Why can't your gas be more exciting?'

Ugh. Apparently this Meena's youngest daughter worked in her cousin's shop during her GCSEs and she managed just fine, so obviously that must mean I will. She assured me she's just going to have browse around and she what's available for several hours a week.

Clearly I am hoping she finds nothing. I need my precious free time for lying around and procrastinating starting my homework. On the other hand though it would be nice to have extra money… But then again, I have my entire life to be a slave to currency… Ok, it's decided, if she finds anything I'll just worm my way out of it. Simple as pie.

Speaking of which, Neighbours is on in a minute (I have zero shame about watching this soap) and I'm going to get a slice of that cherry pie before Father returns home.