When the Sun Goes Out


The lights go out and the curtain falls,

You shut everything out and begin to build those walls.

There's nothing there; your mind goes blank,

Yet you blunder on like an army tank.


Holding no sense or meaning, words escape your lips,

The dark cloud completes its bitter eclipse.

They pierce my heart, an unwilling blade,

Meaningless scars that won't ever fade.


You've been crushed and suppressed – locked away,

As the puppeteer commands, you swiftly obey.

There's no fire or triumph or humour anymore,

Yet the deathly poison, you continue to pour.


It feeds the nightmares at the back of your mind,

Drowning your fire, it renders you blind.

The shadows engulf your laugh, your shining smile,

And deposits them like an unwanted file.


Darkness reigns as I struggle to cope,

It quenches all sense and represses all hope.

I think you know what I'm talking about,

The time of day when the sun goes out.

I wrote this, trying to make it applicable to a variety of situations, in order to help the reader relate. Please tell me what you think in a review! Thanks for reading. X =D