A/N: This is a pilot of 'My heart belongs to the devil!!' and I couldn't help myself and think of the start like to happen like this. And it all happened over eating at my favourite fast-food store and I couldn't help but wonder… the story should start out with a flirt and fast-food! Enjoy, I'll update from time to time so don't expect it to be updated every single day, ok?

Pilot of: My heart belongs to the devil!!

The stupidity of Parents

I stared to bit my nails as I waited. Behind the counter of 'Happy-Go-Lucky's Fast-Food shop' ain't that much of a dream job but hey, free cheeseburgers! My eyes began darting around for customers, any customers, to serve but it's no use. They're all into fresh food or healthy food or if that doesn't turn them on then it would be the father of all fast-food stores… McDonalds. I sighed and started to bit my nails again to accidently bit my pinky.

"Ow, what the f—" I stopped and looked back at the cook of the kitchen and he frowned.

Even though he's 24 years old he's pretty good experienced in making gourmet food but instead decided to go to a fast-food store.

"You better not swear, missy. It might scare away the customers…" He sighed, "…again…"

"Hey that kid was asking for it!!" I say pointing at him with furious eyes, "Pulling my hair is not a way to treat a lady!"

"Whatever, madam." He says doing a little curtsey to me and then threw his spatula to my face swatting it like it's a fly, "BUT I DON'T GET PAID UNLESS WE HAVE CUSTOMERS!! SO ADJUST YOUR DAMN ATTITUDE AND GET BACK TO WORK!"

I held myself back from throwing the spatula back to him but didn't and started to swat imaginary flies in boredom. My super-senses kicked in and I could hear the chef mutter things about me making me furiously swatting the top of my counter.

"Mummy, mummy! Look, it's a psychotic weirdo!" I hear a little child say in the background.

"No, honey. She's just… premenstrual…" She says with an unsure tone.

"What's premenstrual?" The child asked in an innocent voice. I've had enough of curious little tots.

I inched closer to the kid and yelled in his ear, "It's when a girl gets pissed off easily, kid!!"

The boy moved closer to his mother's leg and started to cry. Great. The woman stared at me and then walked away without a word. Yeah, take that. But… what if they happened to be a would-be customer…

"Oh, no…" I say bowing my head in defeat, "No pay-check for me today…"

I rested my arms on the counter and buried my head in them. This isn't gonna work. Parents can't even make a proper income of money forcing their only child to work. Some parents they are. I began to shed tears when my super-senses, thanks to being a curious girl, told me that someone was looming over me. I looked up to see a pretty teenage boy. My eyes widen and I stood up perfectly straight and stared into his eyes.

"Hey." He says holding up his hand.

I didn't say anything because the huge fake smile I had, had suddenly became permanent making my teeth become stuck to each other by some unknown super-glue giving the effect of not talking and smiling ridiculously at the pretty, pretty, pretty boy.

"So… you're those psychotic ones… I better call the men in white coats…" He says playfully.

"Um… Um…" I completely forgot about the greeting, "Hi, we're Happy-Go-Lucky. Where we butter your muffins for free!!"

Shit no… That wasn't supposed to happen. I inched away from him holding my smile and moved far away into the corner where he couldn't see me.

"Um… miss? Can I order now?" He asks.

"… Sorry we're closed." I say placing a cardboard with the words 'closed' written on it by me, "Come back some other time… or don't come back at all. Take care…"

It was quiet but I still wanted to stay where I was just for a little while longer… just for the next years of my life until I can find my dignity. I sighed after a few agonizing minutes and stood up to find that I was facing towards the kitchen. I smiled to myself to reassure that I haven't lost the navigation system in my head and turned around to the counter to find the boy still there. I shrieked making him jolt.

"Um… my order?" He asks.

"S-Sorry… What would it be?" I ask with a smile.

His eyes squinted at my nametag and then smiled, "I would like you, Miss Rin."

I paused and then smiled back to him, "What do you mean?"

"I want you." He says and his grin became wider, "Or is there someone who already ordered you?"

"Aha…" I say with a cute smile and then stared back at him with narrowed eyes, "You're looking for a fight, boy."

"Oh, feisty aren't we? Well I would like a side order of fries with that too." He says now smiling showing his perfect teeth.

"… Look buddy. I don't give a damn how much you try to flirt with me I am not going to react they way you want me to." I say slamming my palms on the counter.

"Oh, but you're already reacting the way I anticipated… Rin-chan." He says my name slowly and moved closer to me side on.

I sighed and turned my head to talk to the chef, "Yo, chef! This guy wants an order of douche-bag with extra jerk in it. Do you think we have any stock left?"

As expected the chef followed my plan, "Sorry Rin but we are out of stock since the last male customer. Tell him to go home."

"You hear that. We don't have what you need." I say with a smug look on my face, "So get the hell out of here."

The boy sighed and shrugged, "I guess I would have Set A, coke and large fries. Oh, yeah does it come with a toy?"

I blinked back at him and cautiously answered, "Um… we don't sell toys…"

"Oh, if that's so, then why don't you improvise and you can be the toy of this happy meal?" He asks getting back into the game with a smile.

I've had enough of this and ignored his lame attempt of flirts and jokes and turned to the chef to tell him the order.

"Oh, can I have a dessert too?" He asked, his elbows on the counter and his hands holding up his inflated head full of nothing but shit.

I ignored him again, "Chef! Set A, coke and large fries. Step on it!"

"You know… You're a cutie." He says with a goofy grin.

"You know, you're annoying." I say turning back to him.

"And I might be that prince charming you're looking for hun." He says winking.

The chef handed me the paper bag to me and I stuffed it in his face making sure he was suffocating in it. I smiled a gleeful smile.

"Here's your order, sir. Please don't ever come again." I say through my teeth trying to hide away the anger.

Remember Rin! This is a customer with money. A customer with money. A customer with heaps of money. A customer… Wait where did he go? I looked around to find him gone. He didn't even pay for his meal. I raised my fist in the air.

"That bastard!!" I say with a demonic voice.

"What now, Rin?" Chef asks.

"That bastard left without paying." I say pointing at the empty spot gritting my teeth until it hurts.

The chef sighs and grabs the phone, "Hello? Yes it's me again… I promise this has nothing to do with the disturbance of Rin… yes… Look, a teenager ran off without paying… yes… I know it's incredible that Rin could even go that far with a customer without killing them… yeah… you have a good day too."

He hangs up the phone and turned to me.

"Well? Are they gonna help? Mall security better do their job…"I say, hands on hips.

"They said that they'll check it over after their break…" He says going back to his burgers.

"That's what they said last time! How can you believe them…" I sighed and turned back to my counter to find the boy there again making me scream.

"I must have an effect on you." He says with a smile.

I grabbed him and head-locked him with my arm and started to punch his head numerous times.

"What the hell!! You leave without paying and now you've come back… What do you want now?" I say giving the last blow to his head and released him.

"I want a refund." He says pouting.

"Refund? Refund?! Where's the refund when you don't pay…" I say yelling at him but he shrugged.

"Anyway, I'm returning this. I haven't eaten it, I swear." He says with innocent eyes, "Have a nice day Rin."

He waved goodbye and walked away. I couldn't be bothered waving back to him and watched him walk away with the light hitting his silvery-white hair… cheap bastard… I sighed and was about to throw the contents into the bin when the napkin fell out and a set of numbers on it appeared.

"Huh?" I picked it up to find a mobile number on it and words that irritated me. 'Call me soon, Rin-chan~' I was about to barf into the paper bag but then held it in and slipped the number into my pants pocket to prank-call him in the future.

I arrived at our small and little home. I slipped off my shoes and placed my feet into warm and cozy slippers and placed my bag on top of the small counter right next to the shoes.

"Mama, I'm home." I say in a gentle voice.

"Oh, Ri-Ri-chan is back!" I hear her as she appeared in the little hallway.

I sighed as she walked towards me in her pink and white Kimono and sandals that made a *clack* noise whenever she moves. She's 40 years old but she defiantly looks like a 20 year old. Mama embraced me and I could smell that cherry blossom fragrance she always wear when she get's loopy.

"I'm back." I say exhaustedly.

"Dai-kun. Come here, come here! I think it's time!!" Mama says without letting go of me.

"Yes, yes I'm coming." My dad says as he walked into the hallway.

Dad was his usually self… just like mama he's around 42 years old but looked a lot younger. Strange, I wonder if I'm the one who's gonna look old when I'm 20… This time he's cosplayed as a nerd, yeah my dad cosplays. High-up pants, wide thick framed glasses and all that crap.

"Tell me what?" I asked, with Mama weighing me down.

"Ri-Ri-chan's arrange marriage!!" Mama says and then covers her mouth, "Oh, sorry it's supposed to be a surprise."

"Oh, well we might as well tell you. Since it looks like the mark is starting to appear." My dad says with a geeky voice to fit his geeky appearance.

"Mark? What mark?" I say searching around me but mama was still weighing me down making my ankles telling me to take off the extra weight or else I won't be able to walk again.

"Ri-Ri-chan! You're gonna get married to the devil!" Mama says with glee, "I'm so proud of you."


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